Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wisdom and Humility are in Short Supply on University Campuses

Humility is a spiritual principle that I admire when I see it in others. Humility is the acknowledgment of our imperfections and flaws. Humility also acknowledges that we are all relatively ignorant and powerless compared to our creator and to all of the unknown knowledge and power in the vast universe. The more man learns, the more he comes to realize how much he does not know.

However, today's pervasive popular culture values the exact opposite. They admire the unmitigated hubris and braggadocio of those who define their success by popularity, wealth and pleasures. Achieving popularity, wealth, thrills and self esteem are touted as the highest goals in today's popular culture. Seeking physical and mental supremacy is lauded, while spiritual growth is ignored and/or mocked. I beleive that we all need to achieve physical, mental and spiritual growth in order to fulfil our human potential and to ensure that our nation remains strong, prosperous and free.

Today's universities teach unproven theories, as if they were fact. These theories include the alleged dangers of AGW (anthropogenic global warming), spontaneous creation, evolution, the evils of American history and diversity and multiculturalism as a virtue. On today's college campuses, public discussion about religion is discouraged and mocked, yet discourse on sexuality is encouraged and taught in classes. Students who have faith in God are often discredited as gullible, brainwashed, child-like, primitive, bigoted and narrow-minded. Those who experiment with "alternative" sexual preference and behavior are touted as open-minded, enlightened, modern and cool.

It is clear to me that everything is upside-down on today's college campuses. "Up" has become the new "down". Strong social pressure is brought to bear on those who refuse to "go along with the program". Diversity of race, language, culture and sexual preference is encouraged, while diversity in the "arena of the above-mentioned ideas", is discouraged. Those who do not fall in line are socially ostracized by their peers on university campuses. University staff encourages labeling people who hold the above beliefs as narrow-minded, bigoted and intolerant by university staff.

Wisdom is humbling. Today's popular culture, as evidenced by the pervasive attitude on today's university campuses, proves that wisdom and humility are both in short supply.

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