Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is Lethal Injection Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

All capital punishment cases nationwide have been held up for nearly a year pending a decision by the Supreme Court on lethal injection. The decision that was announced this month, April 16, 2008, decided that lethal injection is not cruel and unusual punishment. In my mind, bringing that case was absurd, it is obvious to me that lethal injection is not tantamount to torture as the litigants claimed.

Anyone who has undergone surgery in a hospital has suffered worse pain than the recipient of lethal injection. That is only because the surgery patient eventually wakes up to feel the aftereffects of surgery. When someone is executed by lethal injection, the first thing that they do is inject him with the same medication that puts you to sleep before surgery. The only difference being, that they give a condemned man four times the usual dosage because they are not concerned about overdose. Then after the condemned man passes out, they administer two more injections, one that stops his heart and one that stops his lungs.

The reason why attorneys brought the case that claimed capitol punishment was cruel and unusual punishment, was because a condemned man did not pass out when the first injection was administered. He waited on the table for 10 minutes while the attendants poked him with needles to find a good vein and finally were able to complete the execution 15 minutes later. That 15 minutes of waiting to die while being poked with needles was considered cruel and unusual punishment by his lawyers.

I would like to draw a comparison here again to a hospital patient. It is quite common in hospitals that nurses struggle to find a vein and cause excruciating pain to the patient in the process. I witnessed this many times when I took Jay-Jay, Steve and other friends of mine to the hospital ER room. Many times they screamed and yelled and tears came to their eyes from the pain. Sometimes the torment would last ten or fifteen minutes. Once I was in the recovery room when Jay-Jay came out of surgery and her pain was so severe she was in utter torment. I nearly passed out just from witnessing her distress. The nurse caught me and guided me to a chair before I fell down.

I have heard news stories on TV about patients who wake up in the middle of surgery, often their muscles are still paralyzed because of the anesthesia. They are unable to signal to the doctors that they are fully awake, and they feel the excruciating pain as the surgeon cuts into their flesh while lying paralyzed on the operating table. This is more common than you may think. If this is not torture, then I do not know what torture is.

I know someone who has suffered from Kidney stones on several occasions. The pain from kidney stones has been described as some of the worst pain a person can feel. I have had a procedure where they put a tube with a camera up the hole of my penis while I was fully conscious. I am cringing now just thinking about the excruciating pain that I felt. I have suffered from a broken collar bone at age 12 and I can still remember the excruciating pain as I waited to go to the doctor to have a cast put on. The excruciating pain lasted several days. I have been the victim of headaches that were so severe that I remember wishing that I was dead so the pain would end. One time I suffered with this type of headache for a full week.

The point that I am trying to make is that suffering and torment can be an unavoidable part of life for many ordinary, people who did nothing to deserve it. Many of us will suffer horrifically when we are in the process of dying, whether it be accidental or due to lingering illness. Painkillers are sometimes ineffective in certain cases of excruciating pain. Many of us will suffer horribly during our lives, others may escape severe pain entirely. But most of us will know firsthand, what physical torment can be.

Humanity has only had anesthetics available for a relatively short time. Archaeologists are digging up skulls from ancient civilizations with holes bored in them for surgical purposes, long before anesthetics were invented. During the civil war, it was common for medics to do amputations of limbs on the battle field, without anesthetics, to save soldiers lives. Pain, torment and suffering has always been part of the human experience. Much of it is minimized due to modern anesthesia, but most of us do suffer excruciating pain at some point during our normal lives and natural deaths.

Last week when the Supreme Court had ruled lethal injection was not considered cruel and unusual punishment, I supported that decision. The only thing that puzzled me is why this obvious fact had to rise to the level of the supreme court, before it could be decided. If this man had been allowed to die a natural death, the odds are good that he might have suffered worse when his time finally came.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Deal or Bad deal?

I would like to discuss why social programs are not the answer to poverty. They are rarely successful in improving poverty, but good liberals continue to support these failing programs. Whether or not they work is secondary to liberals, the main thing is it makes them feel good by giving to the poor. While alleviating their own guilt, they are actually removing the motivation to succeed from the very people that they are trying to help. Programs offered by liberals are not based on spiritual principles and the hard truths of life. Poverty in America is caused by spiritual poverty. There is opportunity in America for those who are sufficiently motivated to work hard for it.

The crux of the problem is the broken family. Today's popular culture does everything that it can to encourage children not being brought up by their mother and father. An average of 25 percent of children today are born out of wedlock, 70 percent in the black community. Encouraging marriage, and stigmatizing single parents or blended families, will do more for reducing poverty and crime than any social program can. But altruists would consider that mean and judgmental. For them it is out of the question, even though there is a direct relationship between poverty, crime, drug abuse and non-intact families. Unfortunately popular culture celebrates and embraces the single mom, divorce, the blended family and homosexual marriage and casual sex. In an effort to raise the self esteem of children growing up in broken homes, we are encouraging more broken homes by removing the stigma. In this case, by not being judgmental, we feel good about ourselves, while we are encouraging behavior that exacerbates the problem.

It's a lot easier, and it feels a lot better, to give money to the poor and offer heart felt sympathy, rather than to tell them the hard truth and show tough love. The truth is, that money is not the answer and hand outs will only exacerbate the problem. The message should be don't to get pregnant until you're married and can support a family. If you get pregnant before they are married, now is the time to get married, stay married and take responsibility. Families must do whatever it takes to stick it out in the marriage and raise their children together honorably and don't look for handouts. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and take responsibility. The only one who I know that tours the country, going to poor neighborhoods to spread this message, is the black comedian and actor Bill Cosby. Cosby has written a book and makes many speeches in poor black neighborhoods preaching personal responsibility. Click here for one of Bill Cosby's inspiring speeches. He is often criticized by the civil rights activists, and black leaders, and many liberals for being mean, uncaring and unsympathetic. Yet Cosby's principles are undeniably successful when applied.

Civil rights activists are always lobbying for more government money, but the ugly truth is that just perpetuates the problem. By removing the economic dependence that the mother and father share with each other, we are increasing the chances of the family splitting up and leaving the children without a father in their home.. Throwing money at the problem of poverty in America just diminishes the ambition of people to reach down into their souls and rise to the challenge, by pulling themselves up.

Of course it wouldn't make a person with an altruistic philosophy feel very good by lecturing poor children on the virtues of work, responsibility, and family. They don't want to here it, they just to give some money and heart felt sympathy. It is human nature to take the easy way out. But the easy way, is not always the best way. Talk of white racism is also bound to get applause, by giving them a scapegoat for the mess that they find themselves in. But anger only distracts them from the solution of hard work, discipline and personal responsibility. But, by giving them handouts to live on, they are deprived of the motivation of doing what it takes to provide for themselves and their families. Worse than that, they lose their honor. Honor can't be bought or sold, it must be earned.

Tough love and altruism are two philosophies that don't work well together. Honor and nobility trumps self esteem every time. There is no honor in doing what you think is right just to feel good, so you can say, "at least I did something". True happiness and honor comes from living right, and making the tough decisions. Often liberals are misled, manipulated and deceived in their search for sense of value, self worth self esteem, popularity, acceptance and happiness. If you remain true to unwavering spiritual principles, it's harder to be fooled, but it is also harder row to hoe. Spiritual progress is usually found in that harder row, in this man's humble opinion.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Party Like a Rock Star

This article will unfortunately stir up lots of negative emotion in the typical inhabitants of this upside down society. I am going to attack and discredit a thing that you value highly. As a matter of fact this may very well be America's current number one value. Have you guessed it by now? I'm talking about music, or at least what you call music. No, I'm not going to talk about hip-hop or gangster rap in this article. I'm talking about what is considered mainstream in the upside down society that I've been living in for the last 52 years. I'm talking about rock-and-roll.

