Saturday, December 6, 2008

Do Liberals Have a Feminized Agenda?

Call me a male chauvinist pig, but I believe that men and women are intrinsically different, with different strengths and weaknesses.

Examples of feminine strengths include: compassion, empathy, tenderness, nurturing support of children and appreciation of style, beauty and art. Masculine strengths include: discipline, strength, reason, intellectual curiosity, courage and competitiveness.

There are also negative attributes pertaining to each sex. These need to be restrained by the opposite sex. Negative attributes for women include: Jealousy, seduction, manipulation, vanity and unreasoned emotion. Negative attributes common in men include: violence, irresponsibility, intimidation and sexual deviancy.

Some women do possess the desirable characteristics suited for leadership. However, I believe that men are intrinsically better suited to make the tough dispassionate decisions, required by leadership. The emotional detachment of many men (which women constantly complain about), leads to less emotional distraction, when making decisions of great consequence. On the other hand, women are generally more suited to provide the nurturing support, required to raise the best next generation of Americans. The child rearing instinct is so strong in most women, that most children who live with a single parent, live with their mother, at her insistence. Of course these are all generalizations. But I maintain that these generalizations are "generally" accurate.

The popular notion that men's and women's roles are interchangeable in society is not backed-up by reason, common sense and my personal experience. Liberalism is basically a feminine view-point, which many of today's men have adapted. The liberal agenda, places much emphasis on children, child safety, the importance of feelings, and the importance of the arts. This is why liberals are protective of our soldiers, rather that motivated to win wars and strengthen our nation.

Many liberals belief's border on socialism. Socialism is a vain attempt at trying to make sure that everyone is taken-care" of. Many of today's liberals are driven by emotion, rather than reason. This is why liberals dominate the "arts", while conservatives dominate math and engineering fields.

Most everything that I write in my articles is obvious to me, because my thoughts are based on reason, commonsense and my personal observations. I find it amazing that a majority of our society, has been so brainwashed, that they no longer rely on their own eyes, experiences and common sense.

Men and women are intrinsically different, with different strengths and weaknesses that complement each other. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part, you do not see many male pre-school teachers or female auto mechanics. However, in recent years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of female doctors and real estate professionals. This is because , in a free society, people choose careers that they feel most suited for.

Affirmative action in education and employment, pushes people into fields that they are not qualified for or not suited for. This results the in failure and dissatisfaction of many of the participants, as well as lower overall performance in a particular field.

Many local and state governments recognize that women intrinsically have less physical strength and stature than men. As a result, they have lowered the physical requirements for women entering the police and fire departments. In these cases, the overall performance of those police and fire department is diminished, because strength and stature are required to subdue criminals and carry victims out of burning buildings. However, our feminized society is more interested in assuaging feelings of envy, rather than achieving positive results.

Have welfare programs reduced poverty? Have liberal judges reduced crime? Have liberal public school programs improved education? Have public housing programs reduced homelessness? These questions are rarely asked. Failed feminized ideas are often continued and expanded in an effort to show that we care about a problem, regardless of the outcome. When someone stands up to point out that a social program is not working and should be eliminated, he is demonized as being heartless, hateful and bigoted. This is why liberal programs face little opposition.

Female weaknesses are often justified and female strengths are held up as examples for men to follow. Many male strengths are considered to be weaknesses. This explains most aspects of the liberal agenda. For example: The public schools and universities, embrace and celebrate sensitive female characteristics, while deploring that which is brutish, competitive and male. Our current President, George Bush, is nothing but an brutish war-monger, in the eyes of many liberals, despite the fact that his unpopular decisions have kept our homeland safe, in the war on terror, for the past seven years.

Discipline, restraint, traditional family values and religion are not popular among liberals, because they diminish the seductive and manipulative powers that femininity affords. However, manipulation, seduction and class envy are formidable weapons in the liberals' arsenal.

Do not underestimate to power of females' secret weapons of tears(victim hood), seduction(sexuality), and deception (little white lies with ends that justify their means). No man can stand up to these weapons, and this is why liberals and women have gained the upper hand. These negative aspects of femininity have to be clearly seen for what they are, if balance is to be restored. Only then can our culture be restored to the strength, prosperity and freedom that has made the US the freest, wealthiest and most benevolently powerful nation that this world has ever seen.

Unfortunately, Republicans are also becoming feminized and becoming swallowed-up by today's feminized agenda. There is a vacuum in conservative leadership. Who is willing to speak the obvious but harsh truth? Just like in the fable:" The Emperors New Clothes", the cold hard truth can be dangerous and may not be popular at first. However, the only way to survive as a culture and a nation, is to place reason, discipline and courage, before emotions, seductions and deceptions.

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