Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Problem with America & Questionnaire

The problem with America is not an economic one, it is a spiritual one. Popular culture celebrates things that are bad, wrong evil and abnormal. They sport satanic symbols, they dress like gangsters and prostitutes, they have disdain for police and military and rich(successful) people and corporations. They mock Christianity and God. They embrace homosexuality, blended families and single moms. They make excuses justifying felons, drug addicts, and homeless bums, illegal aliens and terrorists. The foul language and foul music that is popular among today's youth illustrates their inner attitudes.

Our nation was built on family values and spiritual principles, that are being removed from today's culture in wholesale fashion. Our nation is becoming a house of cards without a foundation. Our economy is propped up by debts that we can-not repay. Hard work, saving and sacrifice, selflessness and humility are not valued by to days popular culture. Instead, popularity, showing off, instant gratification, thrill seeking, and sexuality and happiness have become our new values. I see no way that this next generation can find the courage, strength, selflessness and righteousness to sustain the American way of life and the wealth and liberties we have become accustomed to. Freedom requires restraint. Today, most restraints are considered intolerant, racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic or just plain mean.

The following ideas are being made popular in today's public schools, universities, media, and the arts (music, films, TV, etc).

Which of the following statements do you agree with?

1) Man-made global warming due to CO2 emissions is a proven fact.
2) All war is wrong.
3) The U.S. is an imperialist nation.
4) All foreigners should be allowed to immigrate to the US and become citizens.
5) Racism is a big problem in the U.S.
6) Brutality and racism is a big problem in US police, court and prison systems.
7) Believing in religion is an unreasonable belief.
8) Darwin's theory is more reasonable than creation.
9) The US military is often charged with murderous cruel and evil missions.
10) Homosexuality is normal and healthy.
11) Sex outside of marriage is normal and healthy.
12) All types of families are equal(single moms, homosexual, blended families, etc.) in that they all lead to equally healthy development, education and success of children coming from these families equally. Thus equally leading to a better future for America.