I remember as a child, tuning to various radio stations randomly, sometimes stopping to listen to the latest rock and roll hit. If someone would come near I would feel embarrassed of what I was listening to and quickly turn it off or change the station. These were by today's standards innocent songs like "Stuck on a Feeling", "Baby come on Light my Fy-er", "I shot the Sheriff,( but I didn't shoot the deputy too"), "Ground Control to Major Tom" and "Muskrat Love" are a few that come to mind. Silly but harmless songs. These "top 40" hits could be found on AM radio stations.

FM radio and hard rock was beginning to become popular. I found it ironic that the very stations that had the most vile, noisy, and angry rock and roll music had the quietest most soft spoken DJs. Looking back on it, this was no accident. This irony was used to legitimize this new media that would hypnotically lead many of our youth on a path of drugs, godlessness and amoral behavior. Sex, drugs and rock and roll was the new motto. These new "hard rock" stations could only be found on the FM band , which up until then was not widely listened to. Most all radios at the time only covered the AM band. Many youngsters bought new-fangled stereophonic FM tuners with external speakers and turntables, just to hear FM radio and play albums. If you were hip to all the latest transistorized stereo equipment, you were known as an "audiofile". Before the invasion of rock and roll music, the FM band was reserved for public radio broadcasts and classical music. Things that the average Joe wasn't interested in. Like I said the, the soft spoken DJ was no accident. Rock and roll was introduced discretely. This was meant to deceive or confuse the occasional FM listener of the time when accidentally came across one of these new vile, angry hostile and noisy rock and roll stations.

A new instrument had to be introduced for this offensive media that disguised itself as music, it was the electric guitar. Have you ever seen the waveform of an electric guitar on an oscilloscope? I have. It's not like any other instrument. Most instruments have a waveform that displays a sine wave with some roughness along the curves. That roughness is what gives each instrument it's individual character, a pure sine wave without this roughness would sound like a whistle or a flute. On an oscilloscope an electric guitar is almost all roughness which practically covers up the sine wave. In other words, the sound that an electric guitar produces is almost pure distortion. In live performances the sound is intentionally turned up so loud that it hurts the ears physically, and in some cases causes permanent damage. Most Rock and roll musicians suffer some form of ear injury.

Now let's look at the musicians. For the most part they are amoral people, many addicted to hard drugs like heroine and cocaine. When they are on the road, most bands have a "roadie" that specializes in of finding and purchasing drugs, usually heroine and cocaine, and bringing it back to the band members. They don't like traveling with drugs because of the fear of getting busted. I learned of this when I lived in L.A. and I had a close friend who was an ex rock and roll musician that traveled on tour with famous bands. They are known to destroy hotel rooms, break furniture and windows, start things on fire, burn and stain the carpets, damage the walls, etc. Although they usually pay for the damages, most hotels don't want these wealthy but reckless, careless, narcissistic, contemptuous human beings. Of course they are most all womanizers, with many groupies to choose from each night. Where is the outrage from the women's rights groups, and the fathers with young daughters? Oh, that's right, ironically they are in the audience themselves applauding these users of women, and narcotics. Yet when you see them on a TV or radio talk show, amazingly, they are usually soft spoken just like the DJs of the early FM days.

A popular term these days is " party like a rock star", the fore mentioned behavior is exactly what that term is referring to. Also some other mainstream terms are: "that rocks", "rock-on", "rockin' the house","let's rock and roll" . These terms have become so mainstream yet they refer the the extremely negative, destructive, and narcissistic behavior that I mentioned above. Am I the only one who sees the truth? I cringe when I hear these terms, and I hear them often. These terms not only condone very negative behavior, they elevate it and celebrate it, some even worship it. How have we gotten to the point where it is commonplace to celebrate bad behavior? These terms are being used by teachers and professional people who are trying to be cool. Why has bad behavior become cool? And why is being cool our number one value? Just look at the names of some of these rock bands, "The Grateful Dead", "Guns and Roses","Cheap Trick"(a trick is what a prostitute does), "AC/DC (this means bi-sexual) just to name a few. The song titles are also offensive like: "Riding my Train, High on Cocaine", Highway to hell. Whenever I see a bumper sticker on a car with a negative slogan I can be sure it is the name of some new band like "Lost" or"Abused".

The number one top hit TV show is American Idle, which is all about glorifying music and the people who sing it. People idolize rock stars and would almost give their lives to become one. That is the premise for this show. Just the word "idol" in the title seems blasphemous to me, it's a negative word, it means false God. And that is exactly what these contestants are so very much hoping to become, an idol, a false God, a celebrity with fans, with people to worship them. Why am I the only one who sees it. THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!

Another phenomenon that is happening in today's society is the pervasiveness of music into all areas of our lives, day and night, working and playing. Due to modern technology, many people walk down the street with a gadget in their ear, pumping this filth directly into their brain. This type of music is commonplace in grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, malls and in almost every workplace. It is just about everywhere and impossible to escape from. I was surprised when I saw pillow speakers for sale. These are speakers built directly into pillows so your mind can be polluted twenty four hours a day, even while you are sleeping. I don't even like to call it music, because music should be beautiful, uplifting and soothing, as in the expression "music soothes the savage beast". Today's music(hip-hop, rap) is nothing of the sort. It is angry, it is hateful, it is intentionally racist and promoting of violence, crime and the use of drugs. It is not disguised or subtle, it is in your face.

A very common hand gesture of today's youth is: holding up the forefinger and pinkie, while folding over the other three fingers. This symbol was made popular by heavy metal bands. This is meant to represent the devil. The theme of heavy metal music is Satanism. The main purpose of Satanism is to mock Christianity. Heavy metal is an off-shoot of rock and roll. There are also many rock and roll songs with Satanic themes. The Rolling Stone's "Sympathy for the Devil" being one of the more popular ones.

Of course, rock and roll was just testing the water to see how low popular music could go. Next came heavy metal which popularized Satanism, then punk rock and grunge which was for misfits without a cause, then hip-hop and gangster rap which is the most racist, sexist, violent, music genre to date. Not surprisingly, Hip-Hop and gangster rap are the most popular among today's youth. There is no doubt in my mind, that the rock and roll music of the sixties, paved the way for the rap music of today. There, I did it. I discredited the one thing that today's society holds so dear to its heart, the rock-star and popular music.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More on the Global Warming Deception

I can simply prove my point by using Al Gore's words. On the subject of man made global warming Al Gore said: "the science is settled, the debate is over." He also said "global warming is the number one moral issue of our time." The debate is over as far as Al Gore is concerned because he does not wish to participate in debate. When he is asked about specific opposing studies, he attacks the character of the group making the studies and calls the source of their funding into question. Recently Al Gore said people who do not believe that global warming is real and caused by Co2 emissions, are a tiny minority, and can be compared with those who still think the earth is flat or that the moon landing was staged. In effect he stifles all opposing views.
Al Gore is just one man. Where the greater deception lies is that the news media, the government, the public schools, the universities and the arts all perpetuate this myth. Many business also take advantage. Such as motels that have placards in the rooms that say “Save the planet”, and then instruct you how to save energy by requesting that your towels and bedding not be changed daily. Polls show that the number one reason why people buy the hybrid Toyota Prius, is not to reduce global warming, it's not to save gas. The number one reason for Prius ownership is to make a statement that shows I care about the planet. This whole man made global warming myth is the perfect ruse for altruists. What better moral cause that saving the planet with all it's inhabitants. This ruse is sure to bring much sense of value, self worth and and adoration to millions of unsuspecting altruists.

