Thursday, November 6, 2008

Proposition 8 passes, Homosexuals Raise a Ruckus

As I predicted, the homosexual activists are raising a ruckus because Proposition 8 in California passed. Similar propositions that ban gay marriage, also passed in Florida and Arizona. Also, Arkansas banned unmarried couples from adopting children. Wherever the issue of homosexual marriage has been put to a vote, it has been defeated. The states where homosexual marriage is legal, is due to courts that have overturned ballot propositions, in opposition to the will of the people. In my opinion, these judges are using convoluted-logic in order to promote a liberal agenda. Click on this link for a good article about this by Orson Scott Card called "Upholding the Constitution".

Diane Feinstein's argument that proposition 8 is tantamount to discrimination, is also convoluted logic. First of all, homosexual behavior is exactly that, a behavior. All of our laws regulate human behavior. To say that a law is discriminatory because it regulates behavior, is to say that all of our laws are discriminatory. Secondly, homosexuals are not discriminated against because they have always been free to marry. In the American culture, marriage has always been defined as the union between one man and one woman. The homosexual activists are trying to re-define marriage in order to promote their agenda. Proposition 8, merely defines marriage as it has always been defined traditionally. Homosexuals are free to marry, as currently defined, just like anyone else, therefore, they are not being discriminated against.

Homosexual activists are always claiming that homosexual marriage is a civil rights issue, just like segregation was. They compare their movement to the civil rights movement and often use the same rhetoric. . However, most blacks strongly disagree with that. Did you know that exit polling on California's Proposition 8, showed that 70% percent of blacks voted for Proposition 8, banning gay marriage? Most blacks are insulted when homosexual issues are compared to civil rights issues. The black civil rights movement gave blacks the right to an equal vote, an end to segregation, the right for equal opportunity in education and employment and the right to live, eat and travel where they wanted. All of these things were denied to blacks prior to the civil rights movement. None of these things are denied to homosexuals. Civil rights laws assure equal opportunity based on race, religion, sex, and national origin. Homosexuality is none of those things, it is a sexual behavior.

It is clear, and statistics prove, that the ideal environment for children to raised in, is with their natural mother and father. This relationship, not only raises happier, better adjusted and more productive children, but the parents also are far better off than those in any other type of family relationship that does not include an intact family unit. "Intact nuclear families" are the "bricks" that all healthy societies are built with. To celebrate and encourage blended (step) families, single moms, Mr. moms, un-wed parents and homosexual families, is to discourage that which strengthens individuals, families, communities and our nation. Of course the "ideal family" is not always possible, but it should be encouraged wherever possible, and less healthy alternatives should be tolerated only as a last resort.

To present homosexuality as a normal human behavior, and something to be proud of, is to turn reason and common sense on its head. I believe that homosexuality is obviously an abnormal behavior. Today's popular culture has lost the ability to distinguish between normal and abnormal, right and wrong, healthy and unhealthy, considerate and inconsiderate, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, fact and fiction, noble and shameful and good and bad.

Other prominent examples of convoluted reasoning are: celebrating the gangster culture, teaching that men and women are essentially the same with interchangeable roles in family and career, teaching that diversity, in and of itself, is a virtue, portraying racism as a major obstacle for minorities in Today's America and portraying radical Islam as a religion of peace.

Once we become accustomed to accepting all forms diversity, moral equivalencies and convoluted-reasoning, our moral compasses become "out of whack". It is wrongly taught that all forms of diverse human behavior should be accepted and celebrated. It is also taught that judging certain diverse forms of human behavior is cruel and represents bigotry. I believe that it is healthy and necessary to judge people based on their behavior. To demonize this aspect of our thoughts, words and actions, is to deny the essence of a society that strives to become healthier, freer, stronger and more prosperous. Healthy normal people and families, are obliged to reject that which brings weakness, decay and misery, to their community and nation.

Even the most obviously bizarre and negative behavior becomes acceptable and on par with healthy normal behavior. The public display of homosexuality, S&M and sexual fetishes at " gay pride parades" and San Francisco's "Folsum Street Fair" is glaring example of celebrating, accepting and putting negative behavior on public display.

As I have said many times before, the "global warming myth" is the most obvious example of turning reason and common sense on its head. Man-made global warming is only a theory, yet it is being taught as a cold, hard fact in our public schools and universities. Meteorologists are unable to accurately predict next week's weather, yet global warming proponents predict what the Earth's climate will be like in 50 years with absolute certainty. Al Gore said: "Global warming is the greatest moral issue of our time". I disagree, it is only a scientific theory. Once again, convoluted-logic is being used to turn reason on its head, and it has become widely accepted.

Another example is that many university professors, choose to share their anti-American, anti-Israeli, anti-Christian, anti-family and Marxist views with their young, naive and impressionable students. They are not only allowed to teach at American universities and influence our youth, but they are held in high regard by the faculty and considered extremely cool by the students. Three examples are William Ayres ,Ward Churchill and Rashid Khalidi. This kind of subversive manipulation of today's students, will only lead to less freedom, less wealth and less strength in tomorrow's America.

The mood on today's universities is becoming increasingly hostile toward America and many of the institutions that keep us strong, free and prosperous. Institutions that are frequently ridiculed and attacked on today's college campuses include, The Church, the intact nuclear family, the military, and the police.

The video below, is a recent protest that took place in downtown Santa Barbara. The UC Santa Barbara College Republicans decided to stop by and see what it was all about. Can anyone deny that these people hate the military and the country?

There is nothing wrong or discriminatory about encouraging that which is healthy, normal and positive. It is also the obligation of our teachers, political leaders and religious leaders to discourage negative, destructive, amoral behavior. Doing anything less, will lead to the diminishment of our families, communities and our nation as a whole. Encouraging "less than positive behavior", will also adversely affect homosexuals. Homosexuals are also a part of our society, and also benefit from that which keeps our people and nation, free, strong, prosperous and healthy.

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Ben said...

Gary, Sonya is in favor of gay marriage. She has a gay friend who expressed his disappointment at the voting results.
Now, if homosexuality is a behavior, what about a homosexual who chooses to become a celibate priest? How about a homosexual who marries a woman but spends his whole life unfulfilled & suppresses his homosexual drive?
Was Mother Theresa a homosexual or a heterosexual? How about the Pope? Is the answer that there is not enough data to reach a conclusion?
Are you sure that children raised by a gay or lesbian couple will have more problems than those raised in a traditional nuclear family?
By most measures, gay people are above average in society. I don't have the statistics to back me up, but would you be surprised if gay people make more money than the average, have a higher level of education than the average, have a lower rate of incarceration than the average?
I know you never used this word, but I proposed "disability" to describe a gay person. They are born (or acquire at an early age) a disability that nobody would voluntarily want to have. They are forced to go through life with this disability & make the best of it.