Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More on the Global Warming Deception

I can simply prove my point by using Al Gore's words. On the subject of man made global warming Al Gore said: "the science is settled, the debate is over." He also said "global warming is the number one moral issue of our time." The debate is over as far as Al Gore is concerned because he does not wish to participate in debate. When he is asked about specific opposing studies, he attacks the character of the group making the studies and calls the source of their funding into question. Recently Al Gore said people who do not believe that global warming is real and caused by Co2 emissions, are a tiny minority, and can be compared with those who still think the earth is flat or that the moon landing was staged. In effect he stifles all opposing views.
Al Gore is just one man. Where the greater deception lies is that the news media, the government, the public schools, the universities and the arts all perpetuate this myth. Many business also take advantage. Such as motels that have placards in the rooms that say “Save the planet”, and then instruct you how to save energy by requesting that your towels and bedding not be changed daily. Polls show that the number one reason why people buy the hybrid Toyota Prius, is not to reduce global warming, it's not to save gas. The number one reason for Prius ownership is to make a statement that shows I care about the planet. This whole man made global warming myth is the perfect ruse for altruists. What better moral cause that saving the planet with all it's inhabitants. This ruse is sure to bring much sense of value, self worth and and adoration to millions of unsuspecting altruists.

To me it is clear that the science is not settled. This is a scam and not a moral issue. I've read dozens of articles on both sides of this debate (a debate that doesn't exist according to Al Gore). Click here to link to a page that directs you to dozens of scientific articles that question the status quo of global warming. I will now relate a few of my own common sense observations which are irrefutable in my opinion. I may be wrong, but it is certainly worth discussion and study. To say the science is settled is an outright lie. The arguments that I make are mostly based on reason, experience and common sense. For example, plants need co2 in order to survive and produce oxygen and food.Higher co2 levels and higher temperatures would result in more plants and more food and more oxygen. Thus co2 is good for humanity, it is not a pollutant. Another point I make is that the global climate has always been in flux, it has always been changing, long before man inhabited this planet. Ice ages and warm periods have always come and gone throughout geological history. The Earth's climate has never been fixed. Another point that I make is that co2 is merely a trace gas at 380 PPM in the atmosphere. Water vapor is much more abundant in the atmosphere and has a much larger effect as a greenhouse gas. Water vapor also "self regulates" the earths temperature because when the temperature gets hotter, more water evaporates, and this produces more clouds which reflects the sun and cools the Earth. So in effect water vapor is a greenhouse gas unless it is in the form of clouds, then it reflects the sun and has a cooling effect. Another thing that I discovered is that co2 is also dissolved in the oceans just like in soda pop. When the ocean temperature rises, co2 is released from the ocean into the atmosphere. This explains why the records show that global temperature rise always precedes the increase in co2 in the atmosphere.Articles that I have recently read reiterate these conclusions that I have come to on my own using reason, logic and common sense. Not to mention the fact that Al Gore keeps insisting that the science is proved and the debate is over and that this is the number one moral issue of our time.

If global warming is such a serious threat that everyone knows is true, why do many Hollywood celebrities and wealthy people live on oceanfront property or near the ocean. According to Al Gore's documentary, sea levels are expected to rise and coastal flooding is imminent. In a time of falling real estate prices nationwide, why is expensive oceanfront property increasing in value?

All I am trying to say in this modest article is that the debate is not over, but it is being suppressed. What if Gore is wrong and we are actually entering a period of global cooling. Man's intervention, in an attempt to stave off global warming, could exacerbate the problem if global cooling was happening. During the 1970's a consensus of scientists published articles that stated global cooling was happening, and we were on the verge of the next ice-age. Global cooling would be much more harmful to life than global warming. Global cooling would reduce plant life which would lead to famines worldwide, not to mention decreased livable land mass. All I am asking is why are school children and university students being taught that man-made global warming is a fact when this is just a theory? This is only one of the many areas where today's youth are being deceived and manipulated.

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J Bartlett said...

Agreed. The problem with the global warming "debate" is that there is none. Most people have come to accept global warming without ever really taking the time to research and find out all the scientific facts.

The message of "climate change" is continually pounded into our heads each and every day. It is hard to watch television and not see one commercial about saving the planet.
In college, high school, and elementary school, global warming is taught as fact, rather than, as you said, a scientific theory that has yet to be proven.

Another great website to assist in debunking man made global warming is