To me it is clear that the science is not settled. This is a scam and not a moral issue. I've read dozens of articles on both sides of this debate (a debate that doesn't exist according to Al Gore). Click here to link to a page that directs you to dozens of scientific articles that question the status quo of global warming. I will now relate a few of my own common sense observations which are irrefutable in my opinion. I may be wrong, but it is certainly worth discussion and study. To say the science is settled is an outright lie. The arguments that I make are mostly based on reason, experience and common sense. For example, plants need co2 in order to survive and produce oxygen and food.Higher co2 levels and higher temperatures would result in more plants and more food and more oxygen. Thus co2 is good for humanity, it is not a pollutant. Another point I make is that the global climate has always been in flux, it has always been changing, long before man inhabited this planet. Ice ages and warm periods have always come and gone throughout geological history. The Earth's climate has never been fixed. Another point that I make is that co2 is merely a trace gas at 380 PPM in the atmosphere. Water vapor is much more abundant in the atmosphere and has a much larger effect as a greenhouse gas. Water vapor also "self regulates" the earths temperature because when the temperature gets hotter, more water evaporates, and this produces more clouds which reflects the sun and cools the Earth. So in effect water vapor is a greenhouse gas unless it is in the form of clouds, then it reflects the sun and has a cooling effect. Another thing that I discovered is that co2 is also dissolved in the oceans just like in soda pop. When the ocean temperature rises, co2 is released from the ocean into the atmosphere. This explains why the records show that global temperature rise always precedes the increase in co2 in the atmosphere.Articles that I have recently read reiterate these conclusions that I have come to on my own using reason, logic and common sense. Not to mention the fact that Al Gore keeps insisting that the science is proved and the debate is over and that this is the number one moral issue of our time.

If global warming is such a serious threat that everyone knows is true, why do many Hollywood celebrities and wealthy people live on oceanfront property or near the ocean. According to Al Gore's documentary, sea levels are expected to rise and coastal flooding is imminent. In a time of falling real estate prices nationwide, why is expensive oceanfront property increasing in value?

All I am trying to say in this modest article is that the debate is not over, but it is being suppressed. What if Gore is wrong and we are actually entering a period of global cooling. Man's intervention, in an attempt to stave off global warming, could exacerbate the problem if global cooling was happening. During the 1970's a consensus of scientists published articles that stated global cooling was happening, and we were on the verge of the next ice-age. Global cooling would be much more harmful to life than global warming. Global cooling would reduce plant life which would lead to famines worldwide, not to mention decreased livable land mass. All I am asking is why are school children and university students being taught that man-made global warming is a fact when this is just a theory? This is only one of the many areas where today's youth are being deceived and manipulated.

Obama, the First black President?

I think that race has helped Obama more than hurt him. Many white folks are voting for Obama out of a sense of white guilt or to show everyone how open-minded and progressive that they are. They think that by voting for the first black president that they are proving that they are a good person. Most Obama supporters can not even tell you what his policies are or what his record has been. All they know is that if elected, he will be the first black president.

Obama is a socialist. He wants to tax the wealthy and give to the poor. Just like Karl Marx said ,"from each according to his ability, to each according to his need." This sounds good but it doesn't work because people lose motivation and ambition. Eventually, the class that produces goods and services shrinks, so there is less wealth to go around. As a result, most people become poor and dependent on the Government. Please don't fall for it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Most Terrifying Global Warming Video That You Will Ever See

Click on the embedded video or link below for an example of how the public is being frightened into buying the global warming hoax.

It's called "The Most Terrifying Video You'll ever See".

This is an example of how teachers and professors are using emotion, rather than reason, to get people to believe in political, economic and social change, due to global warming. This professor makes the case that the "facts" don't matter. He says that because the consequences would be so severe if global warming were true, that we must act now even if global warming turns out to be untrue.

1) It is so easy to rebuke this teacher's theory. First of, if we act now, there will be other costs besides the economic costs that, the teacher claims to be the only cost of acting. It is already happening. Because we are diverting much of our corn crops to be used in ethanol production, the price of food has gone up substantially, and famines are already happening in parts of the world because of it. For the first time ever, the US is importing wheat because much land that was used to grow wheat, is now being used for corn crops.

2) The main reason why the planet can support more people than it ever has before is because of the machinery that the industrial revolution has brought us. These machines include farm equipment and transportation equipment and refrigeration equipment and water supplies and plumbing and medical equipment and construction equipment that build the safest, most "weatherproof" homes that the world has ever seen. All of this runs on fossil fuel. By substantially reducing the use of fossil fuel, it is inevitable that millions would die around the world.

3) Do we know what the solution is? If we can't be sure that the problem of global warming exists; How can we be so sure that an extremely costly solution would be effective? Perhaps the solution would be completely ineffective, or even worse; what if our "solution" inadvertently throws the planet's climate into a devastating "Ice Age"? It would be much harder for us to adapt to global cooling than global warming. Much more plants and animals would surely die as a result of global cooling. A warmer climate and more CO2 in the atmosphere, promotes more plant life, which means more food will be available on the planet. The planets climate has always been in flux since the formation of the earth. Life has always adapted to that change.

4) Even if we could be sure of an effective solution; Is the government capable of implementing it? We are constantly hearing politicians, on both sides of the isle saying that "government is broken". They say this in regard to our ineffectual border security, the downturn in the economy, the social security and medicare system that is going bankrupt, the national debt that is spiraling out of control, crime, corruption, poverty, education, etc. If government can not solve these concrete problems, that have clear and practical solutions, why do people think that we can solve a vague and undefined problem like global warming?

5) The most powerful answer to that video is the spiritual one. The teacher says that the threat is so great that we must address it weather it is real or not. I would like to ask this teacher if he believes in God an the eternal soul? If he answers no, I would like to know why not, after all, the possibility of spending the rest of eternity suffering in hell, sure out-ways the cost of not preparing ourselves for the afterlife. According to his beliefs, he should be instructing his students to repent, to ask God for forgiveness and try to live a righteous and spiritually correct life. After all, the consequences of going to hell are so great, that even if we don't believe in hell, it would be prudent to do all that we can to avoid that possibility, because the consequences would be so devastating. The consequences would be far worse than global warming. So, if this teacher truly believes his theory, he should immediately spend all of his time preaching, rather than teaching. He should be in favor of school prayer and school bible study, just in-case. After all, we only spend less than a hundred years on earth and the rest of eternity many depend on our actions here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

The trailer for Ben Stein's movie: "Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed" is embedded below.

Lately I have been hearing Ben Stein on numerous interviews on radio and TV. He is very passionate about his views about how the universities and the scientific community are stifling any views that discredit the status quo, as far as Darwin's theory of evolution is concerned. He confirms what I have been saying for a long time now, that universities have a disdain for God and religion.

However, I feel that the universities and the scientific community are also stifling debate and indoctrinating our youth in many other ares as well. Ben Stein never mentions any of these other areas that the universities are indoctrinating our youth.

The public school, universities, the media and the arts are also teaching children many things as fact, that are not proven, and are discouraging or completely stifling debate on many other issues as well. They are teaching them that racism is a major problem in today's America. They are teaching them that diversity is a virtue. They are teaching them that homosexuality is normal and should be embraced, celebrated and even experimented with. They are teaching them that the earth is in peril due to man-made global warming. They are teaching them that our founding fathers were evil. They are teaching them to loathe president Bush. They are teaching them that all war is wrong. They are teaching that illegal immigration is good, and people who oppose it are either hard hearted, uninformed, or racists. They are teaching them that the US is a negative influence in this world. They are teaching them that Christianity is a negative influence, and that God and the bible is a fairy tale.

Debate is discouraged or completely stifled on the above mentioned topics in today's universities. I think it is great that Ben Stein uses the example of Darwinism to illustrate how debate and independent thought is not allowed in today's universities. But there are many other topics as well that our youth are being unwittingly indoctrinated with.

Ben Stein found a topic that was not even on my list and he made an entire documentary about it. If some-one wanted to, they could make a similar documentary about each of the topics that I listed above.

Why is no one discussing this? Why is the free and open discussion of ideas being discouraged in today's universities?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gang Violence vs. Single Moms

I recently saw a documentary on CNN news about gangs in southern California. This documentary highlighted the hard luck stories and the cycle of violence in this gang infested neighborhood in Los Angeles. It told of various gangsters who were brutally murdered, interviewed others who were currently gang members, a priest who buried 150 slain gangsters from the neighborhood, and offered others a way out through a work program .

