Saturday, June 12, 2010

Intellectuals and bureaucracies are ineffective. Why not use the free market approach to clean up the oil spill?

This parody video accurately depicts how intellectuals and government bureaucracies handle problems. The solution to the oil spill clean up lies in the free markets.

Before the spill had happened, shrimp boats went out every day. They were motivated to catch shrimp because they Knew they could sell their catch for 4$ per pound.

Why not pay anyone $4 for each pound oil collected oil the gulf? This will surely motivate all available boats into action. This will surely motivate all types of innovation in efficiently and effectively collecting oil from the gulf.

Homeless people and jobless people would be scouring the beaches and the marshes collecting tar balls instead of aluminum cans.

I have seen many solutions offered, such as hay to soak up the oil and membranes to filter it. BP and the federal government has rejected these solutions.

Why not let capitalism find the moist effective way to clean up the oil spill?

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