Friday, October 16, 2009

Deception and Manipulation Has Become Cool and Commonplace in Today's Media

Balloon Boy's Parents Should Be Prosecuted for Making Their Children Lie for a Publicity Stunt

Yesterday afternoon, the nations attention was focused on a loose helium balloon in Colorado. A six year old boy was allegedly aboard this saucer shaped balloon that got loose and was streaking through the Colorado skies.

All major news stations had live coverage as cameras tracked the balloon and rescue teams were dispatched. When the balloon finally landed, sixty miles away in a farm field, there was no boy aboard. Hours later, the boy was found hiding in a box in the attic of his house.

Later that night, when questioned by Wolfe Blitzer of CNN, the Boy said that he was hiding in the attic "for a show". Later in the interview, the boy's father became very defensive and indignant when Wolfe Blitzer asked why his son said that we were doing this for a show. Here is a link to a related article with 2 embedded videos.

In today's upside down world, parents are proud to teach their children to lie for TV reality shows. Some may call it acting or posing, but those are euphemisms for deception.

This family was on TV reality show about wife swapping twice. The father also has produced films of dangerous storms, while "storm chasing" in his car with his young son.

Most TV reality shows promote the superficial false values of popularity (self promotion), thrill seeking, selfishness, fame, money, pleasure, sex and beauty.

IMHO, the parents of these children are guilty of child abuse because they are damaging the spirit and soul of their children by instilling false values in order to exploit them for their own selfish reasons.

This just in: The entire family appeared of 4 morning news shows including Good Morning America and the Today Show. These unbelievable videos show the boy getting sick in the middle of the interviews with his family. The host appears concerned about the young boy's health while his parents are more interested in the TV interview. The host then has to prompt the 6 year old's mother to pry herself away from the TV camera to take care of her child.

Amazingly, after that interview, the Family appeared on the Today show, where the young boy vomited again. Here is a link to an article with 2 more embedded videos.


Matt said...

I guess their 15 minutes of fame are worth more than the health of their kid. what more can be said?

cooperscopy said...

It's clear the media can be manipulated, and balloon boy is a good example. I agree the parents should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law...All we can do is feel for those poor kids, being manipulated and encouraged to lie for their parents...