Saturday, November 8, 2008

Prediction: Israel Will Bomb Iran Within 72 Days

I have a prediction to make. I believe that Israel will bomb Iran's nuclear development facilities, before George Bush leaves office.

Iran has not responded to global economic sanctions and political pressure to halt its development of nuclear weapons. To the contrary, Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmanadinejad, boasts that he has over 3,000 centrifuges at work producing nuclear material. Ahmanadinejad frequently makes speeches in Iran, promising to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. He refers to Israel as the little Satin, and the US as the Great Satin. Recently, Ahmanadinejad addressed the UN in New York City. Before his speech, he said a little prayer in Arabic , as usual. It was not widely reported that the purpose of this prayer was to hasten the arrival of the Mahdi, a spiritual figure, who will eventually usher in a new era of peace, under worldwide Islamic law. The next step necessary to summon the Mahdi, according to Ahmanandinejad's beliefs, is to create world-wide havoc and the death and destruction of those who refuse to convert to Islam (the religion of peace).

What I have written above is nothing new. However, what is new, is our new President-elect Obama and that he is backed by two Democratic houses in Congress. Obama believes that negotiation will lead to peace, just as Neville Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler prior to World war two, in hopes of peace with Germany. Secondly, Obama has been friendly with pro-Palestinian activists such as Sheik Rashid Khalidi, and Louis Farrakhan. For these reasons, many people believe that Obama might not stand up to Iran, before it is too late.

If Iran were allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, it is certain that they will use them on Israel and likely that they will give them to terrorists to cause world-wide havoc. Iran already supplies the terrorist organization "Hezbollah" with bombs, weapons, funding and training. Recently, Hezbollah terrorists, funded and supplied by Iran, provoked a war with Israel in Lebanon. Since the cease fire, two years ago, Hezbollah has grown stronger and better equipped, thanks to help from Iran and an ineffective U.N. peacekeeping agreement.

By all accounts, bombing Iran's nuclear facilities seems to be inevitable, unless Iran halts its nuclear ambitions. However, many feel that this will not happen under an Obama administration. Currently Israel receives military aid from the US, in the form of weapons, intelligence, training and funding. I believe that Israel is keenly aware of the imminent threat that it faces from Iran. Should Iran successfully develop a nuclear weapon, they would surely use it on Israel. However, Israel is wary that President Obama might not lend US support, if Israel were to launch a preemptive attack against Iran.

Therefore, I strongly believe that Israel, with the support and behind-the-scenes help form the US, will bomb Iran's nuclear facilities within the next 72 days, before president-elect Obama is sworn into office.

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