Monday, November 30, 2009

Grandparents Are Working Hard While Their Grown Grandchildren Are Goofing Off

I went to the grocery store over the weekend and something struck me as extremely odd. Most of the cashiers and bag(boys) were senior citizens. They appeared to be in their 60's, 70's, and even 80's. In the past, young people worked the cash register and high school kids did the bagging. It just didn't seem right when an octogenarian asked if he could help me to my car with my groceries. What is wrong with this picture?

This change was gradual over the years and almost went unnoticed until yesterday. What has happened to us? I noticed many youngsters in the store that were decked out with the latest fashions, fancy hair styles, tattoos, sexy clothes, chatting on the pricey cell phones, and being completely self-indulgent, while their grandparents and great-grandparents were struggling to earn minimum wage. Why are we not taking care of our seniors? I don't mean medicare, social security and food stamps. I mean why are their children not taking care of them? Do they think that it is not their responsibility? Do they think that the government will provide for them? Are they blind to this odd juxtaposition?

Where did the youngsters get the money to drive new tricked-out automobiles with blaring sound systems and exhaust while their grandparents carry groceries out to these cars? Are the fancy cars in the parking lot paid for with borrowed money that will never be payed back? Did they get college loans from Uncle Sam and buy new cars with the money instead? Are they depleting their inheritances from their grandparents who worked every day of their life so that their grand-kids could have an easier life? What happens when the money runs out and times get rough?

The old people seem to have character and they are willing to make sacrifices and "do whatever it takes", but what about today's youth? Do they have character? Will they have what it takes when push comes to shove? I think not. I think there will be anarchy, crime and riots when the next great depression hits. The pretty women will sell themselves as prostitutes. They already dress the part, with extremely provocative seductive clothing and demeanor. But now they just give it away for free for the fun of it, without marriage or commitment. They are cheap now, but in hard times they'll sell themselves to the highest bidder. The boys will  become the thugs that they now emulate with their dress, language, attitude and song. They will loot these very same stores and trample the old folks to get what they need when scarcity becomes widespread. Only our old folks have the character, determination and moral restraint to turn things around. I fear for the days when they are gone.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gay Marriage Has Been Defeated In Maine. Gay Marriage Has Now Lost In All 31 States In Which It Has Been Put To a Popular Vote

Yesterday, gay marriage was on the ballot in Maine and lost as usual.

IMHO, the gay activists themselves are responsible for the defeat of gay marriage every time it is put on the ballot.

Gay activists flocked to Maine in the weeks preceding the referendum on Gay marriage. During their rallies, gay activists often show their true colors. They are an intolerant bunch who who demonize their opponents by calling them haters, bigots, racists, and brainwashed bible thumpers. By doing so, they demonstrate their own hate, intolerance and prejudices. They also demonstrate their freakish nature with their antics, dress, profanity and extreme viewpoints. Click on this link to view photos of intolerant gay freaks protesting the outcome of prop 8 in California:

Watch these eye opening videos and audio files from an anti-gay marriage rally in Maine:

It seems that the numbers of the gay activists is much greater than the anti-gay activists, however the numbers at the ballot box prove to be the opposite.

Is The Congress Racist? All Active Ethics Probes Focus On Black Lawmakers

The House ethics committee is currently investigating seven African-American lawmakers. Not a single white lawmaker is currently the subject of a full-scale ethics committee probe.

Is this a result of racial profiling and/or discrimination in the Democrat controlled Congress?


Is this a result of a widespread sense of entitlement and/or reparations on the part of many of today's Blacks?


Am I a racist for writing about this topic?

Read this article from politico and decide for yourself.