Friday, July 4, 2008

My Views On Homosexuality

First I would like to say that it is a deception to try to convince the public, including school children, that homosexually is a normal and positive behavior. It is not normal behavior. No parent wants their child to be a homosexual. When a parent finds out that their child is homosexual, even the most loving, open-minded parents are usually disappointed.

Many homosexuals feel some sort of resentment that they were cheated out of a normal life through no fault of their own. Often they over-react with "in your face" public displays of homosexuality, sado-masochistic displays, completely inappropriate behavior in "gay pride " parades and the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. I find these public displays inappropriate and offensive.

Families are the foundation of a healthy society. In recent times we have been seeing the breakdown of the intact nuclear family due to teenage pregnancy, divorce, single parents, remarriage and blended families. By gays insisting on gay marriage, it only serves to dilute the importance of the intact family even more. It is clear that children do best on average when brought up in an intact natural family with both of their biological parents. The black population has a 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate, the Hispanic community has a 35% rate and the white community has a 20% rate of out-of-wedlock births. The crime and poverty level of the children brought up in these homes is proportional to their family status. Children from families, with both a mother and father, do better. Their is no question that an intact family benefits children and thus the entire future of our society.

Nobody cares what homosexuals do in private, but most people feel that homosexuality is nothing to be proud of. It is an unfortunate condition, and I have sympathy for homosexuals. But flaunting and glamorizing this abnormal condition is disingenuous and sends the wrong signal that homosexuality is something that should be celebrated and embraced. Many teenagers who may have some propensity toward homosexuality are being encourage to experiment with it. That is wrong. They should be encouraged to get married, have children and keep their family together.

By in large, homosexuals are not discriminated against and make more money on average than straights do. For the most part, most homosexuals are law abiding productive citizens and stay out of trouble. Homosexuals are free to live their lives the way that they choose.

We are all dealt a different hand in the card game of life and we all have our challenges and strengths. Homosexuality is a challenge and should not be confused with a strength. To ask our children to celebrate, embrace and experiment with homosexuality is wrong. We should accept and tolerate homosexuality, but not celebrate and embrace it.

There are also many other far more abnormal, negative, harmful and destructive sexual attractions and behaviors. These behaviors include, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, desire to rape, and sexual addiction to prostitutes or child pornography. The unfortunate people afflicted with these abnormal sexual desires must not give in to their strong desires or they and their victims will suffer severe consequences. I am not equating these criminal behaviors to homosexuality. But these people are also powerless over their abnormal attractions through no fault of their own. They have my sympathy but not my approval. They cause horrible suffering and must be prevented from acting on their desires. The difference is that garden variety homosexuality is between consenting adults and is not criminal.

Gay activists claim that gay teenagers have a suicide rate four times higher than normal kids. They blame this on intolerance and bullying. The media, schools, and universities think that by normalizing homosexuality they will reduce bullying and thus reduce gay suicide rates. The truth is that all people with psychological disorders have high suicide rates. Homosexual activists have successfully lobbied mental health authorities to remove homosexuality form the list of mental disorders. However, I feel that homosexuality is a disorder, and health officials were bullied into changing its classification, just as the activists are now bullying the public to accept gay marriage.

The psychiatric profession is quite subjective. There are no blood tests, cultures, CT scans, ultrasounds or other diagnostic tests used to determine a disorder or to prescribe the proper treatment. Most diagnoses are opinions only and have no medical data to back them up. Psychiatric medications are often prescribed in a trial and error fashion. They rely on feedback from the patient to adjust dosages or change medications. The psychiatric community has changed the classification of homosexuality based on nothing more than opinion and pressure from activist groups.

The whole idea of gay marriage is put forth so that gays can prove that they are normal, just like everyone else. Unfortunately they are not in a very important and obvious way. A marriage between two men or two women will not produce any children. The whole point of marriage is to provide the best possible environment to raise children. This is why marriage is given tax benefits and children are tax deductions. Our tax codes are used to encourage behavior that is beneficial to our society, such as tax breaks for business development in enterprise zones(depressed communities), tax credits for solar and wind power, and tax benefits for families to raise our next generation of children.

In my opinion, the only time homosexuality is harmful, is when it is presented to children and the public, as a normal, acceptable lifestyle to be proud of, it is not. That is a deception put forth by today's homosexual activists, schools, universities, the arts and the mainstream media. They do this under the banner of diversity. All forms of diversity are not necessarily positive, normal and healthy. Today's popular culture is celebrating many forms of diversity that are negative, abnormal and unhealthy. Some examples are the gangster culture, teenage promiscuity, casual sex, rap music and satanism which mocks Christianity. In today's popular culture anything that is abnormal, weird, negative or wrong is considered cool. Homosexuality is actually being portrayed as cool by today's media and the arts. At the same time, the intact monogamous family is considered square. They are sending out the exact wrong message. By condemning the Boy Scouts, the military and the Catholic Church, and supporting gay marriage, gay activists seek to blur the line between what is healthy for our society, and what is destructive. Today's children are being so confused that they no longer can tell the difference between right and wrong, good from bad, strengths from weaknesses and normal from abnormal. It is no wonder that we are seeing our families, values, cultural strengths and society decay before our very eyes.

