Friday, September 24, 2010

The unintended consequences of repealing "don't ask, don't tell".

Sexual preference is nobody's business. DADT is a way of allowing homosexuals to join the military without letting others know that they are gay precisely because it is no one's business. As long as they keep it to themselves, the military does not have to make special accommodations for them.

Previously, mental diseases, including homosexuality, were considered reasons to keep people out of the services. Gay activists successfully lobbied (intimidated) the psychiatric profession to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in the 1960s. However, it was still impractical to house practicing homosexuals with straight men, just as it is impractical to house men with women. It is also impractical to house homosexual men with each-other under military circumstances. The Clinton administration came up with an ingenious solution to this conundrum. It was the DADT policy.

If DADT is repealed, the military will be forced to make special accommodations for homosexual men. That is the conundrum. That is also exactly what gay activists want. Gay activists are always seeking special accommodations. Under DADT they were treated equally. If DADT is repealed, they must be treated specially.

If DADT is repealed, gay activists will not be satisfied. They will seek all kinds of anti-bullying rules, sensitivity training, special counselors, rules that allow cross-dressing and using the wrong restrooms just like they do now in public schools.

Gay activists are not interested in equality. DADT provides equality. Repealing DADT requires special treatment and special accommodations for gays. If you don't believe me, just wait and see what happens if DADT is repealed.

If DADT is repealed, gay activists will begin by systematically bringing complaints of bullying and harassment, just like they did in the public schools. This will result in special counselors and special sensitivity training classes. There will be new special rules that affect all soldiers. For example, patting a comrade on his butt will become a crime. Using the word "fag" will be grounds for a dishonorable discharge. This will all be an enormous distraction from the military's prime objective which is winning wars.

If homosexuality is nobodies business, then the repeal of DADT should eliminate homosexual issues from the military. However, this is not what gay activists want. They want to shove homosexual behavior in our faces. They want everyone to know about their sexuality.

I guarantee that if DADT is repealed, homosexual issues will be brought to the forefront in the military, just as it has been in Massachusetts schools where marriage has been redefined to include homosexuals.

The military will be so overwhelmed by accommodating gay activists, that it will distract them from their primary purpose which is winning wars by killing our enemies and destroying things.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Is are college students getting there moneys wurth?

I think that high school students of the 60's were better educated than college students of today. According to this article, many of today's students are never taught literature, history, science, foreign language,economics, or how our government works.

They are taught African studies, women's studies diversity, hip-hop dance, sexual preferences, erotica, and many other "fluff" courses. The average education costs between one and two hundred thousand dollars. Most of it is payed by student loans and government grants. Are taxpayers and students getting their money's worth? Is it still cost effective to go to college or is it just an excuse to party for 4 more years before getting serious about your future? There are more counselors, student liaisons and managerial positions at today's colleges than ever before. Today's colleges have twice the number of non-teaching staff as they had 40 years ago. Why are government loans, grants, scholarships, parents and students paying for so much "fluff" and so little substance in today's universities?

Worst of all, colleges are teaching kids to be atheists. 70% of college students lose their faith in God during their college years. They are taught moral equivalencies rather than moral absolutes, that America is a racist and imperialist war mongering nation, that diversity in and of itself is a virtue, that Palestinians have moral supremacy over the Israelis, that Anthropogenic Global Global Warming is our greatest threat, that social justice trumps equal justice, That equal outcome trumps equal opportunity, and many other lies and distortions from the liberal left.

Today's college graduates are incapable independent thought and moral judgments because they have been brainwashed by liberal propaganda. Today's colleges are teaching their students the opposite of the founding principles of our nation. The inevitable result will be a nation that is unsustainable.

Colleges no longer provide a "rounded " education. If kids aren't getting a rounded education anyway, why are we paying for all the fluff. Why not teach them ONLY what they need for their careers.


Government-subsidized loans have injected money into higher education, as they did into housing, causing prices to balloon. But at some point people figure out they're not getting their money's worth, and the bubble bursts.

Some think this would be a good thing. My American Enterprise Institute colleague Charles Murray has called for the abolition of college for almost all students. Save it for genuine scholars, he says, and let others qualify for jobs by standardized national tests, as accountants already do.

"Is our students learning?" George W. Bush once asked, and the evidence for colleges points to no. The National Center for Education Statistics found that most college graduates are below proficiency in verbal and quantitative literacy. University of California scholars Philip Babcock and Mindy Marks report that students these days study an average of 14 hours a week, down from 24 hours in 1961.

The American Council of Alumni and Trustees concluded, after a survey of 714 colleges and universities, "by and large, higher education has abandoned a coherent content-rich general education curriculum."

They aren't taught the basics of literature, history or science. ACTA reports that most schools don't require a foreign language, hardly any require economics, American history and government "are badly neglected," and schools "have much to do" on math and science.

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