Sunday, April 20, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

The trailer for Ben Stein's movie: "Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed" is embedded below.

Lately I have been hearing Ben Stein on numerous interviews on radio and TV. He is very passionate about his views about how the universities and the scientific community are stifling any views that discredit the status quo, as far as Darwin's theory of evolution is concerned. He confirms what I have been saying for a long time now, that universities have a disdain for God and religion.

However, I feel that the universities and the scientific community are also stifling debate and indoctrinating our youth in many other ares as well. Ben Stein never mentions any of these other areas that the universities are indoctrinating our youth.

The public school, universities, the media and the arts are also teaching children many things as fact, that are not proven, and are discouraging or completely stifling debate on many other issues as well. They are teaching them that racism is a major problem in today's America. They are teaching them that diversity is a virtue. They are teaching them that homosexuality is normal and should be embraced, celebrated and even experimented with. They are teaching them that the earth is in peril due to man-made global warming. They are teaching them that our founding fathers were evil. They are teaching them to loathe president Bush. They are teaching them that all war is wrong. They are teaching that illegal immigration is good, and people who oppose it are either hard hearted, uninformed, or racists. They are teaching them that the US is a negative influence in this world. They are teaching them that Christianity is a negative influence, and that God and the bible is a fairy tale.

Debate is discouraged or completely stifled on the above mentioned topics in today's universities. I think it is great that Ben Stein uses the example of Darwinism to illustrate how debate and independent thought is not allowed in today's universities. But there are many other topics as well that our youth are being unwittingly indoctrinated with.

Ben Stein found a topic that was not even on my list and he made an entire documentary about it. If some-one wanted to, they could make a similar documentary about each of the topics that I listed above.

Why is no one discussing this? Why is the free and open discussion of ideas being discouraged in today's universities?


Anonymous said...

Linked here from Y!A, you sent me a link here and I told you I would check it out. (Phil M)

Couldn't agree more with your assessment of our education system. I did a thesis on this while in college....

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Gary. When are you going to get to work on those documentaries?


jfmoris said...

Right on! It's really wrong that one party dominates the education system. They have a way of driving dissenters away,with their hatred and intolerance. This may account for some of the many ex-teachers around.
Democrats anti-industrial policies cause economic deprivation for blue collar workers. Their preffered solution to the problem, is that these workers should get more education. It's like saying "I've got a buddy that can help you, but you'll have to take on a lot of debt""this big subsidy will help." definetly their buddy will make money.
Industries provide good jobs, for low-skilled workers. not all have the aptitude for higher education. I think higher education is not the cure-all for economic ills. Prosperity comes from productivity - we can't run a huge trade deficit forever.