Saturday, July 12, 2008

Former Press Secretary Tony Snow Dies, AP Rips His Memory

I was astounded at the callousness in which an AP article eulogized Tony Snow today. There it was, on my home page, when I clicked on the Internet and the Yahoo home page came up.

I am usually critical of Yahoo news for not having real news, but celebrity news, scandals, fashion, and articles of interest for today's demoralized popular culture instead. Now I am wishing that they would return to their popular puff pieces, rather than tearing down the best presidential press secretary of all time on the day following his death. They reprinted this eulogy, turned smear piece from the AP, which has become a propaganda machine for the far left, just like MSNBC and Newsweek magazine.

The article started off as as any obituary would. It listed his accomplishments and career. They quoted President Bush's warm remarks, remembering his past secretary, who stepped down from his post about a year ago. Oddly, the article did not mention the family Snow left behind, a wife and three children. However, the article suddenly took a sharp turn to the left and bashed Snow as an uninformed, confrontational, show-boater. Snow was anything but those inaccurate charges. He was one of the most informed, humble and friendly journalists that I had ever heard. However, he would not allow unfounded attacks and smears to go unchallenged from the white house press corps or anyone else. This is probably why, the mainstream media and the AP had turned against him. They also used Snow's death as another opportunity to Bash President Bush. How classless of them to rip Snow apart on the day following his death.

Quotes from the AP article: "With a quick-from-the-lip repartee, broadcaster's good looks and a relentlessly bright outlook — if not always a command of the facts — he became a popular figure around the country to the delight of his White House bosses."

"Critics suggested that Snow was turning the traditionally informational daily briefing into a personality-driven media event short on facts and long on confrontation."

"Although a star in conservative politics, as a commentator he had not always been on the president's side. He once called Bush "something of an embarrassment" in conservative circles and criticized what he called Bush's "lackluster" domestic policy."

I first became aware of Tony Snow about 15 years ago, when he was an occasional guest-host, filling in for a vacationing Rush Limbaugh. Although I tuned in to hear Rush, I was not disappointed when I heard Snow instead, I continued listening and I began to look forward to Snow's guest host appearances. In later years, I looked forward to seeing Snow on Fox news as a guest and a host on the Fox news channel.

When President Bush appointed Snow as his press secretary, I was thrilled that the white house finally had a surrogate that would not be afraid of holding the extremely liberally biased white house press corps at bay. Tony Snow did not let me down. When the press corps laid into Bush's policies with loaded and hateful questions, Snow always, politely, humorously and informatively, put them in their place. Snow exposed the liberal bias in the press and at the same time he clearly and accurately explained the president's policies.

In stark contrast, several weeks ago when journalist Tim Russert passed away, the entire media, press and TV, held a week long eulogy and praise-fest, as if Russert's life was the second coming of Christ. Russert was also a dedicated journalist who was also a stickler for the facts and a very likable fellow, just like Snow. Russert had a passion for his work and devoted himself to it, just like Snow. Both men were adored and admired by their wife and children. Both men were devoted to their family, faith and country. The only difference was that Russet leaned toward the left and Snow leaned toward the right.

I am outraged that the AP has taken this solemn occasion of a great newsman's death to perpetuate their dishonest criticism of anything or anyone conservative.

Here is a brief clip of one of the countless times that Snow faces a hostile press corps, and puts the reporter in his place and answers his question. Time has now proved that Snow's answer was correct, as the surge of troops in Iraq has been successful..


Anonymous said...

" Survivors include his wife, Jill Ellen Walker, whom he married in 1987, and three children."

Anonymous said...

A GREAT response to the extreme left who are in the business of tearing down people.
Tony Snow was one of the finest individuals in the media and was a man of character who was one of the finest examples of what we should strive to be in this life. Even the extreme left should some shred of honesty and truth lurking in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Spot on. This is the first time I've read this blog, but I'll be back for sure. I hadn't thought of the Russert/Snow comparison, but man, that hits the nail on the head.

Snow will be missed.