There were also numerous interviews with their sobbing mothers. They all blamed poverty, peer pressure, and a history of gangs in their neighborhood and families for the fate of these young men. The documentary was 1 hour long and about twenty percent of it was listening to mothers, sisters and girlfriends sob as they told their stories. Amazingly, every mother portrayed in the story was a “single mom”. Also amazingly no, one ever discussed the possibility that just maybe the reason why so many of these men went down the wrong path was that they had no father in their household to discipline them, set an example for them, direct them or advise them.

Every one in the story was portrayed as a victim, even the priest who had been taken advantage of by some of the men he was helping. No solution was given except, the priest who insisted that he would not give up on these young men and keep giving them another chance to do good. From what I saw in this documentary, these men were already “ruined”. Even with the “kit glove” treatment these violent gangsters were given in the interviews, I could tell that they had no conscience. They rationalized hurting and killing others and selling drugs. Many had already been shot and were proud of it. One talked about enjoying feeling the pain when he was beaten. One said that he hated cops because they could carry guns and get away with it. These gangsters had gang symbols and and other bad things tattooed on their bald heads, foreheads necks, forearms, and hands. The only thing that they seemed to take pride in was how evil they could be and how much pain they could cause and receive.The young men interviewed were clearly psychopaths or very good actors. No doubt that these young men probably harbor a great deal of anger and resentment which is probably justified, but it is precisely that anger and resentment that has caused their psychopathic attitudes and behavior.

I myself do not know the path to unlearn this anger and resentment, but there in lies the key. I believe that the answer is individual and spiritual. Some have found it, I have not.They have an attitude of “you can't do anything to me, I'm prepared to be locked up or killed like most of my friends were. Try to hurt me, I welcome the pain and I will only enjoy my revenge even more”.

There is only one example I can think of in my own life that even comes close to this experience. I had an experience as young boy, away from home for the first time, in a sleep-away camp. I remember being on a hike with my counselor and my bunk mates. I began to misbehave in some way on this hike. I don't know exactly what I was doing but I remember the counselor repeatedly scolding me and telling me to stop. I clearly remember thinking that he wasn't my mother, he couldn't beat me up, therefore he had no power over me and I was free to continue to do what ever I wanted. So,I continued with my bad behavior with a feeling of impunity. Next, my counselor told me that if I didn't behave that I would not be permitted to see the movie on Saturday, I would have to remain in the bunk alone instead. I continued to misbehave and he made good on his threat. He already made up his mind and my crying didn't soften his resolve. I stayed alone in the bunk the next day while the other kids watched the movie. I realized that the counselor did have power over me and for the rest of the summer I knew when to back down. Is it possible that this simple incident had changed my life?? I don't know but I still remember it clearly 40 years later.

That day I learned how to take direction from an authority. I believe that is why it is so important for a child to have a strong father for direction,discipline, guidance and example. A mother is also crucial for love, nurturing, support, understanding even sympathy. It is only from this combination do we have a chance of growing up normal.In this day and age, women are no longer stigmatized for bringing up children alone. To the contrary they are glorified as strong and independent women who struggle to succeed against all odds in bringing up their children while maintaining a household and often by working a full time job, all by themselves. While single mothers do struggle and sacrifice, society as a whole, and their very children in particular, are far better off having a strong loving father in the home.

You can jump up and down and scream at me all you want. You can call me sexist and racist. My answer is simple common sense.Open your eyes. Look around you. The black community has a 70% rate of unwed mothers. The Hispanic community has a 35% rate of unwed mothers and whites are not far behind at 25%. These figures have tripled in the past 40 years. Can you not see the accompanying rise in gang activity, and general disrespect for authority?? Men are commonly used as the scapegoat here. It is said that they walk out on their pregnant girlfriends, do not pay child support, are woman abusers,child abusers or abuse drugs and alcohol. That might be true in many cases, but remember two things. First, those behaviors are much more common in men who grew up without a strong loving father and second, the woman has the ultimate responsibility for getting pregnant in the first place. Blaming the man and glorifying the woman does not change this fact. Any woman who has gotten pregnant without the support of a loving husband has made a huge mistake. Only when strong social pressures are put on women not to make this huge mistake, will society see a decline in single moms. And in this mans opinion that is the only way to reduce gang violence, poverty, crime and misery in America

Monday, April 14, 2008

American Universities vs. God, Family, and Country

Although conservative ideas are mostly banned from university life, both by the staff and by the students, radical left wing professors are celebrated by staff and students.

Bill Ayres is an anti-American radical who has admitted to bombing police stations and government offices. There were no casualties, only property damage in those attacks. He and his wife did these subversive acts as members of a radical group called the Weather Underground during the 70's. They avoided conviction because their case was dismissed on the technicality of an improper search and the evidence was not allowed in court. As Recently as 2001, after the 9/11 attacks, Aires has been recorded as saying that he had no remorse for his role in the bombings in the 70's, he only regrets that he did not do more, because they were ineffective.

The astonishing part of this story is that Bill Ayres is a Professor at a prestigious Chicago University. He became a professor after his much publicized terrorist activities in the 70's. It was well know to the university that he was a radical left wing terrorist when he was hired. The astonishing part is that he is celebrated for his anti-American terrorist activity on the university campus by the students as well as the faculty.

All of this has come to light recently because it has been found out that Barack Obama has ties to Aires. They appeared on the same panel together in several university discussions as recently as 2003. When asked about it, Obama said that he was friendly with Ayres and that there children go to the same school.

Another example of an anti-American radical university professor is the infamous Ward Churchill. You probably remember the scandal that erupted a several years ago after Churchill made anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks concerning the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Churchill compared the businessmen in the World Trade Center to Nazis. He also said that the 3,000 people who perished that day deserved what they got. After much public outcry, the university held hearings in an effort to find reason to fire the tenured professor. Churchill was put on a paid leave while these hearings went on for 2 years. The university could and would not dismiss Churchill for preaching his America hatred, to the students. They said it was his right to present unpopular views. Finally they were able to dig up dirt on Churchill and eventually he was terminated. It seemed that he had plagiarized many papers and fraudulently claimed that he was an American Indian when he originally got hired under an affirmative action program.

There is an astonishing epilogue to this story. To this day, Ward Churchill is an invited guest speaker, who is often called upon by that very same university, to give radical anti-American lectures. And he is a hero to many of the student's for fighting for what he believes in.

On the other hand, I am constantly hearing reports from Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannedy, and many other conservative figures who are constantly, heckled, ridiculed, have vile racist and sexist insults hurled at them, and death threats made, when they attempt to speak on a university campus. They have also been attacked and dragged off of the stage by angry students who don't agree with their conservative views. This has forced most conservative speakers to hire body guards when they speak on university campuses. But for the most part, they have been silenced on campus, because it is not worth it for them to go in the first place. The universities have become too dangerous for conservative speakers.

Unfortunately, everything I am hearing confirms that this behavior is common on today's universities. Negative guest speakers are common. They have prostitutes and strippers giving lectures, and demonstrations, that glamorize their way of life. Hip-hop and gangster rap music are celebrated with all of it's negativity. They are installing foot-baths and prayer rooms for Muslims. The president of Iran spoke at Columbia to a cheering crowd. But if a Christian or conservative gains access to the university, it is so dangerous that he must have his own body guards.

I have not exaggerated or embellished anything. These are the facts to the best of my knowledge. University students are being taught to accept and embrace the most negative, destructive, wrong types of views and behavior. At the same time they are being encouraged to disdain anything that is good, noble or asks for restraint of any kind. They are specifically being taught disdain for God, family and country. I can see no good outcome when this current generation of college students runs our nation.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why Does Today's Popular Culture Embrace "Symbols of Evil"?

