Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Liberal Bullying Silences the Majority

I came across this excellent article from the Washington times. It is an editorial about the liberal bias in Hollywood. The article is called: "Mr. Spielberg, Tear Down This Wall", By Andrew Breitbart. Please take the time to read it and let me know what you think.

This article states that there is "political bullying" in Hollywood. Breitbart wrote, "And because of bullying (or what Democrats would call blacklisting or “political discrimination” if the shoe were on the other foot), Hollywood has become a one-party town." Breitbart goes on to say: "But while it is true that the ratio of Obama to McCain bumper stickers in West L.A. is about 250 to 1, there are indeed untold closet Republicans in the entertainment industry who dare not advertise their beliefs in movie studio parking lots. (Unfortunately, car keying is a tactic wielded liberally by the self-described “tolerant.”) ".

The article also writes about the few openly conservative players in Hollywood. The only one who I am familiar with is Dennis Miller. Dennis Miller is a famous comedian who turned conservative after 9/11. Dennis Miller now has a radio talk show and is also a frequent guest on "the O'Reilly Factor" on Fox news. I have heard Miller talk about how open conservatives in Hollywood are ostracized and have a hard time finding work and invitations to social events. He says that the liberals in Hollywood are clearly intolerant of opposing political view-points. He says that conservatives must remain "in the closet", lest they lose their chance of getting lucrative contracts and advancing in Hollywood.

I have also noticed a similar type of bullying on the Yahoo Answers web-site. This is a web-site where you can ask and answer questions on a variety of topics in any of about a hundred categories. I usually participate in the categories of politics & elections, religion & spirituality, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual &transgendered and global warming. I have had scores of questions and answers reported and removed and over a dozen accounts suspended. The reasons are usually because I am critical of "gay pride", atheism, and Barack Obama. My questions and answers are usually thoughtful, reasoned, non confrontational and non insulting. However, because of my opinion, my answers often get reported and removed and eventually my account gets suspended. Apparently, I am not the only one that this is happening to, because I notice that a majority of people who post in the "religion and spirituality" category are atheists, witches, and followers of pagan religions. Often they make very hateful, intolerant comments about Christianity. I believe that Christians are being intimidated by having their questions and answers removed and their accounts suspended, just like me. After a while they just give up, and the atheists have taken over. The same thing happens in the "LGBT" category if you are critical of celebrating homosexuality, and in the political & elections category if you are critical of Obama. So far, the global warming enthusiasts seem to be more tolerant of differing views.

I mention this bullying on Yahoo Answers, because I think it is exemplary of what is happening in Hollywood and on college campuses. For example, you see many hateful bumper stickers on automobiles mocking and insulting President Bush, but you rarely, if ever, see bumper stickers praising Bush or mocking Obama. People dare not affix conservative bumper stickers, lest they risk vandalism to their car, yet liberals often go ever-the-top, calling for Bush's conviction and impeachment and they are widely accepted. Students at a Georgia university, recently protested to have Supreme Court Justice, Clarance Thomas, dis invited from speaking at their commencement hearing. It has been reported that over 80% of all speakers invited to speak at University commencement ceremonies this year were liberal. Often conservative speakers on University campuses get booed, heckled or bullied out of appearing in the first place.

Just like the article in the Washington Times says, I find liberals, homosexuals and atheists to be very intolerant of opposing views. There are many examples of liberals who are actively stifling free speech when they disagree. I have written about some of these in previous articles. This is a far cry from the liberals of the 60s who said " I may disagree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it". Ben Stein's movie "Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed" is another example of liberal bullying by the Universities.

Most people, especially conservatives, just want to get on with their work or their studies without getting hassled. They maintain a low profile, so as not to attract the ire of pacifists, gay activists, atheists, and believers in man-made global warming. Those activist groups may be small in number, but they are quite vocal, offensive, intimidating, aggressive and "in-your-face". Most sane people don't want to get into a confrontation with these "loons", so they either join them or keep their mouth shut. As a result, it appears that everyone is on their side and more people join them, just to fit in with what seems to be popular on college campuses, Hollywood and in most major cities".

Liberals often are opposed to anything that judges or restrains people's behavior. Of course they don't see the irony, that good judgment, self restraint and discipline, offers us the most freedom, prosperity and peace. I have seen the most bizarre and negative behavior condoned by liberals. Celebrating the gangster culture and hip-hop music is a good example. Anything unusual and weird is celebrated and considered hip and cool, in Hollywood and on most of today's college campuses, in the name of art, self-expression and diversity. At the same time, many of the more extreme liberals mock Christianity, the traditional family and even our country.

What Andrew Breitbart writes about in his article is a microcosm of what is now happening on university campuses, major cities, and on the major websites (Google & Yahoo). It seems that a vocal and intimidating minority is bullying the majority to join their cause or just shut up. I am disappointed to see such limited opposition to these misguided bullies that are succeeding in indoctrinating much of the American public and silencing the rest.

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jfmoris said...

I like your articles, good job.
Especially this one about liberal bullying. They really are oppressive groupthinkers. I quit trying to persuade, or debate them- (outside of yahoo answers)they can't be reasoned with, and will "spread the word", which can get real ugly. Instead of trying to change their veiws, if they bring up politics (usually " bush = hitler", or such) I like to say:
"You shouldn't let the polititians get you stirred up. If you do, you might register to vote. And jurors are selected from the voters registration list. You might end up spending a month on a jury, making a couple of lawyers rich, while you get 10$ a day."
Conservatives seem to know this already. but it's often a nasty surprise to the "bush=hitler" types. They like rights (to vote) but not duties (jury). I think republicans should mention this fact in their ads. It gives democrats a good reason to not vote.