Thursday, November 27, 2008


Do today's students know the noble origin of the uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving? Do they think that incompetent Europeans were saved by the benevolent, yet naive "Indians", who were then repaid with cruelty, swindling and annihilation by the European settlers, once they got the upper hand?

Do you think that if Europeans had never conquered and "tamed" the American landscape, the world would be better off? Do you know that many Native American tribes were in a continuing state of battle with each other until Europeans brought peace to this continent. Do you know that lasting peace is almost always purchased with bloodshed? If Europeans had never settled America, would another powerful, yet benevolent nation have risen up to save Europe from Hitler during the second world war? Would the Native Americans have built such a strong economy, that they would have been able to donate billions of dollars annually, in foreign aid for the merciful missions of providing, food, medicine and aid for natural disasters? Would Native Americans, and migrating Mexicans, have built and financed universities that educate millions of people each year, many from foreign nations, who help spread modern technology that brings prosperity, medicine and modern farming techniques to our huge land mass, as well as to all corners of the globe. Would native Americans have offered, political, religious and economic refugees from all corners of the Earth, a chance to immigrate to America and assimilate into their tribe? Would the American dollar have reached out to purchase goods and services from all corners of the world, thus raising the standard of living worldwide? Has any other nation paid reparations to the descendants of a nation that they conquered in battle?

I suppose those things are possible. However, to date, America, founded by Christian European settlers, is the only nation that has ever attained exceptionalism in all of these areas and then some. It is sad to see the traditional American culture, which is uniquely exceptional, being replaced by multiculturalism, diversity without virtue, and a secular culture rooted in moral depravity. I am sorry to say that the latter culture is not only unexceptional, but it is unsustainable.

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