They claim that they are just exercising their right of freedom of expression. But do you see what they are expressing? Usually its something negative or blasphemous. The "scull and crossbones" is the most popular symbol, that symbol represents death or poison. Other popular symbols are devils, fire, serpents, weapons, and chains. The "iron cross" is probably the second most popular symbol and it was used by the Nazis during the second world war. Many try to imitate inner-city gangsters or "pimps", who are notorious for violence, drug abuse and abuse of women

These are mostly symbols of hate, and the lyrics in much of today's music is hateful and intolerant. Yet when I object to these type of symbols, attitude, or music, or foul language, I am the one who is said to be intolerant.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Loud Pipes Save Lives?

Why do people modify their motorcycle's exhaust system to make it louder? I find the loud noise very disturbing. Are they trying to be inconsiderate on purpose?

Many people say that "loud pipes save lives". They claim that drivers of cars and trucks don't see the smaller motorcycles. So by having loud pipes, they're sure to be heard. That answer can not be sincere because the 55 MPH speed limit also saved lives. Are all of you bikers who say that loud pipes save lives also in favor of going back to the 55 MPH speed limit? Do you all wear helmets in states where they are not required? Why don't you just drive Volvo's instead of riding motorcycles if safety is such a big concern?

The real answer is seen in much of today's popular culture. In this upside down world, bad is good and wrong is right. Anything that draws negative attention to yourself, and "pisses people off" is cool and popular. This explains why foul language is so popular these days. A popular hand gesture among today's youth is the sign of the devil (made popular by heavy metal bands). The symbol of death (skull and crossbones) is the most popular symbol seen in today's popular culture. Cars install 1,000 watt sound systems with mega bass speakers that blast gangster rap music that can be heard blocks away. Motorcyclists actually try to emulate the "outlaw motorcycle gangs" which are known for drinking and drugging and terrorizing innocent people. Cool huh? Sure, in a Bizaro world.

Proof That God Exists

The existence of God is obvious. A higher power had to have created us. Some people say that life was created in a mud puddle of compounds that got hit by lightening. But that is not believable because with all of our modern science, we can not create life, from something that has never lived.

Also, look how complicated even the simplest forms of life are. A one celled animal contains hundreds of thousands of working parts, all arranged in the perfect way so that it can find food, ingest food, break it down, build the machinery of the cell that transports vital elements to the right places, excrete waste, do whatever it takes to sustain its life, reproduce, etc.

It's no accident. It would be more likely that a Boeing 747 jumbo-jet, fueled up and ready to go, to emerge from that mud puddle, that was struck by lightening, than a single living cell. And of course, the human body is made up of trillions of cells that are arranged perfectly to suit us.

Look at the iris in your eye, or the veins on a leaf, or the birthing of a guppy. These things are not the product of luck and happenstance. We are the product of Divine creation. There is no other possibility.

Of course we understand so little about God and his creation. But to deny the existence of the creator, is to deny the obvious.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Peer Pressure, Popular Culture, and the Amish

I am often skeptical when people blame peer pressure for their child's bad behavior. Does it only take one "bad apple" to spoil the barrel, or is the entire barrel of apples naturally predisposed toward negative behavior? I think that we are all born with evil inclinations that, if left unrestrained, will draw us to bad, wrong, negative, selfish or evil behavior. A perfect example of this is a child who is left to his own devices at a very young age, with minimum guidance from his parents or mentors. Although he may be fed and clothed and physically cared for, if he is left to his own devices, he will surely fall in with the wrong crowd. This is sometimes called "original sin". It may also be the path of least resistance. It takes effort, to live right. We all need guidance, especially when we are young. We are not capable of deciding for ourselves what is moral.

Since all parents suffer from "original sin", we all inadvertently, contaminate our children with the faults within us that "we ourselves", can not see. This is why spirituality and universal spiritual principles, grounded in unwavering bedrock, is necessary, and requires constant reinforcement especially when we are young. In today's popular culture, much effort is made to encourage mental and physical growth and health, while spiritual growth and health has become largely ignored. The freedom that comes from knowledge, power, beauty, wealth and pleasure, without the restraints of spiritual principles and wisdom, will inevitably lead to the self destruction of one's spirit (soul) and eventually lead to the downfall of any free society. After all, total freedom, or misguided freedom, will always result in chaos.

Mitt Romney's speech on "Faith in America" clearly pointed out the "balance" between religion and a free society. I see the religious and spiritual underpinnings being removed from our society. Being that the natural inclination of man is "self destructive", children that are sent out into the world without the strength of spirituality, religion and God in their souls, are predisposed to self destruct and bring down our free society with them.

The Amish people of the "Old Amish Order" separate their society from the "evils" of the outside world. They are a very compassionate, non-violent society. They have their own Amish one room schoolhouses where children are taught only until the eighth grade. State laws make exceptions for them from laws that would otherwise require children to attend school until 16. Federal laws also exempt them from paying into, and receiving government benefits, such as social security, but they still have to pay taxes. They separate themselves from society by forbidding automobiles, electricity, musical instruments, etc. There only music is religious hymns without musical accompaniment. They have no TVs, computers or radios. They have a strict dress codes and forbid any ornamental clothing or furnishings. They are not allowed to appear in photographs and telephones are not allowed in their homes. They all work very hard, even the children. They mostly own small farms and since tractors are not allowed, they pull their plows with horses. Children are given chores to do, appropriate to their age. After they graduate from the eighth grade they concentrate on learning their life's work and the spiritual teachings and customs of their society called "the ordung". They have no churches, but gather in each-others homes for worship on alternate Sunday's. The women learn to be homemakers, and learn to sew clothing, make quilts, prepare food, raise chickens, milk cows, make cheese, and raise her children. The men learn to make furniture, build homes and barns, farm the land, make carriages etc. Families are large, usually 7 to 10 children. They have a very strict religious an social code that they live by. If someone severely violates this code they may be "shunned". No one will talk to this person. He will still live in his house with his wife and children and perform his work, but not even his wife and children are allowed to talk to him until he repents and changes his ways. This may take months, years or his entire life.

This may seem like a very harsh life to you, but all practicing Amish willingly choose this life. When a child reaches age 16, he or she is allowed "rumspringa". Rumspringa is a period from 16 till about 20. At 20 years old, Amish are expected to marry and raise a family. During "rumspringa”, the youths are allowed to date, and experiment with the ways of the outside world. During this period the youths must choose if they wish to return, and live the rest of their lives in the Amish tradition, or permanently leave and join the outside world with all of the conveniences and pleasures and comforts of the 21st century. Eighty percent of the Amish youth return to marry and live out the rest of their life in the hard Amish lifestyle. Due to their large families and small rate of attrition, the population of the "Old English Order" has increased three hundred percent in the last fifty years.

A couple of years ago there was a horrific shooting in an Amish schoolhouse. The perpetrator was a non-Amish man who had ties with the Amish community, because he drove a truck and picked up milk from Amish farms for an outside dairy. He became deranged and hateful after his newborn baby girl had died shortly after birth. In his twisted grief, he wanted to punish God for this misfortune, and decided to murder innocent Amish schoolgirls as vengeance. He entered an Amish schoolhouse and ordered all the adults and boys to leave the building. Then he announced that he would shoot the remaining group of ten young girls, who ranged in age from 6 to 13. The oldest girl asked to be shot first in an effort to protect her younger classmates. In the end all of the children were shot, half of them ended up dying from their wounds, and the gunman took his own life.

The Amish community was in shock from this unbelievable loss. They visited and grieved with the families who suffered the loss of a child. What was astounding was that they also visited and grieved with the widow of the gunman who was not even Amish. They collected money for this widow with two small children. They also attended the gun-man's funeral. As a matter of fact, there were more Amish at the gun-man's funeral than non-Amish.

You may say that the gun-mans "belief in God" is what caused him to murder those Innocent girls. The exact opposite is true. The gun-mans "lack of faith" in a loving and just God, is what motivated him to commit this evil act. The Amish people reacted quite different to their personal tragedy. Although it is impossible to understand why God allows tragedy, suffering and evil, the spiritual principles of faith, forgiveness and humility help us deal with it. Maybe, when we suffer tragedy, we are learning something on a spiritual level that can only be taught in this way. Perhaps these lessons are more important to our eternal soul than all of the universities in the world could ever teach us.. Perhaps those that are spared tragedy in this lifetime, are far worse off in the eternity of our afterlife? I don't know, I'm just raising some possibilities.

