Monday, April 14, 2008

American Universities vs. God, Family, and Country

Although conservative ideas are mostly banned from university life, both by the staff and by the students, radical left wing professors are celebrated by staff and students.

Bill Ayres is an anti-American radical who has admitted to bombing police stations and government offices. There were no casualties, only property damage in those attacks. He and his wife did these subversive acts as members of a radical group called the Weather Underground during the 70's. They avoided conviction because their case was dismissed on the technicality of an improper search and the evidence was not allowed in court. As Recently as 2001, after the 9/11 attacks, Aires has been recorded as saying that he had no remorse for his role in the bombings in the 70's, he only regrets that he did not do more, because they were ineffective.

The astonishing part of this story is that Bill Ayres is a Professor at a prestigious Chicago University. He became a professor after his much publicized terrorist activities in the 70's. It was well know to the university that he was a radical left wing terrorist when he was hired. The astonishing part is that he is celebrated for his anti-American terrorist activity on the university campus by the students as well as the faculty.

All of this has come to light recently because it has been found out that Barack Obama has ties to Aires. They appeared on the same panel together in several university discussions as recently as 2003. When asked about it, Obama said that he was friendly with Ayres and that there children go to the same school.

Another example of an anti-American radical university professor is the infamous Ward Churchill. You probably remember the scandal that erupted a several years ago after Churchill made anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks concerning the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Churchill compared the businessmen in the World Trade Center to Nazis. He also said that the 3,000 people who perished that day deserved what they got. After much public outcry, the university held hearings in an effort to find reason to fire the tenured professor. Churchill was put on a paid leave while these hearings went on for 2 years. The university could and would not dismiss Churchill for preaching his America hatred, to the students. They said it was his right to present unpopular views. Finally they were able to dig up dirt on Churchill and eventually he was terminated. It seemed that he had plagiarized many papers and fraudulently claimed that he was an American Indian when he originally got hired under an affirmative action program.

There is an astonishing epilogue to this story. To this day, Ward Churchill is an invited guest speaker, who is often called upon by that very same university, to give radical anti-American lectures. And he is a hero to many of the student's for fighting for what he believes in.

On the other hand, I am constantly hearing reports from Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannedy, and many other conservative figures who are constantly, heckled, ridiculed, have vile racist and sexist insults hurled at them, and death threats made, when they attempt to speak on a university campus. They have also been attacked and dragged off of the stage by angry students who don't agree with their conservative views. This has forced most conservative speakers to hire body guards when they speak on university campuses. But for the most part, they have been silenced on campus, because it is not worth it for them to go in the first place. The universities have become too dangerous for conservative speakers.

Unfortunately, everything I am hearing confirms that this behavior is common on today's universities. Negative guest speakers are common. They have prostitutes and strippers giving lectures, and demonstrations, that glamorize their way of life. Hip-hop and gangster rap music are celebrated with all of it's negativity. They are installing foot-baths and prayer rooms for Muslims. The president of Iran spoke at Columbia to a cheering crowd. But if a Christian or conservative gains access to the university, it is so dangerous that he must have his own body guards.

I have not exaggerated or embellished anything. These are the facts to the best of my knowledge. University students are being taught to accept and embrace the most negative, destructive, wrong types of views and behavior. At the same time they are being encouraged to disdain anything that is good, noble or asks for restraint of any kind. They are specifically being taught disdain for God, family and country. I can see no good outcome when this current generation of college students runs our nation.

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