Saturday, September 12, 2009

ACORN: Sex, Lies Videotapes and Politics

This week ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)  has been the target of an investigative report by conservative blogger Breitbart on his website . Reporters, playing the roles of a prostitute and a pimp, went to ACORN offices in Baltimore MD and in Washington DC. These offices were set up for the purpose of helping low income people secure mortgages and find housing. They said that they needed help getting a mortgage to buy a house for the purpose of setting up a brothel (house of prostitution). They also said that they intended to bring in 13 underage girls, who were illegal immigrants from El Salvador, to work as prostitutes in the house. Their stated dilemma was that the banks would not lend them the money for the house because they were involved in illegal activity.

Amazingly, two women at each office instructed the fictitious couple about how to hide their illegal activity from the banks and law enforcement and how to evade paying taxes. Here are links to these shocking videos:
The Baltimore sting:

The Washington sting:

ACORN vehemently denied these charges and said that they were victims of a vicious smear campaign. However, they immediately fired the four ACORN employees who got caught up in the scandal.

ACORN has a history of scandal. ACORN is currently under investigation for voter fraud in the 2008 presidential election in over 14 states.

Over the years, ACORN has received 150 million dollars in federal funding. Also, 26 billion dollars of stimulus money is available to community organizations, such as ACORN, from the recently passed "economic stimulus bill". ACORN is also slated to work with the White House in gathering information for the 2010 census. President Barack Obama started out as a community organizer and worked as an instructor for ACORN. On the campaign trail Obama promised to community organization like ACORN to help formulate his policies.

Yesterday the census bureau within the White House cut all ties with ACORN.

Unfortunately, in this author's opinion, this is just a tactic by the White house to INSURE that they have THEIR people doing the counting. This was their intention when they moved the census department to be under direct White House supervision.

The same people will be gathering information for the census, committing voter fraud, and intimidating banks into giving mortgages to people who can't pay. The only difference is that they are now forced to do it under another name.

The scoundrels will remain the same but the name of the organization will change. They will break up ACORN into 1000 obscure organizations that will be more difficult to track. They were very clever to quash this scandal before it got out of hand. It will not deter their corrupt schemes one iota.

ACORN was too anxious to throw 4 employees under the bus (while denying the charges). The white House was too quick to put out a statement admonishing their beloved ACORN that Obama emphatically supports and used to work for himself. Common sense, reason and my personal experience is screaming out to me that something is very fishy about the White House's reaction to this case.

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck was right when he said, we must ignore their distractions. When they distract us with their right hand we must pay attention to what the other hand is doing. Fortunately, Glenn Beck is on the case. He has the leaders of ACORN and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) under his scrutiny.

Last week Glenn Beck publicized the radical views of Van Jones, Obama's "Green Jobs Czar". Jones' views and public behavior was so out-of-touch with American Values that he was forced to resign his post last Saturday. During the past two weeks, Glenn Beck brought information to light that caused the White House to publicly cut ties with very powerful people and organizations. Beck is messing with some very powerful and ruthless people, including union thugs from SEIU. As I have written in a previous blog, I fear for Glenn Beck's life.


Matt said...

They're wounded, and they're going to start lashing out. Some of it will be with the legal system. If and when that fails, they'll go on with thug tactics. They're going to try and ruin people. It'll be Alinsky to the nth degree.

garyganu said...

I'm Afraid that you're right Matt.

They already tried to ruin Beck with an advertising boycot on his program. It didn't work. I fear what they will try next.

pelicanmarsh68 said...

They'll come back under a different name, I suppose. This just means we will need to be ever vigilant.