Monday, March 29, 2010

Obama's New Health-Care Bill Does Not Fund More Health-Care, It Only Funds New Bureaucrats

The health care bill supplies funding for 16,500 new IRS agents to enforce the penalties on people who do not buy health care. Also, it provides funding for thousands of new bureaucrats in 159 new government agencies to implement the new regulations.

These expenditures do not create any more doctors, clinics, labs, medicines and diagnostic equipment.

If we still have the same supply of medical resources, and they add 30 million more patients into the system, then each person who is currently insured will receive less care. Thus, rationing and death panels will be more widespread under this new system.

True health care reform would increase the medical resources, not the bureaucracy. If we used that money to build new hospitals, medical facilities and to pay the salaries of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, or to provide education and training for new health-care providers, then the quality and quantity of health-care would increase. This would inevitably lead to more access to better health care.

This legislation will definitely result in growing the size and scope of the federal government. However, this legislation does not increase the size and scope of the medical industry. I challenge any supporters of this bill to tell me where I am wrong.

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