These people are physically the same as you and I. The only difference is that they encourage spiritual growth among their people, and they teach these principles to their children from a very young age. Extraordinary effort is put into the "spiritual teaching" of their children for the first 16 years, although regular school only lasts until they are 12 or 13. The children receive the same message from their parents, their teachers, their ministers and their peers. They have a common culture and common values based on spiritual principles. Most importantly, The Amish, as well as all spiritual people, believe in a power greater than themselves, a loving and just God, which we will never fully understand on earth. They are guided by their faith in a loving God, which is the highest value.

Do you think the Amish are weird? Maybe so, but I admire them very much. However, I have no such admiration for today's American popular culture of college graduates who grew up in Godless homes, and think that there is nothing more than a physical and mental existence that ends when you die. Most of what is, lies in the realm of the spiritual world, which we know little about. In my opinion, humility in the presence of God, and allowing faith to guide our lives, trumps all intellectual and physical achievements here on earth. The founding fathers of this great nation of ours, felt much the same way.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Popular Culture, Weird vs. Normal

What is "weird" is what has become the accepted "norm " in today's popular culture. Like when a majority of underage youth, regularly binge drink, and it's considered cool. Or when the typical language of today's popular culture is so vulgar and disrespectful, it's comparable to language spoken is prison a generation ago. When images of satin and death (skulls and crossbones) are common and considered "cool". When it is considered un-cool and uncommon to speak of God or believe deeply in our creator, unless it is some foreign religion other than Judaism or Christianity. When it is popular to put jewelry through pierced holes on one's tongue, eyebrow, nose, lips, nipples and sexual organs and to tattoo one's body to the point that it is freakish. When it is cool to emulate gangsters, convicts, hookers and "ghetto scum" in dress, attitude and language. When men's clothing, jewelery and hairstyles have become feminized and women's clothing has become sexualized. When all forms of flamboyance and "thrill" seeking are considered cool while humility and modesty is discouraged. When sex outside marriage is considered normal and healthy, including homosexual, or bisexual. When a pregnancy can be considered a punishment rather than a blessing (as Barack Obsma said earlier this week). When women consider the role of mother and wife to be less important than a career. When American patriotism is looked at in a negative light. Where the police, our military, and the clergy are considered immoral and oppressive. When the morally challenged sluts and pretty-boy "players" of our entertainment and sports industries are idolized and have become role models and have become leaders on social and political issues. When our population has become so utterly deceived and confused that we can not tell when our politicians are lying to our face. What is worse, they may not even care because somehow they think that the ends will justify the means and that certain deceptions are necessary in order to change things for the better or save our planet.

In today's popular culture, most people under 30, and many aging hippies, teachers, professors, and journalists will tell you that one would be considered weird if they held many of my values. They will not only call me weird but consider me "evil", judgmental, sexist, xenophobic, racist and non-inclusive. Most likely they would not even be able to discuss these things with me without becoming angry, emotional , hateful and insulting. If home-schooled children are considered "weird " it only means that their parents were successful in instilling them with positive values, including respect for God, family, country and their eternal soul. And not the destructive, arrogant, selfish, disrespectful values of today's popular culture that is tearing this society apart before my very eyes.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Public Education vs. Homeschooling

Many parents in the Midwest, also choose to home-school their children in an effort to minimize the influence of the popular culture and the governments indoctrination of their children.

What CA is doing is unconscionable. Statistics show that home-schooled children are more likely to go on to college than public schooled children. They are less likely to get involved with drug and alcohol abuse. They are more likely to get higher paying jobs. They are actually socially adjusted better than public school children. They are less likely to go to jail. All in all, home-schooled children are more likely to be happy, productive members of society.

Lately I have been reading news stories about how public school teachers are calling Christianity and religion a scam for "stupid people". I am afraid that most public schooled children receive negatively biased information on God and religion. They are teaching children from kindergarten, that homosexual, bi-sexual and trans-gendered behavior is normal and should be celebrated and embraced and experimented with. In New England they are distributing birth control pills by the school nurse to girls as young as eleven years old, without their parents knowledge. Sex education in HS promotes teenage-sex as normal and does not promote sexual abstinence for teenagers. There were guest speakers in a Bolder, CO school that encouraged students to experiment with homosexuality, and drugs to enhance the sexual experience. Schools are not teaching American history in a positive light. Many teachers and professors are portraying America as an evil force in the world.. High school students at Berkley were encouraged to take time off from school to participate in anti-military protests. Schools across the country encourage kids to take time off to participate in left wing demonstrations and activities including rallies for illegal aliens. In an effort to protect children from abuse, they are teaching children to "tell on their parents" if they think that they are being punished harshly at home. They are actually convincing some children to "tell on their" parents for normal discipline, which leads to parents who are afraid to discipline their own children and children who have no respect for their parents or other authorities. Underage drinking is rampant in universities with 70% of students admitting to have "binge drinking" episodes within the last month. Rarely are underage drinking laws enforced among college students. College students drink more than their "non-college" counterparts. They are "teaching" global warming as if it were fact, and forcing children to watch Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" which is full of factual inaccuracies and fabrications.

Also, only 60% of kids are graduating from public high schools nationwide on average. Only 35% in Inner city high school students graduate from schools which have become hotbeds for illegal drug sales and violence. I believe that the public schools and parents' apathy, is what is responsible for much of the moral decay that we are seeing nationwide. Many responsible parents who do not wish for their children to be indoctrinated, or put at risk, have no choice but to home school their children. If this option is taken away from the most responsible parents that are out there, we will see a revolt, like we have never seen before. Homeschooling currently affects only about 3% of children, but these are the children of the most dedicated and responsible parents for the most part.

Hillary Clinton is pushing for public schooling to start one year earlier, in pre-school. Barack Obama is pushing for guaranteed $4,000 additional federal funding for all college students. The leftists are in favor of increasing this indoctrination of our youth by public schools and largely publicly funded universities. It is frightening how much misinformation our youth is getting indoctrinated with. It is so bad, that this generation thinks that the media is biased to the right. This generation never hears talk of religious based morals in a positive light, on their university campus. I do not know of a more positive influence on American culture than religion. Religious beliefs were responsible for the principles that this nation was founded on, the Declaration of Independence, our bill of rights, the emancipation of slaves, the civil-rights movement and much more are all based on Jeudeo-Christian principles. Freedom of religion was an integral part of founding this nation, but has now been distorted to mean that we must not discuss God in any public forum. Our declaration of independence and bill of rights specify that our freedoms and rights are given to us by God, not by government.

I think that our public schools and universities are currently doing more harm than good to our youth and our nation. There is no "freedom of ideas" in our public schools or universities today. I am always hearing examples of how students are getting ostracized by their peers or ridiculed or flunked by their professors if they dare to express right leaning ideas. Public schools and universities have an agenda that is anti-religion, anti-American, and anti-family. Blended families, homosexual couples and single parents are all presented as viable alternatives to an intact family. The ideas that today's generation have been indoctrinated with will surely lead to the destruction of our families and our nation. I can see no alternative if things keep going the way they are headed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pacific Beach, CA on Labor Day, 2007

Your story about your experience on Pacific beach on labor day, reminds me of a story that happened to me when I was younger. I was in my mid-twenties and was living in an apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens NY. I had recently taken in a roommate to help me with the rent. His name was Tom. Tom was a large typical, redheaded Irish guy who had a propensity for drinking. Tom worked as some sort of clerk on Wall Street and I just got a new job driving for a car-service in Queens.

