Sunday, May 17, 2009

This El Monte Police Officer Was Justified in Kicking This Suspect in Head as He Surrendered

Read the following article and watch the embedded video to understand a reasonable explanation from the police union about why this head-kick was justified.

The reason that the Police union gave to justify kicking this suspect was that it was a distraction technique that police officers are taught in police training classes. Often a violent and unpredictable suspect will feign surrender, while planning a surprise attack on the arresting officer. Police are taught that a swift jolt to the head will disorient a suspect, so that they can handcuff the suspect without putting themselves at risk.

However, I believe that the kick delivered to this suspects head was justified for an entirely different reason. The cop was completely justified for kicking the suspect in the head because the suspect was obviously a "WASTE OF HUMAN FLESH".

Click on the above link to view the suspect's photo. Obviously this "waste of human flesh" has tattooed himself in such a way as to make himself look like a violent, psychotic felon who is prone to act, unpredictably and irrationally, especially when cornered like a rat.

The suspect's "markings" warned the officer that this suspect was potentially dangerous. The officer was justified by nullifying this potential threat with a kick to the head.

The only reason for a gangster in today's America to tattoo himself in such a manner, is to warn people that he is capable of psychotic, unpredictable,violent and irrational behavior. In other words, he is advertising that he is dangerous.

Similarly, poisonous snakes advertise the danger they pose with bight distinctive markings and sounds. These prominent markings on venomous snakes warns predators that these snakes are potentially dangerous. As a result they are usually left alone.

Just like the poisonous snakes, Extreme markings on gangsters are usually not idle bluffs. In most cases these anti-social sociopaths will be dead or in prison before their 21st birthday as a result of their psychotic behavior. However, their warnings are real, if you mess with them, you are likely to suffer a fatal blow, just like with venomous snakes..

However, even in nature there are posers. There are "look-alike" snakes that are harmless. However, the casual observer can easily confuse them with their deadly their deadly counterparts. In most cases, harmless snakes are protected by their markings that imitate those of their venomous counterparts. However, there are times when their bluff could lead to their death.

I understand why the psychotic, criminal gang member would use extreme tattoos to warn his enemies that he is capable of unpredictable, deadly behavior. However, I do not understand why otherwise normal youngsters in today's popular culture would imitate these violent, psychopathic, gangsters with tattoos, mannerisms, dress, gestures language, music and attitude.

The popularity of "gangster look-a-likes" in today's popular culture is more proof of the statement: .

"When you celebrate and embrace something that is abnormal and unhealthy, reason and common sense are turned on their head. Our children lose the ability to distinguish between, good and bad, right and wrong, normal and abnormal, healthy and unhealthy, constructive and destructive, considerate and rude, brave and cowardly, modest and lewd, vulgar and polite, acceptable and unacceptable, respectful and contemptuous, virtuous and shameful, tolerant and intolerant, etc."

Rather than finding myself in the position of being a victim of police brutality, I personally avoid this scenario by taking the following precautions:

1) I don't run from the police unless I am certain that I will escape. If I am caught, I understand that I am at risk of being beaten.

2) I do not purposely alter my appearance to look like an unpredictable psychotic. This strategy may backfire on me.

3) I speak respectfully to the police. I call them "officer" and I say "yes sir" and "no sir". I keep my hands in full view of the police and make no sudden moves. I strictly follow police instructions whenever I have contact with them.

4) I do my best to keep my criminal record free of felony convictions.

This has been a winning formula for me in avoiding police brutality. I think that these ideas should be taught in schools, universities, the media and the "arts". Instead, they are teaching today's youths that police are brutal, racist and unfair. They are teaching our youth that police are their enemies rather than their strongest defense against psychotic criminals and the like.

Today's police are the most pacified police that this nation has ever seen. They are afraid to perform their job effectively, lest they get criminally charged, sued or fired for doing their job too well. There has undoubtedly been an increase in cases of police brutality brought against cops. It is ironic that this is happening in a time when America's police have become sissified and pacified and less actual brutality is actually being committed.

In many cases, today's police have lost the ability to protect themselves in the sissified environment that now defines most police forces. It stands to reason, that if the criminals fear the cops, rather than the other way around, there will be less crime and less people behind bars.

The commonsense way to reduce crime in America is to have tougher cops, stronger families, and independent citizens.

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