Friday, May 7, 2010

A recent poll shows that 0 % of British Muslims thought that homosexuality was morally acceptable

Are all most British Muslims intolerant? Here The a link to an article that explains the finding of a new poll taken by Gallup and the Coexist Foundation:

Here is an except from the article:
Not a single British Muslim said homosexuality was morally acceptable, compared to 58 per cent of the general public who believed it was. In other European countries with large Muslim populations such as France
and Germany, the difference was far less pronounced: more than a third of French Muslims said they did not have a problem with homosexuality.

Does this mean that most all British Muslims are intolerant or is there some other explanation?

Liberals and atheists often discredit Christianity because of it's views on homosexuality. However, they never attack Muslim views despite their much more extreme nature.

For example, according to an article entitled "Liberal gays are scared to tell the truth about Muslim homophobia": A recent survey by Policy Exchange had showed that 72 per cent of young Muslim men thought that homosexuality should be recriminalised.

Here is the link:

My point is that I don't understand why the MSM, the universities and the popular culture are unfairly demonizing Christians and Arizona cops as bigots and homophobes, while ignoring the biggest homophobes of all, the Muslims.

This intolerance is not confined to the violent extremists who commit terrorist attacks and suicide bombings. These statistics include the "good" Muslims who go to work everyday and raise their families. It seems that Islam is truly a religion that practices intolerance.

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