Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why are liberals so vulgar and hateful?

Here is an exerpt from a liberal blog, the "dailykos", that made it to the top of the Kosmonauts’ recommended list:

F*** you Dick Cheney! F*** your pompous condecension. F*** your straw men! F*** your mischaracterizations! F*** your sniveling attempts to keep you and your buddies asses out of federal (somewhat offensive movie quote removed, happy now?) prison! F*** your presumption that we are a bunch of cowering idiots looking for daddy to protect us from the big bad terrorists. Just F*** YOU!...

Below the article is a poll asking if Cheney is an a-hole a f-ing a-hole, or pie. The "FA" option is winning as of Sunday morning, with more than 3,000 votes (and 94 percent of the total.)

Here is the link to the entire article (caution: the explitives are not cleaned up in the original version):

Can you imagine the reaction if a conservative blogger would launch this type of hateful emotional attack against Obama?

I have never seen this kind of unabashed hatred and vulgarity on any of the conservative websites that I frequent. The Daily Kos is one of the top liberal web-sites. Why do liberals get a pass for such bad behavior?

Why is it acceptable amongst liberals to display hate and intolerance against those who they disagree with? How can liberals also make accusations of intolerance and bigotry about anyone who disagrees with them.

The only answer that I can think of, is that liberalism is based on emotion, rather reason.

Have we lost all standards or is there a double standard? Why?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent read. Just had interaction with a young man in Southlake Texas. I saw him stop his car behind a truck parked next to my car. Reading the bumper stickers set him off. Not my vehical but merely reading what set this kid him to call me a fag several times. Al. I can tell is liberals are not very nice and really sanctimonious. Oh he tried to pick a fight with the 50 plus dude because I dared to dismiss his leftist idiocy. All I did was read something this immature boy in Southlake Texas didn't like and he was ready to go all Nazi. brown shirt on me. Just had back surgery so I'm in no mood for fair...good thing for him he stayed in his vehicle this is Texas and nuff said.