Anyhow, I met an interesting fellow at my first week at work for the car service. He was also a driver but I don't remember his name, but lets call him Rusty. Rusty was also a large redheaded Irishman with a propensity for drinking and he even spoke with an Irish Brogue. I thought of how similar he was to my new roommate Tom. I asked Rusty if he would like to go out with me and my roommate after work for a drink. Rusty was a friendly sort, and eagerly accepted my invitation. He recommended a local Irish pub, and off we all went.

After a short time at the bar, it had become apparent that Rusty had become quite drunk, never-the-less we were all having a grand-ole-time. But then something odd and unexpected happened. It started out when Rusty could not locate his jacket. He searched for it and asked other patrons in the bar, but he came back empty-handed. Then, for some unknown, illogical reason, he accused my friend Tom of stealing his jacket. Of course Tom had no idea where the jacket was and offered suggestions to Rusty as where to look. But Rusty had become quite drunk and quite irrational and now had become convinced that Tom maliciously and purposely stole his jacket. He started accusing Tom, and shoving Tom, in an apparent effort to start a fight. Both men were large, but Rusty was bigger and he was violently enraged. Rusty's shoves at Tom tuned into open handed blows to his chest. Up until now, Tom had been having a good time and was perplexed by Rusty's odd and increasingly violent behavior. Tom tried to defuse the violence by offering to buy Rusty a drink as a peace offering, and offered to help look for the missing jacket. However, Rusty would have no part of that. He was convinced that Tom purposely stole his jacket and was now obfuscating.

The next thing you know is that Rusty had landed a close fisted blow on Tom and was rearing back to finish him off. Although Tom was no “sissy”, he wasn't even mad at Rusty and wanted no part in this brawl, so he blocked the blow and headed for the door. I followed Tom out and we started to walk home , but Rusty had followed us out of the bar and he “sucker punched” Tom, knocking him on his back. Then Rusty pounced on Tom, holding him down with his massive body weight and pummeling Tom in the face with his fist. Tom's face was now very bloody and I was afraid that he would be seriously hurt or even killed by this beating. I didn't know what to do. I was a 135 pound weakling who is afraid to fight. On the other hand, I knew that Tom would never let me hear the end of it, if I let him down and did not, at least try to help him. Rusty was twice my size, and I knew that I had little chance of subduing him. I imagined that I would appear to be no more than an annoying fly to him. But the shame that I would feel by not taking a beating for my friend, motivated me to act. I grabbed Rusty by one of his arms and made a futile effort to pull him off of Tom. Suddenly, Rusty tuned his attention to me. He grabbed my face with his over-sized hand and had me in something that I can only describe as a “Vulcan death grip”. He had his open palm against my face and his fingers were clawing into my eyes. I felt the blood dripping down my face which was paralyzed by Rusty's grip. I struggled to break his grip, but he was like Iron and he did not yield. As I struggled to break free, his grip only tightened and I felt his fingernails cut deep into my eyes. Suddenly and unexpectedly, something positive came from my efforts. While Rusty was distracted by mutilating my face, Tom was able to work his way loose and was beginning to escape. Finally, Tom was free and Rusty loosened his grip on me in an effort to regain control of Tom. We both took advantage of this small window of opportunity and were able to escape and we made a run-for -it.

We both walked home with bloodied and bruised faces. We didn't talk much on the way home. Neither of us could understand Rusty's bizarre and violent behavior. Tom was a big guy, about 180 lbs. But as we walked home in silence, I felt a sense of pride and satisfaction that I have never felt before or since. The scars around my eyes were visible for over ten years, however to me, they were a badge of honor. I knew that although I was still a 135 pound weakling, I proved that night, that I did possess some degree of courage, and I had suddenly felt a closeness to Tom that could be achieved in no other way. I came so close to running away in cowardliness, but I didn't want to feel the shame of “chickening out” and letting my friend down by not making an effort to help him.

Now, you may ask; Why did I tell that story in response to your message about the drunk and rowdy group on the beach that were threatening the police officers, and almost turned into a full fledged riot? Well, first and foremost, it was the only story in my entire life that remotely makes me seem like a hero and I don't think that I have ever shared this story before with anyone. LOL. But more importantly, it taught me that when people get drunk, there is always the risk of unpredictable and irrational violence in which innocent people could get hurt or killed. I had no way to peaceably get out of that situation without being unbearably shamed. I don't know what the Police's motivation was to subdue the crowd with salt blasts and mace. I don't know what the proper police protocol would be in that situation. But it would be asking much of them, to turn and run like cowards. Running would also encourage future disrespect and violence toward police officers which would make their job, all the more difficult and the beach, all the more dangerous, in the future. For whatever reason, when “push-came-to-shove” the police did what they felt they must do and there was no turning back. Luckily, there was a positive outcome, a full fledged riot did not erupt, and only the guilty were injured and arrested.

The fact that you see this incident as an abuse of power by police, only serves to show what your preconceived notions about what the role of police should be. I understand that you saw this situation unfold first-hand, but you have had 20 years of conditioning that is telling you that the police are needlessly brutal and that may have affected your perspective in judging this incident. From all accounts, the police did successfully disarm a potentially dangerous situation. It could have gone the other way also, and a full fledged riot could have broken out, resulting in injuries and deaths to innocent people. These things are unpredictable and illogical. Sometimes “you're damned if you do” and sometimes “you're damned if you don't”. It's easy to “Monday morning quarterback” these situations. But what happened here, is that you had a positive outcome, in which there were no serious injuries or deaths in a potentially explosive situation. The guilty people were subdued and arrested, and a violent mob was subdued in a non-lethal manor, but you still feel that the police acted improperly.

Please compare this with how the Chinese police beat and kill violent protesters in Tibet, or how the Saudi Arabian police arrest and beat women who disobey Sharia law by being seen in public with an unrelated male, or how the police and court system execute or torture homosexuals in Iran, or how corrupt police in Mexico, team up with drug cartels and murder, beat and arrest people who get in their way. Yes, there are many horrors in the world, but what happened on Pacific beach on Labor day is not one of them. We should be thankful that we can enjoy our freedoms while being protected by the most benevolent law enforcement and judicial system in the world. Yes, there are also examples of corruption, overreaching police and police brutality in our nation, but they are the exception, rather than the rule, and they are certainly not endemic in our police and court system. However, if we are deceived into falsely thinking that our police and courts are unfair and “out to get us”, we will become so confused that we will be unable to distinguish between good and true evil when we are confronted with it.

You, yourself were not completely innocent in that situation. You are underage and should not even be on that beach. You should have known about the risk of danger that Pacific Beach posed on a crowded Labor Day. The following quote is from a San Diego News-Tribune article from March of 2004, which predicted a riot on Pacific Beach due to the crowds and the drunkenness.
Rudolf Hradecky, a spokesman for the Sail Bay Association said, "Our concern is that there will be a potential riot. The situation is ripe for a riot, with people shoulder to shoulder, literally, and the drinking is phenomenal."Hradecky said his group is concerned about out-of-control alcohol consumption.
It is not uncommon for young people to “seek thrills” by putting themselves in dangerous situations and then blaming someone else, when something that was completely predictable happens. You were irresponsible by placing yourself in that predictably dangerous situation. Please remember, that when you are in the midst of drunk people, unpredictable, violent and dangerous behavior is always a threat. I'm sure that you already knew that, but the thrill was irresistible. The best thing that you can do is to avoid drinking yourself and avoid being in the proximity of drunk people. I hope that is the lesson you will learn from the situation on the beach during Labor Day.

The police will not always be there to protect you from danger, while balancing on a thin line in order not to trample your civil rights. Conservatism is based on individual responsibility, and not counting on the government to rescue you when you make poor decisions. In the end, you must be responsible for yourself and use common sense to avoid danger in a dangerous world.
I hope that I'm not being too preachy. What do you think?

The Case of Anderson Tate Jr.

I researched that story of the man who died in police custody after swallowing a bag of cocaine. Judging from the information that I could find, this seems like a case of media bias. The press seems to be predisposed to take the side of a black criminal, rather than being impartial or, God-forbid, take the side of the police. I could not find a copy of the video, but I did get a description of it from several news articles. I will reprint one of those articles below which was written when the man's mother filed a lawsuit against the City of Fort Pierce, FL.

