Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chinese Chicklets, Hooter's Hotties, News Babes and Drug Dealing Dolls

For some reason, the news media is making a big deal about the young Chinese girl who sang the Chinese national anthem at the opening ceremonies at the Olympics. The voice did not belong to the girl who appeared before the crowds. She was lip-syncing the lyrics, that were actually sung by another young Chinese girl who was not as "cute" as her. (here are two articles, the first is from FOX, the second is from

The media has been reporting on this story non-stop. They report of the hypocrisy of this deception. They are constantly voicing their disapproval of the Chinese officials who decided to put the appearance of the young singer ahead of the feelings of the young girl who won a singing contest, but was not allowed to show her face and take credit for her vocal talent.

In my opinion, the true hypocrisy lies in the news media's reporting on this story. I have been watching FOX TV news for several years now, and I have noticed that most of their female hosts, anchors, and political analysts are young beautiful blonds (often bleached or dyed blond hair), who are only too eager to show their cleavage, sometimes surgically enhanced, their stocking clad legs and sexy high heal shoes.It is astonishing at how similar most of the female anchors look. Often they wear low cut tops and sometimes they are shown sitting, with their sexy legs crossed. Although most of them are well informed and intelligent, clearly, they would not have their visible job if it were not for their appearance and the way that they are willing to exploit their looks. The real story here is that FOX news (and other networks as well, but I am not as familiar with them) puts "sex appeal" first, when choosing their female news anchors. It is the height of hypocrisy to watch these "news babes" report on how wrong it is for the Chinese girl who was chosen to lip-sync the Chinese National anthem, because she was cute as a button, but the actual singer was hidden because she had buck-teeth. The news would be much more credible if the anchors were chosen solely for their ability, without making it so obvious that their sex appeal is equally important as their journalistic skills. Most likely, the most talented journalists in the newsroom are behind the scenes researching and writing what the so-called talent read off of a teleprompter. Not so different from what they are accusing the Chinese of doing, isn't it?

Click on video for "A Tribute to the Women of FOX News"

While I am on the topic, I would like to share with you another similar situation that I have noticed, time and time again. Recently I wrote an article about how prescription medications are being pushed on the public, like drug dealers push illegal drugs. Well, today while I was in a doctors' office, I remembered one more thing about drug companies that I experienced frequently when I lived in California, while visiting my "shrink" every two weeks.

Almost every time I visited my "shrink", I noticed a representative (sales person) from a pharmaceutical company walk in, check in at the desk and wait in the waiting room until the Doctor was available. I would usually see a different sales Rep. each time, but they all had several things in common. They all carried a large leather bag with their samples, they were all very attractive women in their twenties or early thirties and they all wore sexy business suits. That was my experience for five years in California. Today, I saw the exact same type of woman enter a doctors' office in Florida, with a large leather sample bag.

Have you ever noticed this phenomenon when waiting in doctors' offices? Do you think that it is discriminatory to only hire young sexy women as pharmaceutical sales Reps.? Do you think that this stereotype and generalization is true in a majority of cases? I am sure that if you search hard enough, you will be able to find pharmaceutical sales Reps. who are not young sexy women, but in my personal experience, I have never seen any other type of person selling pharmaceutical products to doctors.

I understand the justification for "Hooters" bar and restaurants, to hire young attractive, busty women. I even understand the reason why Fox News highlights sexy, women as news anchors, commentators and panelists. I understand why the Chinese Olympic officials chose to display an attractive young singer, rather than one with imperfect teeth; But how can pharmaceutical companies justify limiting their pool of sales Reps. to young sexy women?

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