Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glen Beck Has Courage and Faith Because Of The Depths of His Addictions And Subsequent Recovery

I can relate to Glenn Beck because, like me, he is a recovering alcoholic/addict. He also found his recovery in the fellowship of AA/NA. He also lost everything and hit his bottom. He also came to the realization that only a higher-power could restore him to sanity.

I believe that Beck puts his faith in God above all else due to his alcoholism and his second lease on life that he found in his recovery.

I believe that Beck has the courage and is willing to make sacrifices that few other journalists are capable of.

I believe that Beck is motivated by spiritual principles and not by power, property,and prestige.

I believe Beck is the only journalist who is truly motivated by seeking the truth and making it public. I believe that Beck is acting selflessly in an effort to restore our nation back to the spiritual principles that it was founded upon.

I believe that Beck will be fearless in his relentless pursuit of the truth regardless of the personal consequences. He is willing to lose his power, fortune and fame in the process.

Once you have lost everything due to alcoholism and/or drugs, including your pride, your family, your money and your health, material things and personal happiness become unimportant as compared with your own spiritual growth. At least that is what happened to me. I think it is the same for Beck.


pelicanmarsh68 said...


I commented on your Beck post on, much to the chagrin of some of the NB "thought police". Whatever.

I think you are on track with speaking positively about Glenn Beck. He is doing something few of us can do, and I am watching him closely in admiration and respect.

Like I said, if he's right, the Lord will protect him. Time will tell.

God less and Long Live the Republic!

garyganu said...

Thanks pelicanmarsh68 for following my posts and blogs.

I read your comment on the newsbusters forum shortly after you posted it. Thank you for your support.

Conservatives are also very close minded when you challenge their ideas. I also get hateful comments from conservatives as well as from liberals. However, the liberals are usually worse.

Perhaps I will cross-post this article on the newsbusters forum.

Igor said...

Comrade Gary

Thank you very much for commenting on Igor web site and sending link to yours!

I Igor think your website is excellent

I Igor also com;eletely agree with your first two articles(haven't read the third yet)

I have very similar exarience as you and feel your insite on Mr Beck is very deeply true!

Your Comrade