Monday, April 7, 2008

Proof That God Exists

The existence of God is obvious. A higher power had to have created us. Some people say that life was created in a mud puddle of compounds that got hit by lightening. But that is not believable because with all of our modern science, we can not create life, from something that has never lived.

Also, look how complicated even the simplest forms of life are. A one celled animal contains hundreds of thousands of working parts, all arranged in the perfect way so that it can find food, ingest food, break it down, build the machinery of the cell that transports vital elements to the right places, excrete waste, do whatever it takes to sustain its life, reproduce, etc.

It's no accident. It would be more likely that a Boeing 747 jumbo-jet, fueled up and ready to go, to emerge from that mud puddle, that was struck by lightening, than a single living cell. And of course, the human body is made up of trillions of cells that are arranged perfectly to suit us.

Look at the iris in your eye, or the veins on a leaf, or the birthing of a guppy. These things are not the product of luck and happenstance. We are the product of Divine creation. There is no other possibility.

Of course we understand so little about God and his creation. But to deny the existence of the creator, is to deny the obvious.

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scouse said...

aright mate, you emailed me on yahoo and asked me to comment on your blog, so here i am. just so you know i consider myself agnostic, but definitely think god could exist.

the premise of this piece is that modern science asserts that nature happened by accident, you say that at several points. however this is not what science says. evolution is not an accident, it can be used to explain the development of the natural world we find ourselves in. the most commonly used analogy is the human eye, people says its enormous complexity cannot possibly have happened by accident. however no one is saying it did, it can be explained by science. i would recommend that you read a book about evolution, you seem to have a couple of basic misconceptions about it.
the complexity of the universe is not necessarily an argument for the existence of god.

as far as i am concerned atheism is just about as irrational as belief in god or gods.