Monday, April 7, 2008

Loud Pipes Save Lives?

Why do people modify their motorcycle's exhaust system to make it louder? I find the loud noise very disturbing. Are they trying to be inconsiderate on purpose?

Many people say that "loud pipes save lives". They claim that drivers of cars and trucks don't see the smaller motorcycles. So by having loud pipes, they're sure to be heard. That answer can not be sincere because the 55 MPH speed limit also saved lives. Are all of you bikers who say that loud pipes save lives also in favor of going back to the 55 MPH speed limit? Do you all wear helmets in states where they are not required? Why don't you just drive Volvo's instead of riding motorcycles if safety is such a big concern?

The real answer is seen in much of today's popular culture. In this upside down world, bad is good and wrong is right. Anything that draws negative attention to yourself, and "pisses people off" is cool and popular. This explains why foul language is so popular these days. A popular hand gesture among today's youth is the sign of the devil (made popular by heavy metal bands). The symbol of death (skull and crossbones) is the most popular symbol seen in today's popular culture. Cars install 1,000 watt sound systems with mega bass speakers that blast gangster rap music that can be heard blocks away. Motorcyclists actually try to emulate the "outlaw motorcycle gangs" which are known for drinking and drugging and terrorizing innocent people. Cool huh? Sure, in a Bizaro world.

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