Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Feminizing of Society

Children being brought up by homosexuals, may be no better off than those raised by a single mom or single dad. Men and women are distinctly different. It takes both the strength and reason of a father, and the nurturing, care and emotional support of a mother to raise a healthy child. Of course this is the ideal, and no family lives up to it, but children that grow up in an overly feminine or masculine family, are not in balance in their reason and emotion.

In today's popular culture, single moms and homosexuals who raise children, are becoming more common and more widely accepted. This explains why our society is becoming "feminized".

Feminine attributes have come to be considered more important than masculine attributes because so many families are fatherless, and many children are primarily influenced by females. This puts our society out of balance. Masculine and feminine attributes complement each other and help produce balanced children.

Examples of feminine attributes include: empathy, appreciation for art, beauty and style, tenderness and nurturing support.

Masculine attributes include: discipline, strength, reason, and competitiveness.

There are also detriments pertaining to each sex, these need to be restrained by the opposite sex. detriments for women include: Jealousy, seduction, manipulation, vanity and unreasoned emotion. Detriments common in men include: violence, irresponsibility, intimidation and sexual deviancy.

Of course these are only generalizations, but by and large, they are accurate. For example: Far less women are in prison than men. You see far more men in prison for violent and sexually aggressive crimes than women. Common crimes that women commit are prostitution, shoplifting and credit-card or check fraud. Far more women are single parents than men. Far more women teach grade-school than men. Men are more common teachers in high school. Far more men are tradesman than women. Far more women are involved in fashion, design and service jobs such as waitress and haircutting. Of course you can find exceptions, but my examples include the overwhelming majority.

This is not due to discrimination or stereotyping, these are the choices that men and women make based on their preferences, natural instincts and desires. The point is that men and women are intrinsically different in their strengths and weaknesses. Men and women serve to complement and restrain each-other in an ideal family. A family that does not include both feminine and masculine influences, will result in children that are out of balance in some way.

Currently, I see our society out of balance in favor of femininity over masculinity. The problem with this is that the negative aspects of femininity are not restrained by male attributes, while the positive attributes of the male are not as widely encouraged as the natural feminine attributes. Examples are:

  • Natural male aggressiveness, curiosity and mischievousness is discouraged. Boys that act too much like boys, are often diagnosed with ADD and subdued with psychotropic medications such as Ritalin.

  • In the past, it was usually the fathers role to physically discipline children. It was the mothers role to protect them. In today's feminized culture, corporal punishment of children has been stigmatized and outlawed in most cases. Everyone protects children, but no one is likely to discipline them.

  • Men are encouraged to be more sensitive. They are told that it is OK for men to cry.

  • Competition is discouraged. In school sports, most all participants are recognized with awards and trophies, whether they are on the winning or losing team.

  • Men are becoming more vane with regards to their physical appearance. It has become commonplace for men to wear jewelry, dye their hair and wear sexy clothing.

  • Seductive clothing and behavior is unrestrained in both women and men.

  • Today's popular culture has a mother's instinct, who wants her children to be safe at all costs. Our soldiers are regarded as victims, rather than courageous heroes, willing to risk their lives in a selfless effort to protect women and children on the home front for a noble cause greater than themselves.

  • Often, honesty plays second fiddle to self-esteem. Dishonesty is OK if it spares hurt feelings. Self esteem often trumps brutal honesty, regardless of the unintended consequences.

  • Often, political persuasion relies heavily on emotion, rather than reason. Symbolism over substance is the mainstay of many political campaigns. Slogans such as "I can feel your pain" or I stand for "hope" are common political rhetoric.

  • Creating class envy between rich and poor, minority and majority, men and women, gay and straight, legal citizen and illegal alien, have become common political strategies. Jealousy and envy are emotions that are often played upon by a feminized society.

  • Often, TV shows and commercials portray women as cool, smart and stylish, while traditional men are portrayed as clumsy and stupid. But, if the men are feminized in appearance and emotional sensitivity, they are also portrayed as cool and smart.

  • Hunting, fishing ,eating meat, and using animals' hides for clothing, is often considered cruelty to animals. A more sensitive, emotional and feminized approach, is not to harm any living thing.

Again, I'm sure that you can find exceptions, but the current trend is definitely moving toward femininity and away from masculinity. This imbalance will leave feminine shortcomings to go unchecked and will also place restraint on masculine strengths. This shift can only weaken, impoverish and reduce the freedoms that are only possible and practical for "humanity in balance".

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Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly. My cousin was raised solely by his mother and he is disturbed beyond comparison. While unmedicated, he has been "diagnosed" with Asperger's Syndrome. He stays inside all day watching cartoons and playing video games (usually featuring female protagonists) and is the most socially awkward person I know. I've tried to help him in the past, but his mother is so clingy, she practically uses him as her substitute husband and refuses to let him do anything.