A federal civil rights lawsuit recently was filed by the mother of a Black man who swallowed crack cocaine when he was arrested and died in police custody because his pleas for help were ignored by officers.

Anderson Tate Jr., 22, was pulled over by a state trooper in Fort Pierce, FL, in December 1996 for not having a license plate, attorney Guy Rubin said. He swallowed the crack cocaine he was carrying, according to Rubin. When taken to jail, Tate's pleas for help reportedly were ignored, and he was taunted in a three-hour ordeal captured on video by a surveillance camera. He went into convulsions and died later at a hospital.

"It was a tragic death," Tate's mother, Virginia Barrett, said. "You can see what they do to young Blacks who go to jail."

Her lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from the officers involved, the sheriffs office, the city of Fort Pierce and the Florida Highway Patrol.

The St. Lucie County Jail surveillance videotape shows one officer dancing a jig as Tate, strapped in a chair, begged for help.

Two officers were fired, one was demoted and four were suspended, attorney Stuart M. Address said. Six of the officers are White; the other is Hispanic.

Prosecutors are investigating whether to bring criminal charges against them.

I could not find any articles indicating that the police involved were charged with a crime, nor could I find any evidence that the mother had won the lawsuit. Unless you know otherwise, I assume that the police were not charged with a crime and that the mother did not win her lawsuit. Don't you find it odd that the allegations were reported repeatedly, but I can not find mention of the outcome?

First I would like to say that the articles that I read about this case all tried to infer “racism”. The mainstream media jumps at any opportunity to try and prove that racism is the cause of many of societies problems. I saw no evidence of that in what I read, besides the fact that the victim was black and the police were mostly white and the mother alleges racism.

Second, if no charges were brought against the cops and the mother's civil suit did not prevail, I must assume that the cops had a good reason for what they did that day. I could find no such explanations in any of the articles that I found. To the contrary, I found several related articles written by college professors, the ACLU and Amnesty International who all wrote about racism and police brutality.

Third, although I didn't see the video, I can imagine what went on judging by the articles that I read. I'm sure that the mainstream media were only too happy to repeatedly play that video as an example of racism and police brutality in our country.

Now, you may ask me how I could come to any other conclusion after reading about a video of a black man tied up and thrashing about and saying that he was dying and needed help, while mostly white police officers laughed at him and mocked him until he died. I am hoping to shed some light on how society, particularly the youth, is being deceived and manipulated by the mainstream media, universities, public schools, and the arts. In this case they were repeatedly playing a seemingly damning video of police brutality, without offering any explanation of the police's behavior. It's quite convincing, but then; How come no charges were brought against the police despite charges from the ACLU and Amnesty International, who were calling for investigations? How come a celebrated attorney, Ellis Rubin, did not prevail in his civil suit against the town of Fort Pierce, FL? And how come there were no articles that I could find about the subsequent investigation that apparently cleared the police. How come I could find no articles on the outcome of the lawsuit? How come the only thing that YOU remember seeing, is a video of a black man tied up and begging for help while he was being mocked by the white police?

Well, I will relate a few personal experiences of mine to offer the “other side” of this story that I was unable to find in the press reports. Of course this doesn't have anything to do with the actual case, only my personal experience in similar situations that offer possible explanations.

I have been arrested and locked up about ten times in my life, in various States across the country. Usually, they hold you overnight in a cell in the local police station. On average there are about four to six cells and on a busy night they can put as many as 4 people in each cell. One of the first things that they do when you are being booked, is to ask you if you have any medical problems that require immediate attention or require special medication. If you answer yes, you are immediately seen by a nurse who decides if you need to go to the hospital or need special medication. I have to assume that Anderson Tate Jr. did not request medical attention at this time.

On at least two occasions when I was in jail, there was a prisoner in one of the cells who was raising quite a ruckus. They would scream for hours, thrash about, bang on the walls floor and bars and jump up and down. They would constantly call out to the police who would largely ignore them. They would say that they were sick, that they needed a doctor, they would say that they were dying and needed help. If they became so violent that the cops thought that they might hurt themselves or the other prisoners, they were taken out of the cell and hog-tied and chained to a bench until they calmed down. I assume that they were either very drunk or very high on drugs, the cops seemed to be used to this type of behavior. They eventually calmed down, but sometimes they ranted and raved for hours before they tired out. I believe that this kind of behavior is very common in jail when people are first arrested. If I had a video camera, I could have made a similar video that night and perhaps two or three nights out of every week.

Another possible explanation for why the cops ignored Anderson, was because they thought that he might want to be taken to the hospital, where he knows that he will be more comfortable than jail and he is sure to be given drugs(medication) to calm him down. He may be withdrawing from heroin and his only chance of getting drugs, would be to fool the cops into thinking that he is sick, so that they would send him to the hospital. Heroin addicts will do anything, if they are withdrawing and they think that there is a chance of getting heroine or morphine or codeine or oxycotin. By the way, California now allows heroin addicts to be detoxed in a hospital after being arrested. This came about after someone died during his heroin withdrawal in jail. As a result, police are now more reluctant to arrest heroin addicts in CA, because of the extra time and expense required to care for them. The county Jail in L.A. has a floor that is a hospital ward. My friend Jay-Jay in California, had a virtual “get-out-of-jail-free-card” after her kidneys failed and she required dialysis. Even if the cops caught her with heroine, which is a felony in CA, they would let her go because her medical condition presented too many problems for them, and they would rather let her go than deal with it. Don't feel to happy for her, she died from her heroine addiction. Maybe if she got locked up she would have gotten clean, gone to a rehab, got a kidney transplant, and had a second chance. Who knows, maybe not.

Once, when I was living in Mission Viejo, CA, I almost let a girl die in my apartment, because she told me that she was having an allergic reaction to “medication”, and I didn't believe her. I almost didn't take her to the hospital. Her name was Christine. She was a heroine addict but, off of heroin for six months, because she just got out of jail. She just got out of jail the day before, and was stranded in San Diego, after being imprisoned for about 6 months. She was supposed to come to my apartment in Mission Viejo when she got out. Instead, she decided to call the police and tell them that she wanted to commit suicide. This was a ploy to get admitted to the hospital (nut house) and to get medication. The cops took her to a hospital, just like she wanted, and they gave her lots of medication just like she planned. They released her the next day and gave her a bottle of pills to take with her.

The next day, when I got home from work, there she was, waiting outside my door. She said that she hitch hiked from San Diego. After about a half hour she started telling me that she was sick. She said that it was an allergic reaction to the medication that they gave her at the hospital. She said that she must have taken too much. She begged me to take her to the hospital. I did not believe her. I thought that she was “faking it”, in an effort to get more drugs at the hospital. I was already mad at her for “relapsing” and getting drugs at the hospital in San Diego. She started shaking and breathing heavy. I still thought that she was faking and I refused to take her to the hospital. I was very angry at her for putting on such a show. I told her to call 911 if she was really sick, but she did not. I was now really convinced that she was “faking it”. Then she started making this terrible noise, like her airway was restricted and she couldn't get enough air to breathe. I got scared and I rushed her to the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital she could barely walk and barely breathe. It turned out that she was having an allergic reaction to the medication, and her airway was closing up. They immediately gave her a shot of something, (I think it was called epinephrine), and soon she started to breath normally. It was a close call, a few more minutes and she could have died. She could have died because I didn't believe her at first. She was “the girl that cried wolf”. I understand how come the cops didn't believe Anderson Tate Jr. I might have done the same thing.

All I am trying to say is how eager the press is to portray the cops in a fashion that makes them seem brutal and racist. Apparently, after being exposed to this bias all of your life, you too are eager to believe it. I am trying to open your eyes to what is going on, after all, you do claim to be “open minded”. Please give it some thought.