Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time To Spread Some Hate?

Watch this anti-prop 8 video and let me know who is spreading hate?

This star studded, Hollywood produced music video accuses Christians and those who are in favor of Prop 8, of being haters and bigots.

In my opinion, it is equally harmful to falsely accuse people and entire religions of bigotry and hate, as to actually practice bigotry. This new type of bigotry, ruins peoples reputations, causes them to lose jobs and robs them of opportunities. Gay activist groups are now publishing "blacklists" of people and businesses who supported proposition 8, in an effort to ruin these businesses and smear the reputation of good people. This type of bigotry, hate and intimidation is often used by today's gay activists.

In this case, it is the Hollywood anti-Prop 8 crowd, who is practicing bigotry, hate and narrow-minded intolerance.

It seems to me that there is a concerted effort on the part of Hollywood and the "arts" to denigrate Christianity and celebrate homosexuality. The very same people who champion open-mindedness, diversity and tolerance are quick to smear people and groups, who they oppose.

I also noticed a couple of strong contradictions in the song. The song starts off with the lyric," It's a brand new bright Obama Day". The truth is that Barack Obama has said that he was for civil unions, but against Gay Marriage, while he was on the campaign trail.

Secondly, the song went on to say "what a time to be black, a girl or gay". However, exit polls in the recent election where "gay marriage" was overturned, showed that 70% of blacks voted for prop 8 (against gay marriage), while Christians were more evenly divided. During this particular election, there was a higher than usual black turnout at the polls. This was because many blacks were drawn out to vote because of Obama. Ironically, 70% of these blacks voted against gay marriage. Why were Christians demonized in this video, rather than Blacks? Why was Obama praised in this video, rather than demonized for bringing out the people to the polls who ultimately voted down gay marriage in California?

One more point: It seems to me that we are always being lectured by the Hollywood crowd that it is wrong to stereotype people. Can you imagine the public outcry if they stereotyped the black woman as an "Aunt Jamima" or showed the black man eating watermelon and fried chicken? Why is there no outrage for portraying Christians as stuck-up, prudish, deceptive, narrow minded, greedy and hate-filled people?

This music video, is a typical example of how the "left" gets its message out. They use emotion, above truth and reason. In the end, the elaborate, heartfelt symbolism of liberal presentations, overwhelms the substance of their opponents' reasonable arguments.

I think that this video was unnecessarily hurtful to many well intentioned good people, especially the line "Time to spread some hate". I personally know of nobody who feels that way in support of Prop 8. That line is disingenuous and hurtful. I think that frustrated gay activists vent their frustrations with their own form of hate and bigotry. There is no doubt that some gay activists hate Mormons and Christians. To hate groups based on their religious beliefs is the definition of bigotry. That video, stirs up anger. It sure made me angry, and I am neither Mormon nor Christian.

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Anonymous said...

You and I supposedly live in a free country where freedom of speech is cherished. In my opinion (and yours too, at least when it suits you) people should be free to say anything.

And it is about time that any and everyone grew up and stopped being offended by the use of mere words, even if the words are hateful etc.

Stopped playing the "victim" and accepted full respon-ability for their emtional re-actions which are always ones own self-responsibility.

No one else ever causes one to react violently or to actively by ones actions discriminate against anyone by causing physical harm to them.

That is the very essence of adult maturity.