Monday, May 25, 2009

America: The Band Keeps Playing as the Great Ship Sinks

Our government is telling us that our nation is in a financial crisis because of too much borrowing and spending. The solution that they are implementing is more borrowing and spending at the highest levels in history.

What is really amazing is that most people are not challenging this solution which clearly defies reason, commonsense and personal experience. It seems like our leaders are purposely trying to destroy the American economy.

It seems that America's population is suffering from a collective "mental disorder". Today's popular culture seems to be in denial about many "plain truths" that seem so obvious to me, but most people are oblivious to. I feel like I am the only sane person in an insane asylum. This is scary because I know that I am not "normal" myself.

Today's America is reminiscent of the Titanic as she sank. The band kept playing as the great ship went down.

This was the feeling that I got when I recently toured the country. I was suprised to find that many huge, massive casinos had sprung up everywhere, even in the middle of rural areas in Kansas, Iowa and Wyoming. The reckless abandon that these casinos represent, seem to be a metaphor for the behavior and attitude of today's government and culture.

These casinos were filled with "senior citizens" who were happily squandering their life's savings and their children's inheritances for a few moments of joy and thrills in their remaining years.

The Spiritual Root Cause of America's Economic Woes

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Ben said...

Gary, I've been watching the basketball playoffs on TV lately. One of the most heavily tattooed players is named Anderson, & he gels his hair up for every game so that it sticks up in a ridge. The broadcasters were talking about him in a tone of admiration, because he had a long atypical road to the NBA. He played in the minor leagues & for foreign countries. He also was suspended for 2 years for drug violations, but the commentators said he has "exorcized his demons". What I thought was interesting was that the camera showed a couple of times a boy in the stands, about 10 years old, who was not only wearing Anderson's jersey number & hair gelled up in a ridge, but he had lines drawn on his arms in magic marker to look like Anderson's tattoos!