Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is The Earth On The Brink Of An Ice Age?

On the global warming front, I read an interesting article today from Pravda, of all places. Of course I do not place much credibility in that state run publication of Russia. But in recent years, our own NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, Miami Sun Sentinel, the San Francisco Chronicle and most other newspapers across our country have been promoting a liberal democratic party agenda, rather than objectively reporting the news. The clearest examples of this is the coverage that they have been giving to AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming), the Obama campaign, Governor Palin, George Bush, the Iraq war and the economic downturn. I would put the credibility of Pravda on the same level as the aforementioned publications. But I digress.

This Pravda article made a compelling case for an upcoming global cooling cycle. Some of their ideas are very similar to the ideas that I wrote about on my blog, before I ever read about them anywhere else. When I read an article that comes to the same conclusions that I have arrived at by using reason, common sense and my personal experience, I know that I am on to something.

Here is an excerpt from my article entitled: "The Global Warming Myth Revisited":

Another thing that I discovered is that co2 is also dissolved in the oceans just like in soda pop. When the ocean temperature rises, co2 is released from the ocean into the atmosphere. This may explain why the records show that global temperature rise, always precedes the increase in co2 in the atmosphere. Articles that I have recently read reiterate these conclusions that I have come to on my own using reason, logic and common sense.
Here is an excerpt from Pravda's article entitled: "Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age"

The reason that global CO2 levels rise and fall in response to the global temperature is because cold water is capable of retaining more CO2 than warm water. That is why carbonated beverages loose their carbonation, or CO2, when stored in a warm environment. We store our carbonated soft drinks, wine, and beer in a cool place to prevent them from loosing their ‘fizz’, which is a feature of their carbonation, or CO2 content. The earth is currently warming as a result of the natural Ice Age cycle, and as the oceans get warmer, they release increasing amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

If we do not even know if the climate is warming or cooling, how can we know what action is necessary to safeguard healthy living conditions for all of humanity?

It is a fact that colder temperatures would be far more harmful to humanity than warmer temperatures. Colder temperatures would result in less land that is suitable for farming, less land suitable for habitation, more deaths due to freezing temperatures and increased disease due to more frequent winter conditions.

Let's suppose that CO2 emissions are actually causing the Earth's climate to warm. This would have a positive effect on life on earth, if we were entering an "ice age".

Also, humanity's reliance on fossil fuels has enabled the world population to grow to over 6 billion. This population explosion was made possible because of the advances that a reliance on fossil fuels has brought about. These advances include: mechanized farming techniques, refrigeration, air, ground and sea transportation of food and other vital goods, home heating and air conditioning, the availability of speedy emergency services, the availability of modern medicine, the availability of fresh drinking water, the availability of water for irrigation, the availability of indoor plumbing, etc.

If we dramatically reduced or eliminated the use of fossil fuels before finding a suitable, safe and environmentally safer substitute, we would reduce the worlds limit to sustain human life, and billions would die unnecessarily.

This is why we should not rush into any global solutions "half-cocked". There may be unforeseen negative consequences.

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