Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gas Prices Cause Louisiana Women to Resort to 'Pole Dancing'

Today I read an article that describes a Baton Rouge TV station's story about a local stripper. This Newbuster article is entitled: "Gas Prices Cause Louisiana Women to Resort to 'Pole Dancing" .

I am tired of hearing reports and watching movies about strippers and hookers, that make them out to be virtuous women who are forced to to lower their high moral standards for a noble cause. This story describes college student, who is a single mother, that was forced to resort to stripping, in order to buy milk and diapers for her baby.

It is typical of liberals to believe that the ends justify the means in tough situations. For example, they say that people resort to crime because they are poor. They say that people resort to drugs because of peer pressure and lack of after-school-programs. They say that people resort to terrorism because of social injustice. etc. If these excuses for bad behavior are true, then how come the crime rate during the great depression of the 1930's, during a period of economic strife and racial segregation, was lower that it has been ever since? Unbelievably, I heard the liberal media explain this by claiming that the crime rate was low during the 30s because there was less to steal during those lean years. Here is a short article that I found that blames everything for today's high crime rates except the decay in universal moral standards.

The truth is, people do bad things because they are bad people, for whatever reason. They do not follow universal spiritual principles which inevitably results in misery in their lives and those around them. Of course, redemption is possible, but becoming a stripper is not a path to redemption. Some principles that might lead to redemption are self discipline, selflessness, humility, honesty, integrity, forgiveness, self sacrifice, faith and family (family=mother+father+children, forever). I do not hear the news media and movies touting these principles as a way to deal with a tough situation.

Usually women who become hookers and strippers, (yes, most strippers will have sex with you in the back room for a substantial fee, or they will arrange for a tryst after work), do so because they have extremely low moral standards. Today's news media prefer to blame low self esteem. The truth is, low self esteem is a result shameful behavior. Shame should be used as a motivator to change negative behavior. Instead, today's media would have you think that there is no shame in stripping and prostitution.

Most often women become strippers/hookers to support their drug habit. Often these women are continually allowing themselves to be victimized by men (pimps, boyfriends, bosses, etc.) You might say that I am stereotyping, yes I am, but this stereotype happens to be true in the majority of cases. Why does the media look for the least likely scenario; a virtuous stripper/hooker, and then publicize her story? First off, I would not believe the story of a hooker/stripper, they are usually not credible.

In the case of the "Duke University Lacrosse Team" rape scandal (fabrication), it turned out that the stripper/hooker was lying all along. They found semen from 3 different men in her body, but not from the accused rapists. However the media did not question her credibility and never mentioned that she was a hooker.

Every policeman that I heard calling into talk radio stations said that stripper/hookers often lie to police about being raped. They often threaten men that they will "cry rape" if they don't give them money, drugs or even a ride. The media played up this lying hooker/stripper in Durham NC as if she were a virtuous women, who was forced to strip because of hard times. The truth is, she was a mentally ill, drug addicted prostitute that has a history of making false rape accusations.

The generalizations that I am making are true for the vast majority of hooker/strippers, yet they constantly make movies about the least likely scenarios for hooker/strippers. For example in the movie "Pretty Women", Julia Roberts was a good, honest, virtuous woman, just waiting for her prince charming to come along. I was amazed that in the movie she did not accept any money until the end of the week. How likely is that. In most cases a woman who is willing to sell her body is also willing to lie, cheat and steal for money, but Roberts was as honest and trusting as the day is long. There were times in the movie where she actually turned down money. I don't think that any hooker in history has turned down money from a client.

I also saw a "made for TV movie" portraying a hooker as struggling single mother who is working her way through school because her husband abandoned her and she had no choice. This is a very common theme, there were several movies made along these lines. The truth is that hookers who do have children, rarely take care of them. They are usually taken care of by a family member, the father, or they are wards of the state. They are often taken away from the stripper/hooker because she is an unfit mother, usually because of neglect or because she is a drug addict.

The movie "Taxi Driver" portrayed a hooker fairly accurately. The actual locations were actually real life "whore strolls" and hooker hotels. However, I think that she was rescued in the end from her life of prostitution (I don't remember). In real life, that wouldn't last long because they usually go back to their old habits of drugs and seeking out men that will abuse them. They are often addicted to the lifestyle.

I would be willing to bet that my stereotypes about hooker/strippers are accurate 90% of the time, yet the liberals in the media and in the arts, almost always portray them as innocent victims with a hard-luck story. The news story about a stripper/hooker that took to "that life" because of the high price of gas is preposterous, but it is not inconsistent that a stripper/hooker would make up that type of excuse. Stripper/hookers usually make up rationalizations for their bad behavior. If you research it further, it is likely that she has a criminal record for drugs, prostitution, shoplifting and trespassing. It is also likely that she has a record with the DCFS (department of children and family services). Of course it is possible that she is part of the small minority that doesn't fit that mold, but I do not think that the TV stations budget would be big enough to sift through hundreds of hooker/strippers until they found the right one to fit their template.

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