Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is Healthcare Worth The High Cost?

The following Quotes are taken from last night's broadcast of CBS news as reported in this newsbusters article.

I have heard these two points made many times by the MSM and by politicians. I have always been disturbed by them. It seems to me that we should be grateful that modern-day heath care is available. Modern health-care is a luxury that has never been available to humanity before. It is astonishing that something that has never been available in the past, is now considered an inalienable right by many in the media and in politics.

"Since 1999, health insurance premiums have increased 120 percent -- four times as much as wages."
In the past decade, costly medical research, medications, revolutionary equipment and minimally invasive surgical techniques have been developed. New lifesaving treatments and quality-of-life improvements are available today that were not available a decade ago. New diagnostic equipment has been invented and made widely available. It stands to reason, that the cost of the development and implementation of these improvements to our heath-care system need to be paid for. It is a good thing that we are devoting a larger portion of our incomes to lifesaving and quality-of-life improvements due to medical advancements.

"And about one and a half million American families lose their homes to foreclosure every year because of sky high medical bills."

Freedom is defined as the ability to make your own choices. Today we have the freedom to choose life-saving medical diagnoses and treatments that were not available a generation ago. Often these treatments are costly and tough choices must be made. We are free to chose between costly medical treatment and the possible forfeiture of our savings and home. We are also free to hold on to our assets and risk the primitive treatments that were available generations ago. Today we have more health-care choices because many treatments are available today that were not available years ago. Although the cost is higher, we have more freedom to choose today. . In the past, death and/or discomfort was our only option.

IMHO, socialized health-care will reduce our health care options in the future.

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