Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harvard Professor Henry Gates and US President Barack Obama Promote Racial Profiling of White Police Officers

Elite Universities Promote Racism

Have you heard the recent story about the Harvard Professor, Henry Gates, who accused a police sergeant, James Crowley, of racism and racial "profiling"?

The police responded to a 911 call from a neighbor who observed 2 men breaking into Prof. Gates' house. It turned out that Gates himself had broken into his own house because he forgot his key. When the police arrived, they asked Gates for identification to verify that he lived there. Gates immediately became belligerent, verbally abusive and uncooperative with the cops. He accused the white police officer of racism.

The ridiculous and untrue allegations of racism, racial profiling were affirmed by President Obama during his press conference last Wednesday. Obama accused the police of acting "stupidly" and he said that anyone would have been angered by the situation that Prof Gates found himself in. Here is the video of Obama's comments:

Of course it is ridiculous that anyone would have been angry in that situation. Most people would have thanked the police and their neighbor for "looking out" for them and politely cooperated with the police. Only someone with a "chip on his shoulder" would be angry with a police officer who was protecting his own property in response to a call from his neighbor. The police report confirms that this particular Harvard professor has anathema for white policemen. IMHO, this professor, like many others, are teaching their own prejudices to their unsuspecting and naive students.

Click here for the official police report on this incident:

If you examine all of the known facts in this case, it appears that Prof. Gates is guilty of racially profiling the white police officer. It appears that Prof. Gates was guilty of a "hate crime" because he broke the law by becoming disorderly and verbally abusive with a police officer, based solely on the officers race. Obviously the charges were dropped because Prof. Gates has the best lawyers in the world at Harvard Law school at his disposal who will spare no expense defending this petty case.

It turns out that Prof. Gates teaches African American studies at Harvard. IMHO, African American studies classes are designed to promote racial disparity in America by blaming white people for the condition of blacks. These classes emphasise white racism against blacks, while ignoring or actually justifying black racism against whites. Click on the following link to read an excellent article that makes this point.:

In my opinion, we should strive to become a color blind society. This goal will not be achieved by pigeonholing people into distinct racial and ethnic groups and then pitting one group against another in an effort to achieve equal outcomes in all areas. I believe that we should judge each incident on it's own merits without regard to race and/or ethnicity what-so-ever. I believe this is what Martin Luther King meant when he said: "Don't judge by the color of one's skin, but by the content of their character".

Clearly, Professor Gates judged Sergeant Crowley solely because he was a white police officer questioning a black man. In my opinion, Professor Gates exhibited racist behavior by prejudging the police officer based on his race.

This behavior is right out of the liberal playbook. Liberals like to divide people into two groups, victims and victimizers. According to what I hear from the mainstream media and from university professors, most all blacks and Hispanics are victims. Most all police are victimizers, especially the white cops. I suspect that Prof. Gates believes in this dichotomy with every fiber of his being. The reason why I say this is because the good professor is still claiming to be a victim of racial profiling in this case.

During previous years I have had similar discussions regarding other cases of so-called police brutality. My point has always been that the best way to avoid being a victim of police brutality is to be respectful and cooperative when dealing with the police. Do not run from the police unless you are sure that you can get away. If you are caught after running, your chances of getting beaten increase dramatically. If you verbally and/or physically combative with the police, you might get hurt. This happens to be true regardless of race, however, when a black man is abused by a white cop the victim often plays the race card. With the support of the liberal media, the charges are usually dropped against the alleged criminal and charges are brought against the police officer. It is obvious that this environment makes it difficult for police to effectively and safely perform their duties while protecting themselves and the public.

Why don't schools and universities teach their students be respectful and cooperative when dealing with the police? Instead they teach today's youth not to cooperate with cops and to push their "rights" to the limit. In effect, they are teaching them to infuriate the police to the point of abuse. In many cases, the victim hopes that abuse takes place, so that they can get publicity and/or sue. Also, the slightest hit of racism and/or abuse can help to get the original charges dropped.

From what I read about this case, it appears that Prof. Gates egged-on sergeant Crowley in an effort to prove his belief that white police treat black men unfairly. In my extensive experience with police, they generally treat you the same way that you treat them.

The only motivation that I can think of for the professor's behavior was to purposely get himself arrested and/or verbally abused and then make a big stink about it. Since Gates is a friend of Obama's, I wouldn't be surprised if he had that question planted at Obama's news conference. Questions at past Obama news conferences have been staged. Obama's answer might have been prepared.

If the professor thought that he was in any danger what-so-ever, he would have shown respect for the cops. Liberals are often very brave when they are in no real danger. This episode played out exactly like Prof. Gates intended. As a result of this incident he has been invited to the White house to have a beer with President Obama and to discuss the issue of racial profiling. Prof. Gates, like many successful liberals, is a master manipulator. The sad part is that he is deceiving and manipulating America's youth in his classrooms every day.

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"Liberals are often very brave when they are in no real danger"

Indeed. The only time most of them are ever brave.