Monday, September 28, 2009

Cartoon Depicting Bizarre Transvestite Behavior is Shown in Public Schools

I saw this disturbing report this morning on FOX and Friends. They reported on a cartoon video that is being shown to students in California public schools that shows a transvestite boy, dressed as a girl, flirting with straight men. Here is the link:

This is a clear case of the inmates running the asylum. IMHO they are "normalizing" and encouraging behavior that is abnormal, unhealthy, spiritually depraved and dangerous. This is so outrageous that I can't believe that it is actually happening.

The nuts on the left seem to enjoy promoting anything that makes a mockery of the traditional American values that made America the freest, wealthiest, most benevolently powerful nation that this world has ever seen. I can't believe that they are doing this with a straight face.

We must not tolerate the glorification of unhealthy, abnormal and spiritually depraved behavior for one more minute. We must fight back and refuse to be cowered by their false charges of bigotry. They are truly nuts and leading us on a path that will result in pain and suffering for our nation as we devolve into an unprincipled corrupt third world nation.

This is why when you are casually called a intolerant, hateful and bigoted because of your opposition to gay marriage, you must fight these false accusations until these "nuts" back down or go away. I hope and pray that parents in California will fight this with vigor, persistence and determination. These deceptive, manipulative nuts running our public schools must not be tolerated. Our nation's future is at stake.

All of this is happening at a time when Obama is calling for more school hours required in public schools. More school hours will mean more indoctrination. More school hours will mean more government control and less parental control of our children.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

ACORN: Sex, Lies Videotapes and Politics

This week ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)  has been the target of an investigative report by conservative blogger Breitbart on his website . Reporters, playing the roles of a prostitute and a pimp, went to ACORN offices in Baltimore MD and in Washington DC. These offices were set up for the purpose of helping low income people secure mortgages and find housing. They said that they needed help getting a mortgage to buy a house for the purpose of setting up a brothel (house of prostitution). They also said that they intended to bring in 13 underage girls, who were illegal immigrants from El Salvador, to work as prostitutes in the house. Their stated dilemma was that the banks would not lend them the money for the house because they were involved in illegal activity.

Amazingly, two women at each office instructed the fictitious couple about how to hide their illegal activity from the banks and law enforcement and how to evade paying taxes. Here are links to these shocking videos:
The Baltimore sting:

The Washington sting:

ACORN vehemently denied these charges and said that they were victims of a vicious smear campaign. However, they immediately fired the four ACORN employees who got caught up in the scandal.

ACORN has a history of scandal. ACORN is currently under investigation for voter fraud in the 2008 presidential election in over 14 states.

Over the years, ACORN has received 150 million dollars in federal funding. Also, 26 billion dollars of stimulus money is available to community organizations, such as ACORN, from the recently passed "economic stimulus bill". ACORN is also slated to work with the White House in gathering information for the 2010 census. President Barack Obama started out as a community organizer and worked as an instructor for ACORN. On the campaign trail Obama promised to community organization like ACORN to help formulate his policies.

Yesterday the census bureau within the White House cut all ties with ACORN.

Unfortunately, in this author's opinion, this is just a tactic by the White house to INSURE that they have THEIR people doing the counting. This was their intention when they moved the census department to be under direct White House supervision.

The same people will be gathering information for the census, committing voter fraud, and intimidating banks into giving mortgages to people who can't pay. The only difference is that they are now forced to do it under another name.

The scoundrels will remain the same but the name of the organization will change. They will break up ACORN into 1000 obscure organizations that will be more difficult to track. They were very clever to quash this scandal before it got out of hand. It will not deter their corrupt schemes one iota.

ACORN was too anxious to throw 4 employees under the bus (while denying the charges). The white House was too quick to put out a statement admonishing their beloved ACORN that Obama emphatically supports and used to work for himself. Common sense, reason and my personal experience is screaming out to me that something is very fishy about the White House's reaction to this case.

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck was right when he said, we must ignore their distractions. When they distract us with their right hand we must pay attention to what the other hand is doing. Fortunately, Glenn Beck is on the case. He has the leaders of ACORN and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) under his scrutiny.

Last week Glenn Beck publicized the radical views of Van Jones, Obama's "Green Jobs Czar". Jones' views and public behavior was so out-of-touch with American Values that he was forced to resign his post last Saturday. During the past two weeks, Glenn Beck brought information to light that caused the White House to publicly cut ties with very powerful people and organizations. Beck is messing with some very powerful and ruthless people, including union thugs from SEIU. As I have written in a previous blog, I fear for Glenn Beck's life.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No American Should have To Choose Between Health-care And Booze, Designer Jeans and Protein Powder.

I might also add that no American should have to choose between heath-care and Harley's, between health-care and chrome rims, between health-care and a cool sound system, between health-care and cigarettes, between health-care and cable TV, between health-care and cell phones, between health-care and gold jewelry, between health-care and extreme tattoos and piercings, between health-care and flat screen TVs, between health-care and fast food, etc.

