Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are Cutters, Gays, Drug Users and Those Who Sport Tattoos and Piercings, Displaying Symptoms of a Mental Disorder?

Today I was surprised to read about a new trend among today's troubled youth. It is called by mental health professionals "self-embedding disorder". This is the practice of embedding nails, paper clips, bits of rock, glass and even crayons in their bodies.

Read more about this new malady in an informative Reuters article entitled: "Self-Embedding Disorder: Teens Putting Nails, Paper Clips in Bodies, Study Finds"

An interesting quote from the above mentioned article is: "It is often kept secret, but some studies suggest that 13 to 24 percent of high school students in the U.S. and Canada have practiced deliberate self-injury at least once."

Many adults are completely unaware of this popular phenomenon among today's youth. That is because this is a new phenomenon, that was rare when today's middle aged population were growing up.

There are "clicks" among high school and college age kids called "emos". These kids are known for manic depressive behavior and self mutilation. They can be identified by their appearance which is described on this "how to be emo" website.

Some people might think that since the "emo lifestyle" affects such a large number of today's youths, that it is just a fad. Today's popular culture preaches that it is just a lifestyle choice and "emos" are just practicing their "freedom of expression". But I believe that the "emo lifestyle" is a cry for help from a large group of today's youth who suffer from a mental disorder.

I have personally know 2 women who have noticeable scars from self mutilation. Both dress like "emos". Both are bi-sexual/lesbians and one is extremely heavily tattooed and has multiple piercings in her face, abdomen, nipples and vagina. Both have been sexually abused as children and are drug addicted prostitutes. Many people believe that these behaviors are legitimate lifestyle choices. However, I believe all of the above mentioned behaviors are the symptoms of an underlying mental illness, rooted in they way that many of today's youth are raised.

Also, I was surprised to find that approximately one third of people who sport multiple tattoos say, that one of their main reasons for getting tattooed, is that they enjoy the pain of the tattooing possess. If you don't believe me, just ask them, and see if you get the same answers that I did. Other reasons for getting tattooed include: rebellion against parents who forbid tattoos, to look cool, tattoos are sexy, they say something about me, they are pretty, and they make me look tough.

I believe that extreme tattooing and piercing, homosexuality, drug abuse and self mutilation are all symptoms of mental disorders. I believe that most mental disorders originate from childhood experiences. I believe that mental illness is on the rise in today's America due to the disappearing intact family and the feminizing of our society as described in my article "The Feminizing of Society" .

Today's schools, universities, media and the arts encourage accepting and celebrating much of the above mentioned bizarre behaviors. As a result, even the "normal" youths of today, are confused and unable to distinguish normal and positive behavior from abnormal and unhealthy behavior.

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Shane said...

It's cultural devolution. Who would be surprised if in a few years folks were walking around in leather thongs, pierced and painted, and gnawing on tree bark? Is that progress? No, it's navel gazing narcissism at its most juvenile level. But as soon as we tear down everything that has ever demanded more of people, like marriage and modesty, the walking garbage won't be worth saving...