Thursday, April 3, 2008

Public Education vs. Homeschooling

Many parents in the Midwest, also choose to home-school their children in an effort to minimize the influence of the popular culture and the governments indoctrination of their children.

What CA is doing is unconscionable. Statistics show that home-schooled children are more likely to go on to college than public schooled children. They are less likely to get involved with drug and alcohol abuse. They are more likely to get higher paying jobs. They are actually socially adjusted better than public school children. They are less likely to go to jail. All in all, home-schooled children are more likely to be happy, productive members of society.

Lately I have been reading news stories about how public school teachers are calling Christianity and religion a scam for "stupid people". I am afraid that most public schooled children receive negatively biased information on God and religion. They are teaching children from kindergarten, that homosexual, bi-sexual and trans-gendered behavior is normal and should be celebrated and embraced and experimented with. In New England they are distributing birth control pills by the school nurse to girls as young as eleven years old, without their parents knowledge. Sex education in HS promotes teenage-sex as normal and does not promote sexual abstinence for teenagers. There were guest speakers in a Bolder, CO school that encouraged students to experiment with homosexuality, and drugs to enhance the sexual experience. Schools are not teaching American history in a positive light. Many teachers and professors are portraying America as an evil force in the world.. High school students at Berkley were encouraged to take time off from school to participate in anti-military protests. Schools across the country encourage kids to take time off to participate in left wing demonstrations and activities including rallies for illegal aliens. In an effort to protect children from abuse, they are teaching children to "tell on their parents" if they think that they are being punished harshly at home. They are actually convincing some children to "tell on their" parents for normal discipline, which leads to parents who are afraid to discipline their own children and children who have no respect for their parents or other authorities. Underage drinking is rampant in universities with 70% of students admitting to have "binge drinking" episodes within the last month. Rarely are underage drinking laws enforced among college students. College students drink more than their "non-college" counterparts. They are "teaching" global warming as if it were fact, and forcing children to watch Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" which is full of factual inaccuracies and fabrications.

Also, only 60% of kids are graduating from public high schools nationwide on average. Only 35% in Inner city high school students graduate from schools which have become hotbeds for illegal drug sales and violence. I believe that the public schools and parents' apathy, is what is responsible for much of the moral decay that we are seeing nationwide. Many responsible parents who do not wish for their children to be indoctrinated, or put at risk, have no choice but to home school their children. If this option is taken away from the most responsible parents that are out there, we will see a revolt, like we have never seen before. Homeschooling currently affects only about 3% of children, but these are the children of the most dedicated and responsible parents for the most part.

Hillary Clinton is pushing for public schooling to start one year earlier, in pre-school. Barack Obama is pushing for guaranteed $4,000 additional federal funding for all college students. The leftists are in favor of increasing this indoctrination of our youth by public schools and largely publicly funded universities. It is frightening how much misinformation our youth is getting indoctrinated with. It is so bad, that this generation thinks that the media is biased to the right. This generation never hears talk of religious based morals in a positive light, on their university campus. I do not know of a more positive influence on American culture than religion. Religious beliefs were responsible for the principles that this nation was founded on, the Declaration of Independence, our bill of rights, the emancipation of slaves, the civil-rights movement and much more are all based on Jeudeo-Christian principles. Freedom of religion was an integral part of founding this nation, but has now been distorted to mean that we must not discuss God in any public forum. Our declaration of independence and bill of rights specify that our freedoms and rights are given to us by God, not by government.

I think that our public schools and universities are currently doing more harm than good to our youth and our nation. There is no "freedom of ideas" in our public schools or universities today. I am always hearing examples of how students are getting ostracized by their peers or ridiculed or flunked by their professors if they dare to express right leaning ideas. Public schools and universities have an agenda that is anti-religion, anti-American, and anti-family. Blended families, homosexual couples and single parents are all presented as viable alternatives to an intact family. The ideas that today's generation have been indoctrinated with will surely lead to the destruction of our families and our nation. I can see no alternative if things keep going the way they are headed.

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