Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Most Terrifying Global Warming Video That You Will Ever See

Click on the embedded video or link below for an example of how the public is being frightened into buying the global warming hoax.

It's called "The Most Terrifying Video You'll ever See".

This is an example of how teachers and professors are using emotion, rather than reason, to get people to believe in political, economic and social change, due to global warming. This professor makes the case that the "facts" don't matter. He says that because the consequences would be so severe if global warming were true, that we must act now even if global warming turns out to be untrue.

1) It is so easy to rebuke this teacher's theory. First of, if we act now, there will be other costs besides the economic costs that, the teacher claims to be the only cost of acting. It is already happening. Because we are diverting much of our corn crops to be used in ethanol production, the price of food has gone up substantially, and famines are already happening in parts of the world because of it. For the first time ever, the US is importing wheat because much land that was used to grow wheat, is now being used for corn crops.

2) The main reason why the planet can support more people than it ever has before is because of the machinery that the industrial revolution has brought us. These machines include farm equipment and transportation equipment and refrigeration equipment and water supplies and plumbing and medical equipment and construction equipment that build the safest, most "weatherproof" homes that the world has ever seen. All of this runs on fossil fuel. By substantially reducing the use of fossil fuel, it is inevitable that millions would die around the world.

3) Do we know what the solution is? If we can't be sure that the problem of global warming exists; How can we be so sure that an extremely costly solution would be effective? Perhaps the solution would be completely ineffective, or even worse; what if our "solution" inadvertently throws the planet's climate into a devastating "Ice Age"? It would be much harder for us to adapt to global cooling than global warming. Much more plants and animals would surely die as a result of global cooling. A warmer climate and more CO2 in the atmosphere, promotes more plant life, which means more food will be available on the planet. The planets climate has always been in flux since the formation of the earth. Life has always adapted to that change.

4) Even if we could be sure of an effective solution; Is the government capable of implementing it? We are constantly hearing politicians, on both sides of the isle saying that "government is broken". They say this in regard to our ineffectual border security, the downturn in the economy, the social security and medicare system that is going bankrupt, the national debt that is spiraling out of control, crime, corruption, poverty, education, etc. If government can not solve these concrete problems, that have clear and practical solutions, why do people think that we can solve a vague and undefined problem like global warming?

5) The most powerful answer to that video is the spiritual one. The teacher says that the threat is so great that we must address it weather it is real or not. I would like to ask this teacher if he believes in God an the eternal soul? If he answers no, I would like to know why not, after all, the possibility of spending the rest of eternity suffering in hell, sure out-ways the cost of not preparing ourselves for the afterlife. According to his beliefs, he should be instructing his students to repent, to ask God for forgiveness and try to live a righteous and spiritually correct life. After all, the consequences of going to hell are so great, that even if we don't believe in hell, it would be prudent to do all that we can to avoid that possibility, because the consequences would be so devastating. The consequences would be far worse than global warming. So, if this teacher truly believes his theory, he should immediately spend all of his time preaching, rather than teaching. He should be in favor of school prayer and school bible study, just in-case. After all, we only spend less than a hundred years on earth and the rest of eternity many depend on our actions here.


Anonymous said...

I didn’t believe global warming existed either, but that was in the early 80’s. Hurry up and catch up with the rest of the world you G.E.D.-having dumb fuck.

Anonymous said...

Go back to youtube and watch his new video "How it all ends". He admits that video is flawed and created a new one, with other videos accompanying it, to explain his logic and probably all of your concerns about the video.