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Palestinians Spread Hate in Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Last night an event took place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that was reminiscent of radical behavior that you would expect to find in Iran or Syria, but not the US. This event received no media coverage that I know of besides what I heard on Joyce Kaufman's local radio talk show. Joyce Kaufman is a local radio talk show host on WFTL 850 AM, which covers the West Palm Beach to Miami Beach Area of Southern Florida. Joyce happened to be present at this event.

Joyce Kaufman took part in a small Israeli support rally last night in Ft. Lauderdale. There were about 50 pro-Israeli demonstrators present to show support for Israel's retaliatory strikes on Hamas in the Gaza Strip. As time went on, Palestinian demonstrators showed up. Eventually the Palestinian protesters numbers grew to about 250.

I was amazed today when I heard Joyce describe last night's events in Ft. Lauderdale . It sounded like a group of Islamic terrorists that were demonstrating in Iran on behalf of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. However, it was a group of pro Palestinian demonstrators here in Southern Florida. Here is a link to a video of part of the action. You can also click on the embedded video below to see the same link.

Many of the Palestinians are young men and women. There are also children present. Some of the men and children are dressed up to look like terrorists that you often see on video tapes as they behead their hostages. Some have head-scarves covering their entire face with just a slit for the eyes. They are chanting hateful remarks to the Israeli supporters across the street. Examples of the hate speech directed against the Israeli supporters follows:

Go to hell
Up yours
Your mothers are whores
Go back to the oven
You need a big oven, that's what you need
f (expletive deleted) yourself
There is no Israel

In contrast, the Israeli supporters were acting civilly.

At one point, not seen on this video, a large group of Palestinians charged across the street to attack the Israeli supporters. Fortunately, they were subdued and sent back to their side of the street by police. A fight would have surely broken out if not for the police. Although the older pro-Israel group were outnumbered by the younger Palestinian protesters, the Israeli supporters stood their ground and were not cowered. Joyce described the resolute sentiment that bound them together as they were solemnly thinking, "never again".

The news coverage that I have been hearing about Israel's retaliation against Hamas, has always included emotionally charged, deceitful comments from sympathetic sounding Palestinians. I have seen several news reports that showed bombed-out living quarters with children's toys and dolls conspicuous amongst the rubble. Then you hear mournful Palestinians accusing Israel of indiscriminately killing Innocent Palestinian women and children. Even the Miami Sun-Sentinel's coverage, portrayed Palestinians as innocent victims and did not convey the intensity and hateful intolerance of the Palestinian demonstrators.

The truth is that the Palestinians have been lobbing rockets into Israel for over 2 years from the Gaza Strip. Thousands of rockets and mortar shells have been targeted at Israeli civilians. All the Israelis are asking them to do, is to stop these attacks. The Israeli government has said that it would halt the military strikes on Gaza, if Hamas would stop firing rockets into Israel. However, Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel. You might say that the ball is in the Palestinians' court. They could stop Israel's retaliation simply by halting their attacks on Israeli civilian populations.

On the other hand, Israel is targeting only military targets and Hamas headquarters, not civilians. Often Hamas uses women and children as shields to protect their supply of weapons. They store them in schools, hospitals, holy mosques and residential buildings to dissuade the Israelis from attacking them. The Palestinians use Israel's superior character and morality as a defense. If the Israelis bomb these strategic targets despite the human shield, then the Palestinians claim that Israel is targeting innocent women and children to gain sympathy from the world media. It is Hamas who is putting their own citizens at risk, not Israel. Why is the American media not making this clear.

The Palestinians also claim that Israel is blockading their territory so they can't get needed food and medicine. This claim is also disingenuous. The Israeli's are attempting to stop Hamas from smuggling in weapons that they will use against Israel. Despite Israel's best efforts, they have managed to smuggle in over 60,000 rockets into the Gaza Strip in the last two years. If they put the same effort into acquiring food and medicine, they could open up their own branch of the "World Food Bank".

I would like to know why the American media is acting as a propaganda outlet for Palestinian deceptions that portray the Palestinians in an sympathetic light. The truth is that the Palestinian people living in the Gaza strip voted Hamas into political office in democratic elections. Hamas's charter states that their goal is to destroy Israel and that is prciscley why they are popular among the Palestinians. The majority of Gaza's residents support Hamas's attacks on Israeli civilians. Gaza is a democracy. However, democracies are not necessarily benevolent. Citizens must be restrained by universal spiritual principles* (morality), for a democracy to foster good will, peace and justice. A democracy founded on hate is tantamount to "mob rule" and will foster evil and violence. This is precisely what we are seeing in Gaza.

Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union. Obviously the Palestinian protesters in Ft. Lauderdale are in favor of the destruction of Israel as well. They said so. It stands to reason that many of the (innocent) Palestinian civilians also carry this murderous hate in their hearts for the Israelis. That is why they voted Hamas into office. Hamas is carrying out the will of the people that they represent in Gaza.

On the other hand, the Israeli people have always wanted peace. Israel has given land to the Palestinians in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and in Southern Lebanon in an effort to establish peace with the Palestinians. Israel has been constantly attacked with rockets and terror attacks from all three of these territories. They gave land to the Palestinians in a bargain that they hoped would bring peace and show the world that they are willing to sacrifice for peace. Instead, the Palestinians use this land to attack Israel, while neglecting the needs of their own citizens. It is clear the Palestinians that are hell-bent on destroying Israel. The Palestinians do not want peace with Israel, they call for Israel's destruction. Israel has made every effort to live in peace with the Palestinians. The Palestinians have made every effort to kill and terrorize Israeli citizens who they consider sub-human.

There is a CLEAR delineation between right and wrong in this conflict. Israel values LIFE and is acting to preserve the life of its people. Every single life has limitless value. The Palestinians value DEATH and violence. They honor and reward those who murder Israeli civilians. The families of suicide bombers are honored and paid cash. Israel takes extraordinary efforts to retrieve all captured, injured and dead soldiers from the battlefield.

Clearly the Israelis even value the Palestrina's' lives. They make every effort to reduce civilian casualties. Often they leaflet areas before they bomb and sometimes call Palestinian civilians on the phone so they can get out before their bombs fall. The Israeli defense force takes every precaution to minimize civilian casualties, often at a strategic cost.

On the other hand, the Palestinians target Israeli civilians . The Palestinians use innocent women and children as human shields to protect their stockpiles of rockets and weapons. Palestinians preach hate and intolerance and value death. Dead Palestinians have value when "showcased" on the news to gain public sympathy. They use their own civilian casualties, in a disingenuous deception to gain public sympathy. The Israel's value love, acceptance and life. The distinction is crystal clear. There is a clear delineation of right and wrong.

The unrest between Israel and Hamas boils down to one thing: "If the Palestinians laid down their arms, there would be no war. If the Israelis laid down their arms, there would be no Israel."

Palestinian children, as shown in the video, are taught that Jews are sub-human creatures and they are taught to regard them as pigs and dogs. They are taught this by their parents in their homes, by their teachers in school, by Imams their mosques, by journalists in their media and by their political leaders. This hateful deception is so overwhelming, that some young Palestinians are willing to perform suicide bombings. The brainwashing among the Palestinian youth is intense, widespread and successful. It leads to hate and intolerance being passed down from one generation to the next.

I am horrified to see the same type of propaganda and hate being put into the minds of American youth. It is frightening to see today's American culture abandoning universal spiritual principles* in favor of moral relativism and secularism.

This makes me wonder if today's American media, schools, popular culture and politicians aren't doing the same thing as the Palestinians are doing. Often they push their political agenda by using means that instill hate and intolerance. Many university professors, students, journalists and pop-culture icons are more sympathetic to the Palestinians than they are to our own president, military, and traditional religious institutions of America. In today's popular culture, diversity and multiculturalism are held up as a virtue without regard to principles, while the Jeudeo-Christian values are constantly under attack .

It seems to me that there is a concerted effort to fill the hearts of America's youth with hateful intolerance toward the institutions and culture that has made America great. It is surprising to see that today's youth take the wrong side on many social and political issues. Today's youth have been so confused that they can no longer tell right from wrong. As a matter of fact, they are taught that there are no moral absolutes. They are taught that every issue has two sides and that both sides are right depending upon your perspective. This moral relativism is even being used to justify terrorism by many learned university professors and students.

It was frightening to see the hateful intolerance of the Palestinian protesters in Florida. It is more frightening when I see this same type of hateful intolerance directed against traditional, conservative, patriotic, God fearing Americans by today's modern American popular culture.

*{universal spiritual principles include: selflessness, honesty, integrity, humility, patience, courage, sacrifice, forgiveness, love, acceptance, and faith in God}

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