Sunday, March 30, 2008


Diversity, being called a virtue, is a pet peeve of mine. Of course we all must deal with diversity as best as we can, but it is not a virtue. We should not lower our value system to help someone with a different value system feel included. That is the problem with multiculturalism. Different cultures have different values. If everyone is constantly trying to accept what is unacceptable in their culture, all cultures will meet at the bottom. And that is exactly what is happening in today's popular culture. Spiritual principles, as laid out in the "Ten Commandments" and in Jeudeo-Christian ethics, and a common language, must be the bedrock of our society, if our American culture is to survive.

Cultural diversity is not necessarily a good thing. This country was founded on the principle of "E Pluribus Unum" (out of many, one), which is stamped on all of our coins. Our goal should be American unity, rather than cultural diversity. After all, some cultures are evil or incompatible with our American culture. The USA has proved to be the most benevolent, wealthy and powerful society the world has ever known, but is currently in a state of moral and social decay that is destroying our culture and our nation, right before our very eyes.

Making diversity, in and of itself, a virtue, has lead to the acceptance, celebration and embracing of ideas that are destructive, wrong, abnormal and evil. Universal standards and spiritual principles have been lost or watered down in the process. These standards and principles are what made us great, and when they are removed from the foundation of American culture, we will become weak, poor and controlled, and susceptible to fall prey to those who would do us harm. Anarchy (total freedom without restraint) or totalitarianism (absolute government control) will be the inevitable result, if we as a nation, abandon the spiritual principles of self restraint, self-sacrifice, self-reliance, patience, selflessness, humility, honesty, acceptance, courage, and discipline. These are the universal spiritual principles that has lead the US to become the freest, wealthiest, most powerful nation that the world has ever seen.

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I am your first reader of your blog, Gary. What does the name "Garyganu" mean?