Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moviegoer Stabbed After Asking Woman to Silence Her Phone

Here is a link to the comments on an article that describes an incident in which a man was stabbed in his neck, with a meat thermometer, because he asked a woman to turn off her cell phone in a movie theater. http://www.topix.com/forum/city/frazier-park-ca/TD2040HUV4F1Q5GTO
(Click on "Full story: WJW Fox 8 Cleveland" to read the entire article.)

You would find the comments on the original page most interesting.

Judging by the disparity between the comments (in my first link) and typical behavior, I have concluded that most people tolerate rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious and offensive public behavior because they don't want to cause a scene or they are afraid of the consequences. They just want to get on with their day.

Most people who practice inconsiderate public behavior will loudly insult you, threaten you and cuss you out, at the very least, if you politely ask them to refrain from such behavior. These type of people thrive on drawing attention to themselves, especially negative attention.

Don't dismiss the first comment as being racist. [ "Let me guess they where black...No respect for the people around them."]

Have you ever been to a mostly black movie theater? The audience is constantly yelling out comments at the screen, often vulgar, and talking to each other. As a rule, black people are very loud and obnoxious at movie theaters. This conclusion is based on my personal experience, not racism.

IMHO this is because today's crop of black folks are mostly born to unwed mothers. Single mothers have less opportunity and/or desire to dicipline and control their children. I have often seen children as young as 6 years old unsupervised and running wild in the streets of black ghettos. IMHO, when you are devoid of parental control at an early age, you resent being told what to do throughout your life. IMHO this stems from an unconscious desire to have had parents that love you enough to discipline you, know where you are, what you are doing and have the desire and wherewithal to make sure that you are doing the right thing despite your best efforts to avoid their control.

It is an innate human drive (instinct) to crave guidance, protection, nourishment and love from your parents. The "gangsta" culture results when these needs are not met by parents and influential adults. IMHO this is is at the heart of the "gangsta culture". If you study the dress, language and mannerisms of much of today's youth, you will find that they demonstrate the exact opposite of what "normal" parents would repeatedly tell their children.

Examples are:
  • Be careful not to tear your clothes
  • Don't say dirty words
  • Tie your shoelaces
  • Stand up straight, don't slouch
  • Pull up you pants
  • Don't wear hats indoors, it's disrespectful
  • Take your hands out of your pockets
  • Respect your elders
  • Turn down the music
  • Hush up, you are disturbing others
  • Your skirt is too short, that top is too revealing. Don't dress like a whore
It is clear that today's "gangsta culture", which originated in black and Hispanic ghettos, jail and prisons, has now become mainstream behavior for today's youth. IMHO this clearly demonstrates that today's youth are screaming for guidance. Instead of receiving guidance, discipline and "tough love" from their parents and teachers, they are being encouraged to experiment with their self expression. They are not criticized for fear of hurting their self-esteem. In turn their resentments and unrestrained freedom leads them to express the most inconsiderate, rude, obnoxious and offensive things with an inner hope that someone will care enough to reel them in and provide the dicipline, guidance and tough-love that they crave. Instead they are either ignored or encouraged.

 It is clear that most people think it is extremely inconsiderate to talk on cell phones while driving, at the movies, etc, yet most people either ignore this bad behavior or encourage it. The same goes for loud cars, motorcycles and sound systems. Nearly all the comments that I read on these topics are overwhelmingly opposed to this bad behavior but few have the guts to say or do anything about it.

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