Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Irrefutable Case Against Abortion

Recently I spoke with a liberal woman distressing over the recent VP choice of John McCain. Although his VP pick was a woman, Sarah Palin, this liberal woman lamented that Palin was a horrible choice because she was against abortion. My sarcastic yet concise response was " you are right, we need more abortions". She had no comeback and I said no more, but I thought about it.

I came to the conclusion that choosing an abortion is an extremely selfish act. Three of the many spiritual principles that I frequently mention are "courage, selflessness and self-sacrifice". A woman who chooses to have an abortion is committing one of the most cowardly and selfish acts that I can think of. Abortion trumps child abandonment and child abuse, because the child has no chance. It is tantamount to killing another soul because he/she interferes with your own plans and dreams for your future.

Even in cases where a woman becomes pregnant as a result of rape, the child could be the one good thing to come from this horrific act. I have heard from children born from rape, who have grown up to lead happy productive lives due to their mothers courage, selflessness and self-sacrifice.

The authors of our Constitution and subsequent amendments, had no intention of legitimizing the snuffing out of human lives through abortion. Proponents of abortion rights often claim that a woman's right to choose is spelled out in the fourteenth amendment. I have read that amendment over and over again. I see no such words or intentions in the fourteenth amendment. Often liberals and feminized men and women make judgment based on emotions, rather than reason. The pro-choice lobby, as well as their lawyers, use convoluted reasoning to justify their selfish views. Only in a society where the ends justify the means and spiritual principles are trivialized as unnecessary impediments, can the highest court in the land rule that abortion is justified by the fourteenth amendment which states: "... nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." There is no question that as a result of the Roe Vs. Wade decision, forty million people have been "deprived of life", through the implementation of legal abortion.

Also, many states have enacted laws that charge assailants with murder, for the assault of pregnant women that results in the death of her unborn fetus. Harriet Ryan from Court TV wrote: There are fetal homicide laws on the books in more than two dozen states, but they vary widely. In some states, such as Missouri and Minnesota, a fetus is considered a living thing at conception. In others, like Georgia and Michigan, a fetus is only protected after "quickening" — when movement is first felt in the womb — occurs.

These laws are clearly inconsistent with federal law that claim an unborn fetus is not yet a human life. However, I have yet to hear any feminists or pro-abortion rights groups protest against these laws, which give unborn fetuses protection under the law. This inconsistency clearly proves that pro-abortion proponents are basing their arguments on emotion, based on selfishness, rather than on the spiritual principles of courage and selflessness.


Anonymous said...

Good article, Gary.
I'm eager to learn about Shaina's experiences in Iceland. She is now travelling in that country. In her E-mails, she expresses that the country is so safe & the people so friendly. I may have told you that I read an article a little while ago about Iceland, saying that many Icelanders have no religion, that it is common for women to have children out of wedlock & with multiple fathers & there is no stigma attached. Based on the above, I would expect Iceland to be riddled with gang violence & rampant homosexuality. I did also read a long time ago, I think, that Iceland has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.
Since you have said that we must reach conclusions based on fact & not emotion, I would be interested to learn the facts about Iceland.

On another topic, someone sent me a piece about Obama, saying that despite the fact that he identifies himself as an American black, he is in fact only about 25% black, because his father is mixed Arab & black. All 3 of his names are Arabic, & while most blacks in the U.S. are descendants of slaves who were brought here from West Africa, Obama's Arab ancestors from East Africa were most likely slave owners.
I've discussed before about people who are no more than 50% black, but identify themselves (or are identified by others) as African-American. Did you know that the golfer Tiger Woods, who is always identified in the media as black, actually is more Chinese than black in his racial mixture?
On still another topic, I think most people who saw the Olympics felt that China did a superb job & the games were a huge success. It's hard for me to understand how a totalitarian government with a history of repression (particularly against religion) can motivate people to accomplish so much.

Anonymous said...

Ben: My understanding is that the Pyramids were built by slaves. It is amazing how much a good whip can accomplish. Not that it's "right," but it does frequently work.