If someone chooses to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes per day at a cost of $450 per month, should taxpayers be required to pay for his health insurance because he can no longer afford it?

If an illegal alien sends half of his income back to Mexico to support his extended family, should taxpayers be required to pay for his health insurance because he can no longer afford it?

If health-care is so important, why are so many people unwilling to make the personal sacrifices necessary to be able to afford the cost?

Do you have anything to add? Leave a comment.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's Wrong With Today's Youth? Answer: Their Parents

Many of today's parents are single, unmarried, divorced, selfish, attention seeking, thrill seekers and/or immature themselves.

Often they have given up their role as parent in favor of trying to be their child's friend. Some rely on their children for emotional support and their own self esteem. They place their child's "self-esteem" above his sense of responsibility and obligation to himself, to his family, to his country and to God. Often the parents themselves have little concern for those things and crave the acceptance of their children in return for their appeasement and friendship.

Today's youth have grown up with a sense of entitlement because everything has been provided for them with little effort of their own. Many Americans have become accustomed to depending upon things being provided for them. Even those who live in "so-called" poverty need not worry about providing their own food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care. These things are no longer their priorities, they consider them rights not pursuits. Instead, pleasure and thrill seeking have become their paramount pursuits and many seek them through, drugs, attention, jewels, seduction, sex, and control, especially in our poorest neighborhoods.

This situation is unsustainable. Rugged individualism and self reliance made this nation become prosperous, powerful and free. Our unique "American exceptionalism" is withering on the vine in the current social and political climate.

Our founding fathers were inspired by God and the universal spiritual principles of man and nature. Those spiritual principles are no longer the foundation of American society. Without that foundation we are easily distracted, manipulated and deceived.

Politicians, the media and today's popular-culture are distracting, deceiving and manipulating today's American public, especially our youth, in a way that I have never seen before in this country. However, I have read about this type of manipulation being used to gain the support of an unsuspecting public in Cuba, Nazi Germany and Venezuela.

We are at the brink of very, very, very dangerous times. I fear that our nation will collapse if we don't wake up soon.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Parents should Have The Maximum Influence On Their Children, Not Obama, The Schools, Nor Pop-Culture

I was astounded to learn that the above video is being played for children in American Public schools.

I had previously thought that "hero worship" of political leaders was only done in monarchies, dictatorships and totalitarian governments. No wonder many parents are concerned about Obama's address to school children next week. Parental authority is being usurped by the state, the media and the arts.

Today's American youth have power over their parents and most authority figures who are frightened of disciplining them. If they get a spanking for misbehaving, they can turn their parents in to "child family services" and have them arrested and monitored by the state. They teach this to all children in today's schools. This has a very chilling effect on child rearing, when the state second-guesses the discipline of all children. Due to the misguided effort to protect a small minority of abused children, most children are actually suffering from a "disrespect for authority" and a disdain for reasonable self-restraint.

Look at the results. Today's youth have disdain for all that is good, right and proper and embrace and celebrate that which is twisted, abnormal, wrong and evil. This is the inevitable result when their parents are not their ultimate authority.

Today's popular culture ridicules, mocks, discredits and disrespects Christianity, the Boy scouts, the US military, the intact family and the police. At the same time they emulate, imitate and praise, gangsters, sluts, playboys, homosexuals, outlaws and foul language.

Today's popular music is filled with debauchery, drugs, crime, anger, profanity, violence and crude and explicit sexuality. The disrespect displayed by today's youth culture is so complete that they purposely wear tattered misfitting clothing, they show their underwear and purposely leave their shoelaces untied.

Most girls think that is is cool to get attention by dressing like seductive prostitutes, surgically enhancing their breasts and using their power of seduction over all-too-willing men.

They display symbols of evil on their clothing, tattoos and jewelry. Today's most popular symbols are skulls and crossbones which represent poison or murderous pirates (outlaws of the sea), daggers, the Nazi Iron cross, devils, serpents, the flames of hell, guns, barbed wire that represent the fences around prison and more.

They think it is cool to mutilate their own bodies with extremes tattoos and piercings that make them look freakish an non-human.

The last thing we need is for "these young minds full of mush" to be co-opted by politicians who could have selfish and/or malevolent intentions. The public schools, universities, the media and today's popular culture are teaching our youth to question most authorities including, the military, the police, their own parents and even God. It won't take much for a hip sounding president to win their loyalty through deceit and manipulation.

We need the opposite. We need the government to stop meddling with our youth. Our youth are already out-of-control because of the unintended consequences of the government's protection and propaganda. Government should have a minimum influence on children. Parents should have the maximum influence on their children, not the government.

Children need to learn their place and not be empowered by potentially tyrannical leaders, while churches and their parents are being neutered. Common sense says that children should learn from their  parents who have more experience and wisdom, not the other way arround.

It is detrimental to our entire society and to our children themselves when their parents lose their complete authority over their children. Political leaders should never have influence over our children. Their parents need to filter the political propaganda for their children who are unable to discern the truth from the deceptive manipulations that are the mainstay of politics.