This is my heartfelt opinion and I believe that many good hearted straight people feel the same way.


Anonymous said...

Good article. I've never taken a poll but I believe if you ask homosexuals if they had their life to live over again, would they choose to be gay, most would say no.
I do think that since you seem to agree that homosexuality is not a free choice of lifestyle for most gays, that certain benefits that the straight community enjoys should also apply to gays. This includes companies offering medical benefits to a lifetime partner, just like they do for spouses of employees.


Kevin said...

Those who are gay and wish they aren't gay wish so because of people like you. You and the majority of society think homosexuality is wrong, with no rational basis. I am truly sorry if you have children and they turn out to be gay, having a parent who will not accept them. Homosexuality has and always will be around, tolerated or not. Accepting gays will not make more homosexuals. Live and let live.

Anonymous said...

My mom is gay and she had me through Artificial Insemination with her lifetime partner's brother. I was raced full of love and with moral values, they taught me to be caring, compassionate, strong. They taught me there was nothing wrong to pursue my dreams but they warned me about obstacles (situations, people, etc) that could make me fall, they taught to stand up and keep on going, because those obstacles would make me stronger.

After reading what you wrote, I thought you were one of those obstacles because I immediately fell stronger, though you didn’t make me fall, so I guess you are not.

I am a 23 year old straight male and mom and her partner are still together, she is a school principal.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

The reason many homosexuals would be straight if they had their life to live all over again is precisely because of people like you. If homosexuality was accepted and embraced homosexuals would have no reason to be straight.

accepting homosexuality, having pride in oneself for who they are and viewing homosexuality as "normal" are all ideas that won't turn more people gay, all they do is make life easier for those in the gay community, particularly for gay youth. If homosexuality was as accepted and not discriminated against as you claim then the many, many people who live their lives in a lie wouldn't exist. If homosexuality were accepted these individuals would have no reason not to come out and live their lives honestly. This is why the pride that many gays have, the pride that YOU hate, is so important.

I've been a homosexual for my entire life and I am still afraid to tell many members of my family. How dare you tell me who I can or cannot love, and weather that love is "normal." You argue that civil unions or equal rights is sufficient enough and gays should just be happy with that. Do we really want to go down the "separate but equal" path again when history (not to mention the supreme court) has shown us that "separate but equal" is inherently unequal.

If the sole purpose of marriage is to reproduce than a marriage between two individuals who can't have children should not be allowed. My aunt cant have children so she should be forbidden to marry the man she loves. The elderly who meet as older adults should be banned from marriage since they would surely be past the age of having children.

Why does this matter to you so much? you and others wonder why gays care so much, you wonder why we can't just be happy with what we have but this DOES affect me and other gays, this affects MY LIFE not yours. Yet you want to tell me no I can't marry a person I love simply because its not "normal" to you. A majority taking the rights away from a minority (and that is exactly what this is) is never right. The one argument that people like you have as to how gay marriage would affect you is that it "takes away the sanctity of marriage" (as if that still exist today anyways with 50% divorce rates, shotgun vegas marriages, and frequent spousal abuse). But how is forcing an individual into a loveless marriage simply because its "normal" increase the "sanctity of marriage"? It doesn't. Me loving another man DOESN'T effect you. I made the choice to accept myself (and have pride in myself) and love who I want because the alternative..a live without love is a life I don't want to live.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Bible defines marriage between man and woman. End of the story. You are out to destroy society by redefining marriage and making too many susceptible kids fall for gayness. God deems homosexuality an abomination. God defined marriage and not man. Thus, you have no right nor entitlement to impose your aberrant view on marriage on others. You made your gay choice, be happy with it.

Anonymous said...

In the Bible a marriage could be between a man and several women. The woman is sold by her father to the husband for a set price. If the man rapes the woman she is required to marry him, or the man pays a fine to the father for damages.

Most of what you have said in your piece is a demonstration of your ignorance. I'm not insulting you, just telling you the truth.
Being gay is only abnormal because people like you make it out to be. People don't talk about celebrating homosexuality, they talk about celebrating diversity including homosexuality. I think diversity is something that should be embraced, not shunned, don't you?

Your arguement from marriage is flawed. What you've demonstrated is that signle parent families have a disadvantage compared to two parent families (well, duh! two parents = more income and more attention for the children). You HAVEN'T demonstrated why parents must be opposite sex. Devoted parents are just as good if they are gay or straight.

Marriage isn't just about raising children. We all know this is false. It is about love. Otherwise, we wouldn't allow old people or infertile couples to marry. Gay marriage doesn't threaten marriage - in fact, Swedish research has found that the rate of divorce has DROPPED since gay marriage was allowed! Maybe gay marriage affirms all marriage?

Homosexuality is not an illness. The psychiatric expects who say this also find that any kind of attempt to change the sexuality of someone can only be harmful.

The reason for all this stems from that fact that straight men cannot try to understand homosexual attraction without imagining sex. The idea of participating in sex with a man seems to threaten their very notion of masculinity, and therefore seems alien.
- in short it is akin to saying "I'm glad I don't like peas, because if I did, I would eat peas, and I don't like them." If you found men attractive, acting out of love for one wouldn't threaten you as much.