Friday, October 30, 2009

Blacks Are the Most Dangerous Cultural Group in America. Why is This Obvious Truth Ignored, Justified or Excused?

Six times as many Blacks are convicted of felonies as compared with Whites relative to their respective populations.

Blacks overwhelmingly outnumber Whites in suspensions and expulsion from public schools.

Over a three year period, when I drove a taxi in Chicago, there was an average of 11 cab drivers murdered per year, making it Chicago's most dangerous job. All of the solved murders of cab-drivers turned out to be Black men.

An overwhelming majority of street prostitutes do not "date" black men because they consider it too dangerous. Even Black hookers will not get into a car with a Black man. Some of these streetwalkers are strictly controlled by Back pimps who also do not allow their hookers to date Black men because it is too risky. They don't want to lose income when their girls get injured, disfigured or killed.

Why are these truths being suppressed? Why are they not taught in our schools as part of African American studies? Why is the danger of the American Black man rarely a topic of news and commentary in the media? Why is this obvious danger rarely portrayed in TV and movies?

How can solutions be found if we ignore the obvious facts?

Attitudes of victim-hood and entitlement are being used to ignore, justify and excuse dangerous behavior.

Instead of setting high standards for all Americans, today's popular culture is encouraging today's youth to sink to the lowest common denominator in order to be cool, popular and to fit in. As a result of celebrating and embracing the negative characteristics of Blacks, all American subcultures are becoming more like America's most dangerous cultural group.

The "great society" programs were just coming of age in the 60's, just after the civil rights movement. The unintended consequences of programs that sought to help poor and minority families actually did them more harm than good. These programs "nudged" many fathers out of their homes and replaced them with welfare, food stamps, aid to "women, infants and children", etc.

The entitlement mentality, coupled with a broken family, has led to a social, moral and cultural breakdown in many black families. More good would come from challenging and encouraging struggling families, rather than sapping their motivation by supporting them on a subsistence level. A saftey net that exists within their families, churches and communities would be more effective than an impersonal government bureaucracy. Government aide leads to resentment and a false sense of entitlement.

Most liberals genuinely hope that their programs will succeed. However, today's lawmakers are very corrupt and view many of these programs as "cash cows" that will increase their own power by putting them in charge of distributing more and more funds.

In the end, the demoralization of the recipients of these programs predictably results in perpetuating fatherless homes, decreasing self reliance and fostering criminal behavior and disrespect for authority, the family, the church and women.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...


I read this post here and on, and I have been watching you be torn apart by the NB crowd. It strikes me as funny that one of them would venture here to opine. I figure it's safer for them on NB.

I won't lie and say that I am jazzed about this article. My personal opinion is irrelevant.

However, and this is what those folks on NB who came after you do not understand, Free Speech is indeed Free Speech. You did not threaten to kill or hurt anyone. You did not say that we should round up black men and get rid of them. You made no horrible threats against human life. You said your say and that was it.

I support your right to Free Speech, Gary, albeit I find this particular article unnecessarily controversial. This is not meant as a jab at you as a person, for I do not know you personally.

You have a blog with your name on it. You have your photo on it. You say where you live. Based solely on this, you deserve the right to Free Speech, as you are not hiding behind anything.

garyganu said...

Thank you Donal for your kind words. I was suprised that my blog drew such hateful comments toward me on the newsbusters forum.

I first posted that article at redbleamerica. My blog and comments can be found at the following url:

Actually the article on redblueamerica was only the first half, the second half was copied from one of my own comments on that blog.

The comments on redblueamerica were much more understanding of my views. I don't understand why people on newsbusters are unable to have a dispassionate discussion concerning the root causes for blacks committing a disproportionate amount of crimes in America. I am frustrated that the mainstream media hides this fact. I am astounded that people on the newsbusters forum will not even discuss this issue.

Matthew Avitabile said...

I think that the post was too polemical. It almost sounded like reverse Jesse Jackson racebaiting.

garyganu said...

Matt, I got that same reaction when I posted this blog on the newsbusters forum. As a matter of fact, they removed the post because they thought it was racist.

How can I reword my thoughts so that they do not seem racist?

I am trying to say that by keeping certain obvious truths unspoken, problems in the black community are exacerbated.

I hate to walk on eggshells. I kind of resent the double standard.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, brother. The black race is the main problem in America. Just look at president Maobama and what he has done to this once great nation! Blacks can't help it if they are dangerous; they are only happy when they are committing crimes. They take everything and give nothing. I'm glad people like you still speak the truth.

Ray SS