Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Voluntary Castration for Violent Rapists and Pedophiles

I have never understood why we don't rehabilitate, "tier three" incurable sexual deviants, with castration. This would include violent rapists and pedophiles who commit rape.

I frequently hear the argument that rape is not a crime of sex, but a crime of violence and control. Experts often say that castration will not prevent offenders from repeating these violent crimes. For example, if castrated, they will just use an object such as a broom stick or beer bottle to carry out a rape.

As a layman that argument seems ridiculous to me and I think that these so called experts are disingenuous. They have convinced gullible people of something that defies my personal experience, reason and common sense. I believe the real reason why "experts" are opposed to castration is because they think it is inhumane punishment. I disagree.

I believe that the main motivating factor for these criminals risking their freedom, their life and their very souls, is an uncontrollable urge and desire, that can only be satisfied one way. I believe that these criminals would welcome a solution to their hellacious dilemma, even before they attacked their first victim. "Tier three" sex offenders are afflicted with an incurable sexual perversion, I think that this is obvious even to the criminal sex offender himself. His uncontrollable desires put him in a lose-lose situation, where he is damned if he does and he is damned if he doesn't. I do not think that anyone would choose to have these unnatural, incurable, criminal desires.

I am sure that some men rape out of a desire to control someone through violence, although not all rapists have that motivation, not even most. Most rapists and pedophiles, commit their crimes out of a twisted sexual fetish that can only be satisfied in a particular way. Just as some men are afflicted with desires for bestiality, necrophilia, addiction to prostitutes, masturbation and pornography. However those disorders do not have the same horrific results that pedophilia and rape do, of course.

When I lived on a farm in Oregon, 25 years ago, we would castrate most of the male calves to make them into steers, rather than letting them grow up as bulls. The castration procedure took about ten seconds, it was done without anesthesia and caused no external bleeding. One reason why we did that was because only a few bulls were needed to impregnate the cows, and the farmer wanted to control the time of year that the cows gave birth. But the main reason was because bulls were very hard to handle, steers were not. As a matter of fact, the bulls were violent and dangerous. They would frequently break out of their corrals, break fences, and even kicked the owner and broke 3 of his ribs on one occasion. Often the reason why the bulls broke out of their enclosures was to have sex with the cows. On the other hand, the steers grew up to be docile, just like the cows and did not need to be confined.

I believe that castration affects a man's tendency toward aggression as well as his sexual urges, just like I witnessed with bulls and steers. In terms of the human experience, statistically, men are ten times more likely to commit murder than women. Women committing rape and pedophilia is almost unheard of. There is a connection between male hormones and violent crimes.

In this day and age of men surgically altering their genitals and taking female hormones, in so called sex-change operations; how could it possibly be considered cruel to castrate a man as a precaution to prevent him from committing horrific sex crimes?

I recommend that all violent, incurable sex offenders be given life imprisonment for their crime. But if they voluntarily choose to be castrated, they will be allowed to make a deal for early release or parole after serving a minimum sentence of 25 years perhaps. Also, I recommend that less violent sex offenders also be offered the option of castration to mitigate their prison sentences. Thirdly, I recommend an aggressive public relations campaign (TV, radio, billboards, etc) to persuade potential sex offenders to voluntarily have themselves castrated. If a person has these abnormal, violent desires, it would be to their own benefit, as well as society at large, if they nipped it in the bud and got themselves castrated, before they offended, or before they get caught.

This would be a win-win situation for society and the offender. Some criminal offenders would be given a second chance without putting society at risk. Other potential predators will nip their desires in the bud, thus protecting themselves from a lifetime in prison, and eternity in hell. At the same time they would be protecting innocent victims from the crimes they will never commit.


Anonymous said...

In many states, as abhorrent as the practice is, the mere touching of a girl-child's' clitoris is called "rape." There need not be any penetration or even an attempt of same for a man (or boy) to be charged with "rape of a child" for commining this crime.
You misinformed writers who call for such measures need to brush up on your facts before thrilling us with your claptrap.

garyganu said...

reply to anonymous: Please inform me where I misinformed my readers, I would like to make a correction if my facts are wrong.

My article called for voluntary castration of violent "tier three" incurable sexual deviants.

Mathaowny said...

I agree. Kudos to you, my friend.

My father was a pedophile, he went after little boys just like his father did. Thankfully I was born a girl...not that he wouldn't bother my mother the next ten years to have "a little brother".

His problem is that to this day he admits he needs help and has a problem-- but he refuses to get it. I haven't spoken to him for six years. He's working in Tenessee with physically disabled kids at a school now, last I heard. It should not be optional for a person like himself to be castrated. It should be manditory. As, obviously, should be nationwide (not only statewide) background checks for teachers. It's sad that people like him aren't castrated. I see nothing cruel and unusual about it-- when someone is broken, they should be fixed. When they're broken to the point they're ruining the lives of others by violent sexual crimes...well, that speaks for itself.

Sidenote: And I am very glad I work with Texas Longhorns...the bulls are just as docile as the cows. Very good to work with, even ridable (as a mount, not a stay-on-the-longest competittion)

garyganu said...

Mathaowny:OK on the Texas Longhorns. We had Black Angus cattle and our big bull was giant, he weighed over a ton.

I wish I could be working on a ranch like you these days. You are very lucky.


Anonymous said...

I was castrated at age 69 my wife requisted my castration and I agreed, she was much younger and wanted to have a child with her new lover. I'm much calmer now and excepting. We lived on a farm and they castrated me with a burdizzo, very painful, any questions please write our email I'm now there content steer.