Saturday, August 21, 2010

Excerpts from the top 22 songs of the summer (and you thought Dr. Laura was out of line)

These are some of the lyrics that today's teenyboppers are listening to. When you see middle and high school kids getting off the school bus with I-pods in their ears, this is what they are listening to. The following are sample lines from this summers 22 most popular hits. Do their parents know what they listen to? Do their parents care what they listen to? Is this a sign of society in decline or is this representative of the natural evolution of an enlightened generation? (these lyrics are all from different hit songs of the summer)

On his first new single "Not Afraid," Eminem used six F-bombs and three S-words in four minutes. That includes an "F-you for Christmas," an "F the world" and an "F the universe." That doesn't include the bonus usages of countless other vulgarities.
"I just want her back / I know I'm a liar / If she ever tries to f---ing leave again / I'ma tie her to the bed and set the house on fire."
"Sex on the beach / We don't mind sand in our stilettos / We freak in my Jeep" ... "kiss her, touch her, squeeze her buns." "all that ass hangin' out," "watching the girls in "bikinis, tankinis, martinis, no weenies."
"Lips like licorice, tongue like candy / Excuse me, Miss, but can I get you out of your panties?"
"Instead of talking, let me demonstrate / Yeah / Get down to business, let's skip foreplay."
"Come here, rude boy, boy / Can you get it up? / Come here, rude boy, boy / Is you big enough?"
"give it to you harder"..."take it, take it, take it."
Here is the article from newsbusters:

IMHO, this is the result of fatherless homes, latchkey kids, divorce, day care kids, and the celebration and embracing of gangsters, single moms, sexual deviants, drugs, alcohol and violence which are the results of a secular society and moral relativism. Gee, it seems like Dr. Laura opposes all of these things. Isn't it Ironic that Dr. Laura is the one who got silenced because she highlighted the word "nigger" while she was condemning its use? In today's upside-down world, you must walk on eggshells if you stand for traditional American-Christian values, otherwise, anything is fair-game.

Here is the link to the segment that got Dr Laura fired:


Anonymous said...

The truly sad thing is that the comments on Newsbusters are generally so supportive of this trash. You can compare the words "afternoon delight" to the current "artistry" of things that mention licking body parts (not in loving, but in crude, objectifying ways) all you want....but they are not the same. Culture is much more depraved than it was 35 years ago, and yeah, it matters.

garyganu said...

35 years ago the "arts" had discretion and good taste.

Anonymous said...

You realize that Eminem is white?
He's a rapper, and people get mad at him for using the n-word.

The majority of African Americans deplore the word, in ANY usage, even by a fellow African American.

Also, to the idea of moral relativism: Who's a moral relativist? The majority of people I know are atheists, and they have "traditional" values, they just hold that "traditional" values do not come from religion, but come from within all humans, that there's a reason that non-Christian nations have almost identical morals to Christian nations. All systems of morals come from within the human, not from a fictional sky monster who's watching you touch yourself.