Friday, April 4, 2008

Popular Culture, Weird vs. Normal

What is "weird" is what has become the accepted "norm " in today's popular culture. Like when a majority of underage youth, regularly binge drink, and it's considered cool. Or when the typical language of today's popular culture is so vulgar and disrespectful, it's comparable to language spoken is prison a generation ago. When images of satin and death (skulls and crossbones) are common and considered "cool". When it is considered un-cool and uncommon to speak of God or believe deeply in our creator, unless it is some foreign religion other than Judaism or Christianity. When it is popular to put jewelry through pierced holes on one's tongue, eyebrow, nose, lips, nipples and sexual organs and to tattoo one's body to the point that it is freakish. When it is cool to emulate gangsters, convicts, hookers and "ghetto scum" in dress, attitude and language. When men's clothing, jewelery and hairstyles have become feminized and women's clothing has become sexualized. When all forms of flamboyance and "thrill" seeking are considered cool while humility and modesty is discouraged. When sex outside marriage is considered normal and healthy, including homosexual, or bisexual. When a pregnancy can be considered a punishment rather than a blessing (as Barack Obsma said earlier this week). When women consider the role of mother and wife to be less important than a career. When American patriotism is looked at in a negative light. Where the police, our military, and the clergy are considered immoral and oppressive. When the morally challenged sluts and pretty-boy "players" of our entertainment and sports industries are idolized and have become role models and have become leaders on social and political issues. When our population has become so utterly deceived and confused that we can not tell when our politicians are lying to our face. What is worse, they may not even care because somehow they think that the ends will justify the means and that certain deceptions are necessary in order to change things for the better or save our planet.

In today's popular culture, most people under 30, and many aging hippies, teachers, professors, and journalists will tell you that one would be considered weird if they held many of my values. They will not only call me weird but consider me "evil", judgmental, sexist, xenophobic, racist and non-inclusive. Most likely they would not even be able to discuss these things with me without becoming angry, emotional , hateful and insulting. If home-schooled children are considered "weird " it only means that their parents were successful in instilling them with positive values, including respect for God, family, country and their eternal soul. And not the destructive, arrogant, selfish, disrespectful values of today's popular culture that is tearing this society apart before my very eyes.

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