Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Political Dichotomy Of Liberals Vs. Conservatives

A political dichotomy does exist in today's America. However, this dichotomy is not between Republicans and Democrats, it is between conservatives and liberals. There is also a spineless group in the middle called moderates.

Democratic and Republican officials both fit into the same group. Our elected officials are politicians, not political ideologues. Our elected officials from both parties are narcissistic, power hungry POLITICIANS. They are mostly ALL of the same ilk. As the federal government grows in size, scope and power, our elected officials grow increasingly more corrupt. Politicians are hardly guided by political ideology. Politicians deceive and manipulate an unsuspecting public for their own selfishness, empowerment, enrichment and egotistical desires.

Having said that, I do not see many liberals running down to their local military recruiting office to sign up to serve and protect our great nation. They are too busy vandalizing the recruiting offices and harassing our military. Today's voluntary armed forces are made up overwhelmingly of conservatives who believe in a power greater than themselves, a loving God, just like our farmers.

Liberals, on average, donate much less money and time toward charitable giving, yet they insist that "other peoples money" be confiscated in the form of taxes for the charities (social programs) of THEIR choice.

My personal experience has taught me that most farmers work long hours and risk all of their assets every year in order to grow food at a very low price for the rest of us. My experience has shown me that most hardworking farmers in rural America are conservatives. They are a dying breed as their children flee the rural areas and fill our cities where they are free to seek higher education (indoctrination), and the thrills and luxuries of our modern world that modern farming has made possible for the vast majority of the American public.

I have spent several periods of my life as a homeless bum in large cities. I have found that most all of the bums were drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally ill people. I fit into all three categories. Liberals insist on enabling these neerdowells with social programs that help them maintain themselves with food and shelter from the elements, while they commit crimes to support their drug habits.

It was liberals that closed the mental hospitals in order to give mentally ill people their freedom. Now they have the freedom to roam the streets aimlessly and defecate and urinate in the streets and on themselves as they harass ordinary people who have the misfortune of passing by.

It is also true that most people who professionally sing, dance and are professional phonies (actors) are liberals. Also, most indoctrinators (teachers and professors) are liberals. Most sexual deviants (transgender, transsexuals and homosexuals) that I have met are liberals.

A dichotomy exists between spiritual leaders and modern educators, between producers of goods and providers of entertainment, between those who are responsible and those who are irresponsible, between those who fight for our American culture, traditions, values and institutions and who want to tear down our culture, tradition, values and institutions, between rugged individuals and an ever-growing centralized government. The latter groups make us weaker, poorer and less free. The former groups have made America the wealthiest, freest, most benevolently powerful nation that this world has ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work. You write rather well. Never known a farmer to pen such good work. Perhaps you have benefited from people who believe in modern education and have fought to make it available to all, even the children of farmers. Wait, especially those like children of farmers, who often have little money because they truly work for themselves. I live in a rural farm area and I see how hard these people work, and how little money they make. Call me a liberal or whatever you like to brand people who care about other people, but I think the government should give more money to these folks who work so hard for the benefit of all the rest. The rich should pay more tax to help the farmers. The farmers work harder than the wall street millionaires, but barely make a living. How is that the American Dream you folks talk about? But I'm sure those millionaires drink the milk and eat the veal these farmers provide. You know, if we get off this political dichotomy of Liberals Vs Conservatives way of thinking and start to use our privileged education for the good of our American citizens, we would be the greatest country in the world!